Monthly Archives: October 2010

Phil 10.29.2010


Phil 10.28.2010

7:30 – 9:30 VISIBILITY

  • Meeting with Christie R.
    • There is some problem with the budget summing rollup in the project summary. I’ve printed screenshots and handed to Dong
    • We should change the panels that are used to select projects to DynamicPanel. Things need to be resizable, and we should add the search.
    • Search fields
      • Project ID
      • Project Name
      • People
      • Service

9:30 – 3:30 FP

  • Building more fingers
  • Actually, one of these fingers is a bit skewed. I think I need to face the posts.

Phil 10.27.2010

7:30 – 2:00 VISIBILITY

  • Fixed the table that was misbehaving for Anne. It turns out that you can’t have a ‘/’ in a column header and still expect Google SQL to handle it. Need to add that to the substitutions in the ingestors
  • Working out a fancier password system. Done. To test, I’ve put Tom’s Dong’s and my accounts into the system. If it’s working tomorrow, we’ll transfer more of the accounts over

2:00 – 3:00 FP

  • Demo for Mike F. and Scott G.

Phil 10.26.2010

8:00 – 5:00VISIBILITY

  • Well, the server is mostly back up
    • Wrote up a description of what happened for Laurie
  • Got additional req’s from Christina for PPM. Went over them with Dong.
    • Open multiple projects for editing or modifying
    • A “back” button that re-launches the previous panel. The best way to do this may be to extend the LayoutManager to store the panel with an associated data object? Unsure about this
    • All personnel fields should be able to handle multiple entries. I’m thinking that a variant on the “Add New” combobox might work here.
    • The Portfolio Manager in a funding request also needs to handle multiple entries
    • Look for duplicate projects. The thought is that if the budget values and the service match, then an alert could be shown that warns of the potential match
  • Flex in a week
    • Day 5, Episode 2
    • Day 5, Episode 3
    • Day 5, Episode 4
  • Anne had some problems with a query not showing up in the data visualizer. Will try and see what’s up tomorrow.

Dong Shin 10.25.2010

Phil 10.25.2010


  • PPM is getting used. Talked to Christie Richard, who is entering most of the data. She has a list of suggestions
    • She needs to be sysadm to view projects she creates. We need to make it so that if you create a project, you should still be able to see it.
    • We need to make it so that projects can be created piecemeal. The minimum amount of information should be the project name and ID, but after that, the user should be able to enter data in any order or amount.
      • An incomplete project is one that does not have all the fields plus (sufficient? e.g. something other than all zeros) financial data entered.
      • There should be an INCOMPLETE warning in the title bar if a project is not sufficiently entered. Maybe we can flag that in the project list by highlighting the row, or being able to filter on incomplete projects.
      • It might be worth having an alert come up that indicates what still needs to be done on an incomplete project.
    • She’d like the ability to enter more than one POC for a project. Need to find out just what fields those are. Is this just on project creation or also other forms, such as creating funding requests
    • Add a per-project comment log. It should be visible on the project page and the enter financial data forms (Maybe funding request as well?). There should be an entry field that is editable, and then a text area (searchable?) that shown entries with timestamps and user id.
  • Worked on the MavenAssist site with Dong. The updater site is up, as is a download site. The home page is prettier (it’s a copy of our own web page on MavenAssist)

Dong Shin 10.23.2010

  • found old MvnAssist Feature and Site projects for deploying MvnAssist plugin
    • renamed it to MavenAssist
    • changed the feature information and plugin information to build
    • still have old site url and license information
  • has plesk(?) running, need to remove it before re-configure!

Keil 10/22/2010

Last day at FGM.  It has been a pleasure working with the talented individuals on this team.  Keep in touch, guys!

  • Putting the finishing touches on the FGM ASD site.  The code is fairly open-ended, so it can be modded to work with pretty much any site you want.  The link is:

Phil 10.21.2010

7:30 – 3:30VISIBILITY

  • Morning meeting with John W. and Kathy W. Going to set up a demo of PPM for sometime next week.
  • Testing Keil’s code by adding/editing stuff
  • Added a lot of text about our projects
  • Having Tom put up latest versions of everything
  • Wrote up a description of my tasks for CATWALK
  • Flex in a week
    • Day 5 Episode 1

Phil 10.21.2010

7:30 – 2:00 VISIBILITY

  • Cool thing of the day – VMWare will be offering integrated cloud development. Initially it will support java and run as an Eclipse plugin
  • Added BSD License information to MavenAssist
  • To sftp to the sourceforge MavenAssist site using winSCP, do the following:
    • s
    • user: <username>,mavenassist
    • password
  • Flex in a week
    • Day 4 Episode 9
    • Day 4 Episode 10 – Transitions are *hugely* improved over Flex3.
  • Off to midterm!