Monthly Archives: July 2011

Phil 7.29.11

8:00 – 5:00 VISIBILITY

  • No fgmdev this morning. Turns out the the domain name had not been renewed. Sent a note laying out what had happened to David Hughs, and it turns out that the payment had not gotten through in time. Resolved now. Yay!
  • Back to Hudson
    • Having maven problems. The directories are in the repository, but the jar files are not, and maven is choking. Looking into that. Well now it just works. Dong thinks that it might have been the nexus server still upset about the domain name issue,

Tom DeVito 7.29.2011

Start :11:30

  • Fixed the problem with the 1w amplifier.  Mute isn’t working though.  Holding it the on state for now
  • Changed the amplifer class to use percentage of maximum instead of steps
  • Trying to figure out a way to loop the same track with the SOMO
  • Tried a couple thing but it seems I cannot stop the sound from skipping.  Made a longer sample so this is less of a problem.

End: 7:30

Dong Shin 07.28.11

  • having problem with WebDesk incorrectly scaling SWF’s (VisibilityScripting4)
    • set SWFLoader’s scaleContent=”false” seems resolving it, but the App panel doesn’t resize….
    • above change breaks other swf’s scailing, ugh!

Phil 7.28.11


  • Fixed the embedded font problem in GenericQueryWidget by adding the font to the assets folder in the project and then referring to it so:
    • [Embed(source=”../assets/arialbd.ttf”, fontWeight=”bold”, fontName=’accordionHeader’, mimeType=’application/x-font’)]
  • Onward, Hudson soldiers!
    • GenericQueryWidget2
    • NetworkWidget
    • uMapWidgetMvn
    • vis2
    • AccountManagers
    • IngestManager

Tom DeVito 7.27.2011

Start: 11:30

  • Made sure everything was powered and shared grounds properly
  • Phil said he wants it to have an “up force” that will bring it to rest at 100.  Pressure greater then the up force will cause the number to decrease to zero.  When it gets to zero it is considered touching and the sound will start at a volume proportional to the force.
  • Decided that for this simulation I can do all the complicated stuff on the arduino side.  I will use the pc console program to display results because it will look better then the Arduinos.  I will probably also add start, stop, and reset key-strokes.
  • Fixed some of the problems with the SOMO library which were causing some methods not to work
  • Added a method to the sound libraries to return a data struct with the status of the devices.  The console will receive and display the data.
  • Still having trouble with the 1W amplifier.  Considered switching back to the parallel resistors since the closest single resistor is slightly less resistant.  I have post it notes that have the values but I forgot how I calculated them.  The post on  2.9.2011 might help.  I will look into it tomorrow.

End: 7:30

Phil 7.27.11

7:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • More Hudson
    • MySQLIf
    • ManagementUtils
    • GenericQueryWidget: /root/.hudson/jobs/GenericQueryWidget2/workspace/src/main/flex/com/edgeti/TrendWidget/widget/TrendWidget.mxml:[26,-1] exception during transcoding: Font for alias ‘accordionHeader’ with bold weight was not found by family name ‘Arial’
      • The fix is to place the font (in this case, pulled from the wondows/fonts folder) in a file in the project, and to refer to it like this: [Embed(source=”../assets/arialbd.ttf”, fontWeight=”bold”, fontName=’accordionHeader’, mimeType=’application/x-font’)]
  • Working on getting WebDesk to run. Done, had to recompile vis2 to get the data navigator to show up without the chart watermarks
  • Talked to Bill D. and Trish. We’re going to have a walkthrough on Monday? Possibly followed by a working lunch here to go over bugs.

Tom DeVito 7.27.2011

Start: 11:15

  • got SOMO working.  The ground didn’t seem to be connected good enough.
  • Found out there is a split in the middle of the prototyping boards power and ground in the middle.  Need to make sure that you have it on the right side
  • got pressure sensor working.  It has really good sensitivity
  • Tested bass shaker.  Found track 9 to be the best tone for our purpose
  • Need the track to play continuously.  Will look into this.
  • The 1W amplifier is much quicker then the somo, so it can handle mute/volume changes.  It also has more steps for a smoother change.
  • Started code for simulation

End: 7:40

Phil 7.26.11

7:30 – 4:00 VISIBILITY

  • Adding the rest of the projects to Hudson. Figuring out what the best notification scheme should be. Added the following:
    • FGMFlexUtils45
    • RFlexClient
    • RFlexServer
    • FGMUtils
    • EdgeUtils (I spent quite a while on this, with it not working on my box. Mike tries it, no problems. So did Hudson. Odd.)
  • No progress on the server(s). Bill D. is working on setting up three rehersals for the demo, which is scheduled for the 17th.

Tom DeVito 7.26.2011


  • Rewired circuit
  • The circuit should now be able to mute the amplifier
  • having a problem with the SOMO not playing
  • adjusted values for the rheostat to account for different resistors being used


Phil 7.25.11

7:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Hudson is up and running here:
  • Installing Maven with “apt-get install maven2”
  • Installing subversion client with “apt-get install subversion”
  • Had to add settings.xml to /home/hudson/.m2 – make sure to use the default directory!
  • Hudson is now up on fgmdev. Two projects are happily compiling.

Tom DeVito 7.22.2011

  • Continued working on the sound controller
  • Added commands
  • started writing the decision process
  • Added to string which will show current track, volume, state
  • made a test sketch to see if the libraries could call arduino functions without any extra includes from a library.
  • Looked up wiring diagrams

Mike 7.22.2011

Working on prototyping a multi-module Flex / Java webapp project that is mavenized, easy to check out and build, and works in eclipse.  Starting out with a ‘Hello World’ type Flex webapp.  The projects are structured something like this:

  • Parent Project
    • Flex Projects
      • Flex Utils
      • WebDesk Core
      • WebDesk Client
      • Other Clients…
    • Java Projects
      • Java Utils
      • User Service
      • Data Service
      • etc…
    • WebApp Wrapper

So far it works pretty well.  Every project is empty but it all builds and everything ends up in the WAR and deploys to Tomcat in 1 command.  Working on adding the Log4J logger and displaying the log screen in the flex app which will be the real test.

Phil 7.22.11


  • Reading up on continuous integration tools. I think I’ll try it on the linux box to make an easier transition to fgmdev.
  • Going to try Apache Continuum, since it has nice maven integration
  • Updating OS first. Hmm. May not have been the brightest idea – gotta wait 30 minutes for the download.

Dong Shin 07.21.11

  • refined the projects_overdue query
    • SELECT 2011 AS currentYear, 10 as currentMonth,  p.uid as ‘project_id’, p.begin_year, p.project_number, b.uid as ‘budget_center_id’, b.center_number, b.appropriation, a.year as ‘budget_year’  FROM project_portfolio.projects p, project_portfolio.budget_centers b, project_portfolio.budget_amounts a,  project_portfolio.obligations_outlays o, project_portfolio.obligations_outlays_goals g  WHERE p.uid = b.project_id AND b.uid = a.budget_center_id AND b.uid = o.funding_id  AND b.appropriation = g.appropriation AND g.year = year_count AND a.year = g.year AND (p.begin_year + a.year – 1) = 2011 AND ISNULL(o.month_10) ORDER BY b.uid, a.year, o.year