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Dong Shin 11.02.2012

  • added visibility_scripting to the list of databases for VSS
  • working on SQL queries
    • get_date_variables example
      • CALL `get_date_variables` (@p0 , @p1 , @p2 , @p3);SELECT @p0 AS `current_month` , @p1 AS `current_year` , @p2 AS `previous_month` , @p3 AS `current_month_str` ;
    • created a stored procedure to return date variables
      • CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `get_date_variables`(OUT `current_month` INT, OUT `current_year` INT, OUT `previous_month` INT, OUT `current_month_str` VARCHAR(25))
        SET current_year = IF(MONTH(CURDATE()) > 9, YEAR(CURDATE())+1, YEAR(CURDATE()));
        SET current_month := IF(MONTH(CURDATE()) > 9, MONTH(CURDATE())-9, MONTH(CURDATE())+3);
        SET previous_month := IF(MONTH(CURDATE()) > 9,
        IF(MONTH(CURDATE())=10, 1, MONTH(CURDATE())-10), MONTH(CURDATE())+2);
        SET current_month_str := IF(current_month = 1, ‘Oct’,
        IF(current_month = 2, ‘Nov’,
        IF(current_month = 3, ‘Dec’,
        IF(current_month = 4, ‘Jan’,
        IF(current_month = 5, ‘Feb’,
        IF(current_month = 6, ‘Mar’,
        IF(current_month = 7, ‘Apr’,
        IF(current_month = 8, ‘May’,
        IF(current_month = 9, ‘Jun’,
        IF(current_month = 10, ‘Jul’,
        IF(current_month = 11, ‘Aug’,
        IF(current_month = 12, ‘Sep’, ‘ERR’))))))))))));
    • queries to get current year, month, previous month, and month string
      • SET @current_year = YEAR(CURDATE()), @current_month = MONTH(CURDATE());
        SET @current_fy_month := IF(@current_month > 9, @current_month-9, @current_month+3);
        SET @previous_fy_month := IF(@current_month > 10, @current_month-9, @current_month+2);
        SET @current_month_str := IF(@current_month = 1, ‘Oct’,
        IF(@current_fy_month = 2, ‘Nov’,
        IF(@current_fy_month = 3, ‘Dec’,
        IF(@current_fy_month = 4, ‘Jan’,
        IF(@current_fy_month = 5, ‘Feb’,
        IF(@current_fy_month = 6, ‘Mar’,
        IF(@current_fy_month = 7, ‘Apr’,
        IF(@current_fy_month = 8, ‘May’,
        IF(@current_fy_month = 9, ‘Jun’,
        IF(@current_fy_month = 10, ‘Jul’,
        IF(@current_fy_month = 11, ‘Aug’,
        IF(@current_fy_month = 12, ‘Sep’, ‘ERR’))))))))))));
        SELECT @current_year, @current_month, @current_fy_month, @previous_fy_month, @current_month_str;
  • FGMDEV backup
    • ftp keeps timing out on the large file – svn dump…
    • created cron job to back up at 1AM

Dong Shin 11.01.2012

  • updated AS3Dictionary.xml to include common SQL’s
  • Use Variables CheckBox added to QueryEditor and modified table_queries to have variables have flag
  • backup script is gone…. working on creating another
    • zip up all files under htdocs – zip -ru /opt/lampp/htdocs/blogs
    • zipping up nexus (sonatype) take too long, may have to skip
    • backing up to fgmdev_backup directory

Phil 5.14.12

8:00 – 4:00 FP

  • It’s Bike To Work Week. I’ll need to ride in one day when it’s not raining.
  • Continuing to add SoundWrapper to FingerIO
  • Hmm. The SoundWrappers think that there is always a new sound. Ok, fixed.
  • Decoupled the reads and writes, putting everything on timers.
  • Since I now have 15 unique JSON messages specifying sound per finger, I’m setting up the Sound handling on the arduino side to maintain and assign the data.

Tom DeVito 3.15.2012

Start: 10:00

  • Info about power adapters:
  • The mystery of why the power adapters output doesn’t matter is solved.  The power adapters we are using are regulated which means that within the 0-2 amp range of load current.  Higher load currents will cause the regulators protection mechanism to break the circuit before it does damage.  This is not explicitly written on the adapter label but can be seen in the chart of the data sheet(  This can also be proven with the voltage tester.  An unregulated power supply would output a higher voltage with no load current(circuit) attached.  These power adapters always output 12V no matter what the load current is.
  • Looking at the datasheets for all the components, the maximum load current would be about .5 amps.  This is 1/4 of what the power adapter allows.  We can actually power a whole hand(2.5) boards with one power adapter.
  • The adapters are common and used for many D-Link products.  For consistency we should get the same model if we need more.  We should have enough for now.  The model number is AG2412-B.
  • Test worked!
  • Adding labels and double checking ciruit.

