Mobile Database Navigator

General Navigation – Client

  • Main view
    • list of accessible servers (add, remove)
    • database names
    • username and password
    • goes to database view on login
  • Database View
    • show databases on left
    • show tables in the selected database on right
    • show relations between tables (keys)
    • tap on tables to Table View
  • Table View
    • show table data in datagrid
    • general information about the tables (number of rows, comments, etc)
    • filter, search on each column – very good example at
    • hyperlink for key columns, clicking shows the table data that contains the key data
  • Wizards
    • Create project
    • Add funding request
    • Reconcile xxx
    • Update financials for my project
    • more?


  • migrated ProjPortfolioMgr to MySQLServer

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