Monthly Archives: April 2013

Phil 4.30.13

8:00 – 4:30 SR

  • Copied over the new xampp, but the data files didn’t track. It lloks like I need to set the root and user passwords, then restore from backups. There may be a way to do that in one fell swoop, so I’m going to research that a bit. Put the old version back up.
  • Got the code written in the junit code that should set up a test db for visibility_dev2 and visibility_scripting. Need to verify that it works and then start building up the tests.
  • It didn’t work, but I imported and modified Dong’s ScriptRunner. That works just fine.
  • Got completely derailed playing with LightTable (setup?). It is very cool, with the capability to run Java directly where it clojure can’t do the job :
    user=> (javax.swing.JOptionPane/showMessageDialog nil "Hello World")

    It also will act as a server to a web page by loading the following script:

Phil 4.29.13

8:00 – 12:00 OH

  • Class

12:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Test cases for ScriptFacades
  • Updating Java first.
  • I think I want to make the test cases create a “test” database and populate it in the setup, then destroy it at the end of the test. The .sql file can be in the assets. This does mean that the database access methods (_dbHelper? Others? have to know about this DB).

Dong Shin 04.29.2013

  • debugging Tomcat webapps via Eclipse
  • continue working on FA
    • cleaning up and consolidating database
      • DELETE FROM budget_centers WHERE project_id NOT IN (SELECT uid FROM projects)
      • DELETE FROM budget_amounts WHERE budget_center_id NOT IN (SELECT uid FROM budget_centers)
      • update budget_centers table with budget_amounts data
        • UPDATE budget_centers c1
          INNER JOIN (
          SELECT a.budget_center_id as budget_center_id, begin_year + a.year – 1 AS fiscal_year_new, a.amount AS total_budget_new
          FROM projects p, budget_centers c, budget_amounts a
          WHERE a.amount <> 0
          AND p.uid = c.project_id
          AND c.uid = a.budget_center_id) T ON c1.uid = t.budget_center_id
          SET fiscal_year = t.fiscal_year_new, total_budget = total_budget_new
      • DROP TABLE budget_amounts
      • DELETE o.* FROM `obligations_outlays` o INNER JOIN budget_centers c

        ON o.funding_id = c.uid AND o.year <> c.fiscal_year;

Dong Shin 04.26.2013

  • continue working on FA
    • changed SOW to MIPR Description
    • reworked Totals Data Grid to calculate totals correctly using ArrayCollection chagen event handler
    • working on saving column preferences
      • added new column to users table
        • ALTER TABLE `users` ADD `column_preferences` TEXT NULL

Phil 4.26.13

8:00- 3:00 SR

  • And I would’ve started at 7:30, but traffic was terrible. Two lanes of 95 shut down. Possibly both sides? 
  • Backups
  • Updated Java. Still waiting on MySQL
  • Adding comments to ScriptFacades.
  • A “standard list of metasyntactic variables used in syntax examples” often used in the United States is: foo, bar, baz, qux, quux, corge, grault, garply, waldo, fred, plugh, xyzzy, thud. The word foo occurs in over 330 RFCs and bar occurs in over 290. WibblewobblewubbleFred and flob are often used in the UK  (wikipedia)
  • Done commenting and adding to method list. Testing in Eclipse after lunch.

Phil 4.25.13

7:30 – 3:30 SR

  • Backups
  • Add a “create” button to FA that makes a subproject by copying over all the project information (with “sub_n”) appended to the name/id
  • Change the SOW column to say “MIPR Description”
  • Add “calculate” button for project budget overview so we don’t have to trap lots of editing events
  • Finished and tested the following:
    • getDashTemplateXml()
    • setDashTemplateXml()

Dong Shin 04.24.2013

  • deployed new FA – few bugs
    • no columns showing in Filter Columns windows – fixed
    • uploaded info is too long – set as the tooltip on the Upload Data button
    • color the Upload Data button, not the text – done

Phil 4.24.13

8:00 – 4:00 – SR

  • backups
  • Installed new version of FA
  • table_dash_templates
    • name
    • xml_layout_template
    • xml_variables – gives something to iterate over
  • Nearly done. Finish tomorrow, though I have to build test classes.
  • New version of FA to bring in.

