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Phil 11.22.11

8:00 – 3:30 VISIBILITY

  • Backed up the current database – slight change
  • Making font sizes look at the screen resolution, rather than just being in pixels, since the retina display makes 20 pixels look like bacteria.
  • I think I’m actually done with GesturePieChart!
  • Nice color editor:
  • Looking at the GWT book.
    • In addition to event handling, GWT has a Message Bus which allows for more decoupled data transfer.
    • UIBinder XML = MXML?
    • Java object serialization. How is typing handled?
    • Updating my Eclipse Google plugin

Phil 11.17.11

7:30 – 4:00 VISIBILITY

  • Deployed Dongs new stuff
  • tried to contact our designated server test guy
  • No meeting with Chris. He’s sick. We’ll try again tomorrow.
  • Need to make FACTS data optional
  • Got a new 4S. Much faster with the app.
  • Fixed up a few things with the style browser
  • Meeting with Kristi and Dong about Project Assistant
    • Splash page with a “tip of the day”, “Tutorial” button, and a “Use Project Assistant” button
    • Kristi will build the tutorial first, then we’ll break it into the help
    • Dong will add the ability to navigate through the monthly entries with the following filters:
      • overdue
      • incomplete
      • current
      • all

Phil 11.16.11

7:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Tried to contact our test guy by phone and email, no luck yet.
  • Cleaning up GesturePieChart and GesturePieChartEvent
  • Spent quite a bit of time digging through styles to find how to make things look best together. Made a new view called StyleBrowser to seve work for the next time.
  • Dong gave me a new disk. We’ll all meet on site to deploy and talk to Chris.

How to get all the currently defined styles (from

 var arr:Array = styleManager.selectors;
 var selector:String;
 var cssStyle:CSSStyleDeclaration;
 var obj:Object;

 var key:String;
 for each (selector in arr){
     cssStyle = styleManager.getStyleDeclaration(selector);
     obj = new cssStyle.defaultFactory();
     for (key in obj) {
         trace(selector+": "+key+" = "+obj[key]);

Phil 11.15.11

7:30 – 5:00 VISIBILITY

  • Started the ball rolling with Vernon on testing. Call Rich tomorrow to see how to progress.
  • Merged the VisMobScreen code into svn
  • Interview
  • Wrote up an GesturePieChartEvent that handles getting the chartDictionary to the parent component. Now I just need to do some commenting.

Phil 11.14.11

7:30 – 4:00 VISIBILITY

  • Network problems on site again. Our servers are running just fin though.
  • Working on nicer zooming. Got it. I just use a 200ms timer that’s reset every time the zoom method is called. If more then 200ms has passed since the last zoom, moving is allowed. Time to do some cleaning up of the code and dataProvider.
  • Dong found a cool thing that uses GWT instead of Flex: