Monthly Archives: July 2012

Dong Shin 07.31.2012

  • deployed new PPM and went over with JR
  • fixed IngestManger bugs
    • changed the Merge flag to Replace
    • reset all the fields in Auto Ingest panel on save
  • The title of PPM shows correctly here, but not on-site. weird
  • sent Phil new VisiblityScriptingMain4 (Flex 4 version of VisibilityScriptingMain) and the new IngestManager

Phil 7.31.12

8:30 – 2:00 ESSO

  • Backups
  • Discussions with Jessica about integrating some more COGNOS data and correlating it with the financial remediation reports in PPM
  • Made some more scripts to look into how much usage the system is getting by user by month

2:00 – 5:00 FP

  • PAD Meeting
  • Need to get USB hub to finish mouse
  • Got mouse base attached
  • Got all speakers running
  • switched leads on sensors.
  • Ran tests – success! Even updated the software

Phil 7.30.12

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Backups of PPM and scripting databases. Should probably start Vis2 as well, as questions, desktops and slide shows start getting stored.
  • So I brought in my test programs today, and they all worked. Yay! This also led to the main bug that was causing the whole problem. The test programs allow the endpoint to be entered from the app. When I was writing the code, I had the default string set to ‘amfsecure’, which is how I had changed all the endpoints after having problems with Visibility Scripting. When I went back to the SettingsXML file, I discovered that the endpoints had gone back to amf, rather than amfsecure. Odd. Maybe from part of a restore that I didn’t know about? Anyway, I tried vis2ff, and that worked, so the version I’m currently building (3.6 and linked projects) should hopefully work now.
  • Adding names to the tooltips for the value charting accordion, and matching the formatting.
  • Chased down some poor settings.xml loading tied to IE (again!)

Dong Shin 07.30.2012

  • continue working on Total datagrids for Create Project
    • query to get sub project totals
      • SELECT p.begin_year, p.end_year, t.project_id, t.fiscal_year, SUM(budget_amount)
        FROM projects p, yearly_totals t
        WHERE p.uid = 101
        project_id IN
        (SELECT sub_project_id
        FROM _project_sub_projects
        WHERE project_id = 101)
        GROUP BY fiscal_year
    • finished up – will try to deploy tomorrow
  • fixed a bug not showing parent/children projects correctly in Create Project panel

Dong Shin 07.27.2012

  • reworking Total datagrids in Create Project panel
    • added datagrid for the parents should have budgets dynamically calculated from the children (parent budget – children)
  • building vis2 and AccountManager per Phil’s request – update all the codes
    • working from workspace.codesonly
    • copying Mike’s local Maven Repo – C:mavenrepo to C:mavenrepo.mike
    • updated and deployed EdgeUtils, GenericQueryWidget, ManagemetUtils to local repo
    • updated AccountManager and vis2 swf’s to try
  • got Out-of-Memory / heap space error deploying from M2Eclipse, to resolve

Phil 7.27.12

8:00 – ESSO

  • Backups and check in with Jessica
  • The version of Vis2 from yesterday would not run – same problems.
  • Going to try to make a new project(s) that run various tests. If they work, then I’ll add more and more of vis2 until either everything is working or we find the culprit.
  • This is version 1.
  • V2 will have local and remote logging. Done.
  • V3 will access the SetupXML. Done
  • V4 will use the login functions.
  • If all those work, I’ll build a new AccountManager project file and copy over the code. If that runs then doing the same for Vis2 should work.

Phil 7.26.12

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Weekly status
  • Trying out new versions of vis2
  • Thursday 10:30 meeting. It looks like we’ll create a new, clean DB and keep the old one with a PPM version pointing at it. New version keeps all the meta information about contracts, people and such.
  • Build yet another version of Mike’s code. This time I included as much of the original settings as I could. He appeared to have the vis2 project point at the other projects rather than the SWCs in the repo, so I’m trying that.
  • Tried the Fiddler web dibugger and discovered that the message to the remote object didn’t appear to be going out. Going to try the Charles Debugger and see if there is any difference. Nope. Fiddler appears to be a bit better. Not as good as the Flashbuilder debugger though.
  • Just checked and there is a getVersion() method in DbRemoteObject. If the current (re)build of Mike’s workspace fails, I’m going to try a minimum flex app that opens the remote object and calls that method. The code should be grabable from VisibilityScripting

Dong Shin 07.25.2012

  • added total budgets for project and sub projects in separate datagrids
    • budget is entered in only one datagrid
    • total, allocated, available calculated separate
    • working on retrieving individual budgets from sub projects

Phil 7.24.12

8:00 – 2:30 ESSO

  • Backups on site
  • Tried the Flex 3.5B version of the code. Neither vis2 or AccountManagers worked. I find that particulalry vexing since AM was compiled entirely with 3.5B.
  • Dong got XP up and running with the proper versions of IE7 and Flash player. Of course, the code works just fine. Sigh
  • Trying Mike’s workspace. Was able to compile, though maven errors will have to be dealt with in the future if this works
  • Added the datavisualization swc to the 3.5B version of vis2 build path. THis was probably the reason that the version yesterday would crash here. Dong has built a 3.5B and 3.6 version of AccountManagers to try as well.

2:30 – 6:00 FP

  • PAD Meeting
  • Wired up new mouse, and found a laser USB mouse that can be sacrificed

Dong Shin 07.24.2012

  • finished installing XP no Phil’s box – after several failed attempts
    • IE 7 7.0.5730.13
    • Flash Player
  • tried various versions (3.5, 3.6 compiles, SWFs that we tried at Fort) – Everythings loads fine!
  • reworking query for sub-projects to return yearly totals for parent projects

Phil 7.23.12

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Backups on site. No fires to deal with.
  • Started to put XP on the Sony laptop. No luck – XP couldn’t recognize the drives. And, the serial number for the CD was *only* in the email that Microsoft sent me, which was at home.  So I went home, got my car from the shop, and brought back one of my old desk side units. Dong is in the process of installing XP on it, since he has all the spare monitors on his desk.
  • Copying my Eclipse workspace over so that I can change compilers without having to worry about unforeseen consequences.
  • Compiling everything with 3.5B results in runtime errors with AdvancedDataGrid, and you can’t compile FlexiChart with anything less than 3.6. Trying to compile just EdgeUtils and Management Utils with 3.5B. Vis2 is compiled with 3.6, while I’m compiling AccountManager with 3.5B. Will test on site tomorrow to see how that works.

Phil 7.20.12

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Ran Dong’s test SWFs, and the culprit appears to be the settings.
  • Deployed the new PPM and PA
  • Working on adding in the Label Field for numeric plots. Done
  • Adding _labelFieldColumnName to xml save and restore. Done
  • Added a tool tip to the combobox, which is not coming up. Odd. Checked in anyway. Something for Monday.
  • Looks like the compiler is the culprit. Downloaded Flex 3.5 and added it to my SDK list, but didn’t install it while I was working on the labeling.

Dong Shin 07.19.2012

  • got bug list from Jessica
  • fixed sub projects not showing up for the PMs
  • building several different version of Visibility to trouble-shoot IE7 problem per Phil’s recommendation
    • had to fix some hard-coded paths and project settings