Monthly Archives: October 2011

Phil 10.31.11

7:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Lots of paperwork today.
  • Was finally able to add status to the server blog
  • Got the last bits of the scaling/translation math working:
	private var _newButtonDown:Boolean = true;

	private function init():void{
		listenerGroup.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_WHEEL, handleMove);
		listenerGroup.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, handleMove);
		_xpos = chart.width/2;
		_ypos = chart.height/2;
		_scaledWidth = chart.width;
		_scaledHeight = chart.height;


	private function handleZoom(event:Event):void{
		_scalar = scaleSlider.value;
		var m:Matrix = chart.getLayoutMatrix();

		m.a = _scalar;
		m.d = _scalar;
		var s:Number = chart.width*_scalar;
		_scaledWidthDelta = s - _scaledWidth;
		_scaledWidth = s;
		s = chart.height*_scalar;
		_scaledHeightDelta = s - _scaledHeight;
		_scaledHeight = s;

		m.tx += -_scaledWidthDelta*0.5;
		m.ty += -_scaledHeightDelta*0.5;
		_dx = m.tx;
		_dy = m.ty;

		chart.setLayoutMatrix(m, true);

	private function handleMove(evt:MouseEvent):void{
		var m:Matrix = chart.getLayoutMatrix();

				_newButtonDown = false;
				_xpos = evt.stageX-_dx;
				_ypos = evt.stageY-_dy;
			_dx = evt.stageX - _xpos;
			_dy = evt.stageY - _ypos;
			_newButtonDown = true;

		m.a = _scalar;
		m.d = _scalar;

		m.tx = _dx;
		m.ty = _dy;
		chart.setLayoutMatrix(m, true);
  • Next, incorporate into Mobile code.
  • Before that, fixing the multiple select from search bug in GenericScroller

Tom DeVito 10.28.2011

Start:  2:30pm

  • Spent the first half of the day putting up our office window insulators.
  • Added methods to the interfaces class to change the data which has pointers in the datadictionary.
  • Added methods for displaying the volume and pressure data.

end : 6:00pm

Phil 10.28.11

8:00 – 4:00 VISIBILITY

  • Tried to update the server journal, but no luck. Talked to Denise about it. We’ll try a few things on Monday
  • Working the dragging problem. Going from local to stage coordinates helped some. Progress!

Dong Shin 10.27.2011

  • went to Fort, the VR hasn’t been approved yet.
  • PPM Widgets
    • changed the labels for the month navigation buttons
    • changed the way Financial Data Navigator starts up.
      • when there are overdue financial data, show first overdue on start
      • when there are no overdue financial data, show current FY and month
    • current Identifier added to the title of the Financial Data Navigator
    • changed the label per request (show # of total overdue when navigating overdue data, otherwise show total # of overdue data)
    • changed the colors of the Navigator

Phil 10.27.11

7:30 – 3:30 VISIBILITY

  • Meeting with Tangie
    • Contract Month should read First, Prev, Current, Next, Last. THere is no need for the << symbols
    • Selected contract month does not show up in combobox
    • If the user navigates using the comboboxes rather than the buttons at the bottom, the total number of entries should change to “X of Y records incomplete” and only the “<<First” button should be enabled
    • Common information is still missing from the header (Could be in the title bar for the panel)
    • Don’t show the (FY xxx – Yeay y) string after the X of Y string
    • Add the word “Records” to the “X of Y” string
    • Add scroll bars for financial mitigation if the browser is too small – save buttons do not appear
    • Add scroll bars for enter invoice if the browser is too small – save buttons do not appear
    • Change “Financial Data Overdue (X) to “X overdue records remaining”
    • Skip records that have zero values, just as is done with PPM
    • Add project locking to widget
    • Change the background to gray (0xAAAAAA), uneditable fields to light gray (0xCCCCCC), and editable fields to white
  • Tangie and I talked a bit about how to make the demo work. I think a good way to do this might be to show the linkage between the two tools. Make a fake project, fill it out and then update using the tool. We can use the meeting to find people whou would be interested in being early adopters.
  • Back to zooming pie charts. Zoom works, but I don’t like it. The pie chart is placed within a 1000 x 1000 s:Group and scales within that. Panning is very flaky too.
  • Need to make sure that cancel clears the selection event.

Dong Shin 10.26.2011

  • PPM Widgets
    • overdue project navigation – done
      • load list of overdue financial data and compare it on financial data retrieval
      • enable/disable buttons based on the current financial data loaded
    • ditched Spark ButtonBar in favor of Buttons because it’s easier to manage
  • burned a CD for PPM and Widgets for tomorrow, hoping my VR is ready.

Phil 10.26.11

7:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Pie charts! Fixed. Now adding gestures
  • Restarted the server, and set it to automatic
  • Had a discussion with Denise about how we’re going to coordinate updating
  • All hands lunch
  • Rewrote laser pointer whitepaper and sent to Morgan

Mike 10.26.11

All quiet at site.

  • Continuing work on the scrolling / zooming charts. Have a basic version working with hand gestures as well as mouse interaction in the emulator.
  • Need to implement a throw as well as bounds at the beginning and end of the chart

Tom DeVito 10.26.2011

Start: 9:00

  • Today has been a bit slow on progress with the company lunch and having to leave early.
  • I  continued the work I started yesterday with integrating the interface to work with communication classes.  I will probably have this working by some point tomorrow at least to where the sensor and volume data appears in the appropriate boxes.
  • I wrote a sketch to test the new midicontrollers when we get them to see if somehow I damaged them.  I am going to use the other arduino and isolate it from all other electronic by using my headphones.  If it turns out they were blown I’ll have to figure out how to connect them in a safer way.  This could be amperage problem or the way they were connected to the amplifiers.  Otherwise I will just use 1 controller per finger.

End: 2:00

Tom DeVito 10.25.2011

Start: 9:00

  • Ordered two more midi shields.  This will help with the problems i’ve been having as well as make the programming a bit easier.  Balance and Pan seem to work but not perfectly so its better if each finger has its own.  I will also make sure I test with headphones these to see if the distortion is something I did.
  • Edited the code to accommodate one midi controller per finger
  • Added more error checking to send receive methods of the commgr class.  It kept crashing when the buffer was empty before.
  • Exported the code files for my interface from FLUID.  Started changing it so it can accept the data from the arduino.

End: 5:00

NOTE:   The previous version of our midi controllers had voltage  regulation problems.  It is possible that its sensitive to the amperage and when I hook it up to our power supply it overloads it.  I think I only used the arduino or powering the first one though so I don’t know.  Voltage issues would make sense but its supposedly fixed.