End 6:00

Dong Shin 02.04.2011

  • FGMDEV backup…
    • mysql dump files missing again…. runs fine on command line. capturing output of cron job.
    • adjusted the script a bit, check again tomorrow.
  • Assisted Christine with Maven and Flex projects
    • went thru AccountManagers, EdgeUtils2, and IngestMananger
    • old projects use flexmojos-maven-plugin 3.2.0, we are using 3.8 now. 3.2.0 is not available at, we just have local server copy at
    • old projects have duplicate entries for com.adobe.flex:license: causing MavenAssist to crash
    • Maven generating different Flex project settings for Mac and Windows?
    • -locale flag in Compiler settings needs to be empty to compile in Flash Builder/Eclipse? It works fine on Mac, but Windows complains.
  • PPM Changes
    • added Tooltips to show contractor name and location on Contract Number ComboBoxes, both AddDirectCiteWindow and FundingRequest
    • mapping Funding Request Data to Financial Status
      • Submit Date (bf_submit_date) to Submitted To BA/BF
      • Certified Date (certified_date) to Certified Date
      • Acceptance Date (acceptance_date) to Acceptance
      • obligation_deadline_date to Funding must be obligated by
      • start_period_performance to Period of Performance
      • Missing Received Contract, Monthly Tech Report, Acceptance Received, MIPR/FAD Requested and Received Dates? dummy for now.
  • list of questions to ask…
    1. General flow of showing Financial Status
    2. Missing fields from Funding Request, if these are stored in Funding Request, where would you be entering data from? Just the Financial Status or Funding Request or both? If in Funding Request, where would it go?
      1. MIPR/FAD Requested from Service
      2. MIPR/FAD Request Received
      3. Date Acceptance Received
      4. Received Contract
      5. Initiate/Commit
      6. Monthly Tech Report
    3. Which are the editable fields in the financial status data form?
      1. PM Actual Outlay is calculated = obligation – outlay
      2. Remaining to Distribute = gradually subtract amount from total
    4. How are the summary data calculated?
      1. Available Balance
      2. Where would the goals come from?
    5. Reimbursable and Direct Cite mutually exclusive, can we control this like letting users enter data to only one place, not both?

Dong Shin 02.03.2011

  • FGMDEV backup not working properly.
    • found that sql dump files not transferred to The script works fine manually… will check again tomorrow
    • added output to the cronjob – /exchange/backups
  • PPM Changes
    • got many duplicate comments entries in View Comments??? looked at the database and code…. nothing.
    • fixed Date field in View Comments showing same Date…
    • currently deployed database – project_portfolio_02032011
    • saving database update sql – DBUpdateSQLs02032011.sql
    • fixed Funding Request updating type incorrectly
    • removed all additional fields from budget_amounts table – some fields go into funding_requests table
      • ALTER TABLE `budget_amounts` DROP `MIPR_requested_date` ,
        DROP `MIPR_request_received_date` ,
        DROP `submitted_to_BABF` ,
        DROP `document_number` ,
        DROP `certified_date` ,
        DROP `received_contract_date` ,
        DROP `initiate_commit` ,
        DROP `obligation` ,
        DROP `outlay` ,
        DROP `pm_actual_outlay` ,
        DROP `monthly_tech_report_date` ,
        DROP `comments` ;

Dong Shin 02.02.2011

  • PPM Changes
    • fixed a bug Funding Request not updating project_id
    • Remaining to Distribute calculation – keep subtracting Amount from FY BUDGET
    • add outlay to Reimbursable and Direct Cites
      • ALTER TABLE `funding_requests` ADD `outlay_amount` DOUBLE NULL AFTER `reimbursable_amount`
      • ALTER TABLE `direct_cites` ADD `outlay_amount` DOUBLE NULL AFTER `obligation_amount`
    • add contract info for Reimbursable in funding_request
      • ALTER TABLE `funding_requests` ADD `contract_id` INT NULL ,
        ADD INDEX ( `contract_id` )
      • ALTER TABLE `funding_requests` ADD FOREIGN KEY ( `contract_id` ) REFERENCES `project_portfolio`.`contracts` (

