List of belief/direction terms

Definitions come from the online Oxford English Dictionary

  1. About Face
    1. intransitive. To turn around so as to face in the opposite direction; (fig.) to reverse one’s opinion, policy, etc. Originally Military, as a command in infantry drill.
  2. Aims
    1. fig. A desired outcome; an end aimed at; an objective, a goal; a purpose, an intention.
  3. Bearings
    1. The direction in which any point lies from a point of reference, esp. as measured in degrees from one of the quarters of the compass; also, the direction of an arriving radio wave or radar echo determined by a direction-finding system. In plural the relative positions of surrounding objects. to take one’s bearings: to determine one’s position with regard to surrounding objects; also fig.
  4. Coming around
  5. Common Ground
  6. Course of Action
  7. Director / direction
    1. of keeping in right order; management, administration.
  8. Fellow Traveler
    1. A person who supports the Communist movement without actually being a party member; a Communist sympathizer (now chiefly hist.). Also more generally: a sympathizer with any specified person or cause.
  9. Fixed, unmoving, stuck
  10. Getting on board
  11. Good side / bad side
  12. Inner journey
  13. Leader and follower
  14. Leap of faith
    1. an act of accepting or believing something without evidence, as a demonstration of faith or confidence.
  15. Momentum
    1. fig. A driving force, an impetus; continuing vigour resulting from an initial effort or expenditure of energy.
  16. Movement
    1. The way in which events or conditions are moving at a particular time or in a particular sphere; a tendency, a trend.
    2. A course or series of actions and endeavours on the part of a group of people working towards a shared goal; an organization, coalition, or alliance of people working to advance a shared political, social, or artistic objective. Frequently with modifying word.
  17. Perspective
    1. The relation or proportion in which the parts of a subject are viewed by the mind; the aspect of a subject or matter, as perceived from a particular mental point of view. Now only: a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; an individual point of view.
  18. Point of View
    1. point of view n. [after French point de vue (1689; earlier in technical senses: see point of sight n. at Phrases 4l)] the position from which something is seen or viewed; (fig.) the perspective from which a subject or event is perceived, or a story, etc., narrated; a mental position or attitude (now the usual sense); occasionally attributive.
  19. Position
    1. fig. A relation in which a person stands with respect to another or others; a person’s circumstances, condition, or situation, esp. as affecting his or her influence, role, or power to act; spec. (frequently in social position) status, rank, standing.
  20. Reaching a goal/impasse
  21. Roadmap
    1. fig. Frequently with to, for. A means of bringing about or reaching something; an outline or representation of something, used as a guide. Now often: spec. a plan or strategy intended to achieve a particular (political) goal, as road map to (also for) peace, etc.
  22. Sense of direction
  23. Sharing Goals
  24. Taking a position
  25. Taking a side
  26. Weighty thoughts