Phil 4.23.13

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Meeting with Chris at 2:00?
  • Decided that rather than do updateVizTable and mess with the canonical cars database, I’d start by creating databases and then modifying them. Looks like I might be able to use NOW() for the timestamp column?
  • Creating the appropriate table. Did you know that MySQL doesn’t have a way to determine if a table exists? Here’s how I’m doing it:
    	public boolean tableExists(String tableName){
    		try {
    			DatabaseMetaData metadata = dBconnection.getMetaData();
    			ResultSet resultSet = metadata.getTables(null, null, tableName, null);
    				return true;
    		} catch (SQLException e) {
    			return false;
    		return false;
  • So to add a table, you have to create the table with a UID and timestamp, add a line table_data, get the id for that line, then place that id and the roleId into the table_data_role.
  • And here is a script generated test table in VISIBILITY: scriptGenerated

Dong Shin 04.22.2013

  • continue working on FA
    • added Funded Amount and Un-Funded Amount to Project and Sub-Project totals
    • removed totals for project and sub projects
    • working on CurrencyTextInput to be used for Req data – done
    • added more columns to budget_centers table
      • ALTER TABLE `budget_centers` ADD `fiscal_year` DECIMAL( 4 ) NULL ,
        ADD `unfunded_amount` DECIMAL( 10, 2 ) NULL
    • Totals from Req Data are calculated and updated dynamically

Phil 4.22.13

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Backups and some security updates.
  • After my thrill-packed afternoon of setting up my IDE so that I could do some work, it’s back to my regular IDE. Ah well, it’s good to keep everything up to date at home.
  • Downloading and installing the new Cygwin. No, I lied. The download stops about 33% in. Grr.
  • I had an interesting web.xml problem for the last few days that was bothering me:Description Resource Path Location Type
     The content of element type "web-app" must match 
    ejb-ref*,ejb-local-ref*)". web.xml 
    /VisibilityScriptingServer/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF line 5 XML Problem
  • What this means is that some of the elements are out of order. If you match the order of the elements in the xml file to the list in the error message, that completely fixes it. In my case, I had the <servlet> and the <servlet-mapping> tags associated, since that helps readability. But no, we don’t get to do that. Moving all the <servlet-mapping> tags to just before the <welcome-file-list> element did the trick. Yay!
  • Finished getUserId() and getRoleId(). Starting on updateVizTable()

Dong Shin 04.19.2013

  • VizTool review
  • working down the list…
    • Change Total Budget to Requisition Amount
    • Change Funded Budget to Funded Amount
    • Remove FY columns
    • Add Fiscal Year column before Req Description
    • Add Un-Funded Amount column before Date Submitted
    • Change Update Budget Center Data to Update Requisition Data
    • Change Date Submitted to Date Submitted to Services
    • Change Date Received to Date Received from Services
    • Change Total Budget to Requisition Amount
    • Change Funded Budget to Funded Amount
    • Add Un-Funded Amount above Date Submitted
    • added Fiscal Year to AddBudgetCenterWindow

Phil 4.19.13

7:30 – 3:30 SR

  • Went home yesterday to find my phone and internet knocked out. Oddly, after a Verizon reset the cable came back. Why that works and the other two don’t I have no idea. Service is scheduled between 1:00 – 5:00 so it’s either work from home or leave.
  • Backups
  • More work on changing the visibility_dev2 db on the fly.
  • Need to contact Jeremy (Shawn?) about a charge number.
  • Downloading everything so that I can work from home without an internet connection
    • Project files (zipped and workspace)
    • new xampp
    • sql db (VSS and VD2)
    • notes
    • Juno
  • Got home and put the old FIOS battery back in and bounced the system. I now have TV and internet. And literally, as I was typing this, the connection dropped out. Correlation without causation. And it’s back now….
    • Ticket: mddq03c37es
    • 12:32 – restored
    • 1:27 – down (could not find host)
    • 1:29 – restored.
    • 2:34 – down
    • 2:36 – up
    • 4:09 – down for two minutes
  • Building environment. Unzipping is really slow. And the workspace I copied over isn’t working, so I have to get my stuff from subversion, which means installing that…
  • But everything is running. And it’s 3:10. I got started around noon. Pity we can’t bill Verizon for this.