Monthly Archives: June 2015

Phil 6.30.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Lenny submitted the list of equipment for development.
  • Since we’re now on a new SSP, I need to get permissions to match.
  • More work on network chart data
  • Spent 2 hours on support line.
  • timesheets!

Phil 6.26.15

7:30 – 5:00 SR

  • Presentation prep for Monday
  • Working through sigmoid curve fitting as per this blog posting
  • Cool things about Alexa development.
  • Chased down weird issues with Dong’s code. Remember:
    • Fat arrow notation is required for functions inside promises. Otherwise ‘this’ doesn’t survive the scope changes.
    • Don’t chain angular module creation. A factory created earlier in a chain will not be visible to a later element that needs it.

Phil 6.25.15

7:30 – 4:30 SR

  • Deploying new webgl chart tests
  • Looks like we have a new version of Angular. Update today?
  • Prepare slides for Monday’s presentation
    • Need (Spreadsheets -> Cloud)
      • Much faster – near real time
      • Database/Query approach
      • Integration of multiple data sources (FACTS, PM actuals, planned vs. actuals, etc)
      • Visual reports, based on current data
    • History
    • Roles
      • Phil – Architecture, UX, browser and server development
      • Phil – DB, browser and server development
      • Testing – unfilled
      • Documentation – unfilled
      • Graphic assets – unfilled
    • Current Capabilities (screenshots)
      • Back-end DB and server code
      • FA
      • RA
      • RQ
      • Vis
      • Scripting
      • Auto Ingest
    • The Flex Problem (Google trends Flex/Actionscript/Angular/typescript)
    • Upgrade path
      • Separate, smaller, report-driven apps
      • FR
      • Charting
      • Scripting
      • RQ
      • FA query builder
      • FA other?
      • RA port
      • User manager
    • Upgrade Schedule (1.5 man-years to get back to stable, tested code with periodic updates)
      • Charts coming online
      • Scripting
      • Query Builder
      • RA port.

Phil 6.24.15

9:30 – 5:00 SR

  • For a break, I’m going to build a directive that pops up in response to a NovettaUtils.ATSMessenger event. Also going to look into using flex containers for the WebGl
  • Took a much-needed detour into handling resize events so more advanced CSS can be supported. . It works like this:
    • First, set up the callback. Not that it is attached to the window, not an element in the scope.
      window.addEventListener('resize', this.handleResizeEvent, false);
    • Then we have the event handler
      private handleResizeEvent(ev:Event):void{
          var parent = this.getTopNode();
              this.renderer.setSize(this.adjWidth, this.adjHeight);
              if(this.getUse3D()) {
                  var pcam:THREE.PerspectiveCamera = <THREE.PerspectiveCamera>(;
                  pcam.aspect = this.getAdjWidth() / this.getAdjHeight();
                  var ocam:THREE.OrthographicCamera = <THREE.OrthographicCamera>(;
                  ocam.right = this.getAdjWidth();
         = this.getAdjHeight();
    • How to center a absolute div
    • Ok, got the basics of the pop-up directive working in a dynamic viewport!

Dong Shin 06.24.2015

  • working on lab locations data
    • should work with FA data
    • moved the project_lab_locations table to project_portfolio_enh database
    • updated test projects to match new locations
    • simple SQL to find lat/long of labs specified in budget_center
      • SELECT * FROM budget_centers bc LEFT JOIN lab_locations ll ON bc.lab =
  • started charts typescript project

Phil 6.23.15

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Looks like demo for charts and VISIBILITY review will be 9:30 on Monday
  • New texture map works. Need to re-jigger base classes to generalize
  • Clicking on a selected anchor node in the network does not de-select it. Fixed
  • Lenny’s going to send locations of labs over, the task will be to draw the budget at the lat/long specified by the zip code.
  • Added imageLoc to item data so that associated images can be mapped to data.
  • Had a discussion with Dond about how to structure the data so that the pulls from the DB are consistent and requiring minimum translation. No good answer though.
  • In a bit late tomorrow. Dentist.

Dong Shin 06.22.2015

  • deployed FR, jars for charting
  • PM Actuals should skip current month
  • order of column charts needs changed
  • working on ChartDataService
    • added dayOfMonth to
    • working on PM Actuals month calculation in ChartDataService

Phil 6.19.15

8:00 – 3:30 SR

  • Biked into work today 🙂
  • Set up the JAVA_HOME on the debug server and verified that keytool works for Ronda.
  • Integrate format. Maybe use the stage size to scale?
  • Set shapes from format
  • Set label from format? (if not null?)
  • Set data object.
  • See if the shapeDict can be pulled out, since it’s the same as the canvas modelArray?