  • backing up FGMDEV
    • created a shell script and added to crontab – /exchange/backups/
      • runs at 1AM everyday, keep last 3 days of data
      • ftp information ( to backups directory)
      • ~4GB of data, 90 minutes package and transfer……
    • SVN – svnadmin dump /path/to/reponame > /tmp/reponame.dump ;
    • Nexus Maven Repo
      • zip up /opt/sonatype-work
    • Blog
      • zip up /opt/lampp/htdocs/blogs and /opt/lampp/SCT-Blog
      • back up MySQL Database; fgmdev_blog and sct_blog
        • /opt/lampp/bin/mysqldump -u root –password=edge fgmdev_blog > /exchange/backups/fgmdev_blog.dump

Thomas.DeVito 1.21.2011


  • Spent most of the day switching and setting up the printer for people
  • I could not find the hp solution center software for windows 7.  This is needed to set a destination for easy scanning


  • Still looking for a good chip to control the gain on our amplifier chip
  • I2C needs to have a 1k resistor connecting each signal to 5v coming from the usb-i2c adapter.  This is called a pull-up resistor not sure why its needed.  Pull-up is when you connect something to the high side, pull down is when you connect something to the low-side or gnd.
  • So far I have found big chips with large resistances and tiny chip with good resistance range.  I am leaning towards a 14 pin tssop package which will need an adapter(tiny but at least proto advantage sells the adapters).  The optimal resistance of the i2c variable potentiometer is 5k ohm  which will be in series with another 5k ohm fixed resistor.  The reason 5k is the target rating is because the mechanical variable pot we have has a maximum for 1ok.  The max volume we want happens around 7680 which is approximately half of the maximum resistance of the variable pot in series with a 5k resistor.  Each step in a 7bit(128 step) 5k variable pot is each to about 40 ohm, which means we have roughly 36 steps of control over the volume range we want to use.  Most of the chips I am looking at have dual potentiometers which means we will only need 3 to control 5 fingers.
  • Tried putting a resistor between the + side of the amp output and the speaker to see if anything good would happen due to confusion of how one of the ICs worked.  Nope nothing good happened as expected so I must have been misreading tat ones documentation.

Dong Shin 12.07.2010

  • PPM changes
    • added tooltips to Funding/Budget datagrid in Create Project and Financial Data Editor
    • Save before open/close of already opened and changed Projects capability added
    • Budget Centers in Projects compared throughly for changes
  • Smart Editor
    • Found autoComplete component, but in Flex 3
    • trying to implement the autoComplete in Flex 4

Dong Shin 12.03.2010

  • PPM Changes
    • DynamicPanel now keeps _maxSetHeight for reference
    • VerticalScrollLayoutManager uses masSetHeight or maxHeight whichever is bigger
    • Create Project Panel height increases/decreases depending on number of years
  • Smart Editor
    • load external stylesheet and dictionary
    • default stylesheet and dictionary added
    • fixed regex highlighting problem
    • set line numbers visible/invisible on a Bindable variable, lineVisible

Dong Shin 12.02.2010

  • Smart Editor
    • got rid of top spacing issues on TextArea
    • removed non-used methods and clean up codes
  • PPM
    • swapped Portfolio Mgr and Portfolio Admin in Project Mgmt Panel
    • increased height of TabNavigator for Financial Data so that the datagrids doesn’t show vertical scroll bars
    • working on fixed size Dynamic Panels

Dong Shin 11.18.2010

  • fixed a bug showing filter comboboxes larger than the screen – used % values for widths
  • Continue on history mgmt
    • ContractMgmt and ApproprirationsMgmt force maximize on finishing of data retrieval and removed old maximize method
    • save history on panel close
    • weird behavior on restore panels – added setTimeout (setPanelsToXml, 500) – half a second delay

Dong Shin 11.16.2010

  • fixed the weird bug on User Management Panel
    • caused by adding two User Management Panels in Managed Canvas
  • continue working on history management
    • maximize panels on the last step of the panel creation
    • added forceMinimizePanel, forceMaximizePanel, forceDefaultPanel to EdgeUtils.DynamicPanel
    • added forceFromXml to EdgeUtils.SaveStatePanel to force restore window states
  • having a weird problem with Flash Player
    • not going forward after Config load on debugging session
    • installed 10,1,102,64 – looks ok now
  • History Management works!
    • funding request flaky….