Monthly Archives: September 2011

Mike 8.27.2011

  • Now that we are getting desks, I started looking in tot he security integration.
  • I figured out how to write a request filter so all requests to our server are examined before passing to the remote object
  • Set up a basic framework that allows everything through for now, inside we’ll have it ping the authorization server with the user’s cert and put that information on the session for later use
  • Went with Brian and Dong to the new desks and put in account requests.

Dong Shin 09.27.11

  • went to Fort to check out the new desks and the space with Brian and Mike
  • PPM Widgets
    • browsing Budget Centers data with a project selected complete – need to go down further from the budget centers table
    • working on Relational Table browser

Mike 9.23.2011

It works!  I have a mobile version of visiblity that allows infinite drill-down in to a google spreadsheet, treating it like a database table.  The charts need some work, they are quite illegible and difficult to interact with when show many series (like all 50 states in my example case).  Also need to get the map working and get some sample lat lng data.

Dong Shin 09.22.11

  • Continue working on PPM Widgets
    • added AboutDebugGroup – needs to wait until swf loaded up completely, it will fail to display compile date/time
    • created TableDataForm to display individual Table data
    • passing table Class objects between UI’s parse the data
    • working on QueryResultAdbDataGrid to add filters/searches

Mike 9.20.2011

  • Resume updates for Brian
  • Connected the mobile log in screen to my remote google service autheticator
  • Connected the Mobile Builder (Table + Column) views to the google service
  • Created an extension of the Flex mobile View component with a built in BusyIndicator called BusyView
  • Working on getting queries to run and display

Dong Shin 09.19.11

  • PPM Widgets
    • creaed RowDataBase class to support database table row
    • Project VO now can use RowDataBase to display columns using dynamic class loading
    • created TableDataLoader class to retrieve table data using dynamic class loading
    • created ColumsSelectTitleWindow to display columns defined in the VO classes
    • created TableDataSelectTitleWindow to display data from TableDataLoader
  • found ResizableControls from
    • convert to Flex Lib
    • using ResizableDraggableTitleWindowSkin for PPM Widgets

Mike 9.16.2011

  • Completed the basic remote service requirements for the visibility mobile app
  • Added a README file to the project detailing the workspace requirements, build and deploy process
  • Fixed a few issues with the log
  • Other small polishing items
  • Annual Self-review

Phil 9.15.11

7:00 – 12:00 VISIBILITY

  • Day before vacation. I wonder if I’ll be able to mow the lawn or if it will rain? Dong rode the motorcycle in, so my guess is that it will be torrential.
  • Cleaning up and documenting
  • Added exploding pie charts to the mobile app. THere is one problem that if the user selects the chart while the effect is playing, the “explosion” component of the display becomes confused. There needs to be an effect end event that looks to see if things are valid at the end of the animation.

Tom DeVito 9.14.2011

start: 12:45

  • Fixed the toString method in the control class
  • Tested the control class. Initializes with no errors
  • Started executive sketch.  This sketch will intialize and execute the control module instances and send outputs to the PC

end: 6:00

Mike 9.14.2011

  • Google does not approve of my HTTP request method and throws an exception when I try to call it from within their app engine:
    • “ is a restricted class. Please see the Google  App Engine developer’s guide for more details.”
  • I have to try and find another way to make the requests.
  • Looked in to Google’s gdata library source and found what classes they use to make their requests: HttpGDataRequest
    • I was able to do a similar HTTP get as before but now I’m using ‘google approved classes’
    • since this is now google app engine specific I rolled everything in to one large project instead of breaking it out in to libraries

Phil 9.14.11

8:00 – 4:00 VISIBILITY

  • Working on multiple select for the data grid. Need to make sure that if the rows are sorted, the selection is either cleared or re-ordered.
  • Make the dataField and valueField bindable and connect to all the chart types. Done
  • Add a pie chart label function – done
  • Time to comment a bit, since some of this is really not all that intuitive…
  • Walked through the VisMobScreens with Mike, who got his middleware working. We also discussed what a data input app could look like. Brian was grumpy and uncooperative in this discussion, so we finished it after he left.

Tom DeVito 9.13.2011

Start: 10:00

  • Yesterday I said I wasn’t sure if you can pan channels.  I found that I was using the wrong command for volume in my class and it works similarly to pan, so it should work on individual channels.  I didn’t notice because I had the right command in the init setting volume to max and never changed it afterwards.
  • Finally found a complete table for midi(A lot of the ones I find don’t have the 0xB0 control commands):
  • Fixed a problem with the test sketch which was causing weird problems.  Midi and amp classes are now working completely as they should.
  • Worked on the controller class some more.  Added a function which will make it so that channels 0-7 will output on left stereo while 8-15 will be on right.    It will automatically add 8 to the fingers initiated to be on the right speaker so you can treat them all the same when sending commands.

End: 6:00