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Phil 11.19.15

7:00 – 5:00 Leave

  • Reasoning: Goal Trees and Rule-Based Expert Systems
    • There, now I’m back in order.
    • H. Simon – The complexity of the behavior is max(cplx(prgm), cplx(env))
    • More Genesis – Elaboration graphs
    • Genesis judges similarity in multiple ways: (this presentation, page 25)
      • Using word vectors
      • Using concept vectors: seeing similarities not evident in the words.
    • Genesis aligns similar stories for analogical reasoning (Needleman-Wunch algorithm, which is a way of comparing string similarity using matrices)
  • IRB renewal – ask Wayne
  • In a fit of orderliness, created shortcuts to the cmd windows that the makefiles run in
  • Dictionaries
    • Don’t forget to move the text-extraction calls to the methods that need it and see if that speeds up the others. Done. Much faster. PHP is dumb. Or needs a preloader/compiler
    • Cleaned up the loading and display code a bit. Need to add a tree view (which looks like it can be done in pure CSS), but that can wait.
    • Adding manual entry
      • Finished the form
      • Clear for entry and separate parent is done
      • addition
      • deletion
      • modification (adding parents in particular)
    • Adding text extraction