Monthly Archives: December 2011

Phil 12.30.11

  • 8:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY
    • Going through the LWJGL tutorials here.
    • Got a window test up and running with keyboard interaction and (fast!) animation.
    • Added Applet capability to the above. It runs in the Eclipse Applet viewer. Now I need to get it to run in Tomcat…
    • Sun/Oracles Applet development examples
    • Deploying with the LWJGL Applet Loader 1 – Basics
    • Success! Using basicapplet.html in Phil/applet/lwjgl folder. Need to look at how to send data between the wrapper and the 3D app, since it’s going through the lwjgl applet wrapper.

Tom De Vito 12.29.2011

1. Finish the AudioElement class

2. Test Data Dictionary changes

Start: 10:20

  • Added commands for the audio elements
  • Added command processing
  • Added responses(idle, executing, done)
  • Wrote a test to make sure that the Data Dictionary works with remote data.  Previously I was using a different method where this wasn’t handled by the actual dictionary.
  • The test was successful.
  • Made  a couple of changes to the Audio Master to reflect the elements they control.

End: 6:20

Mike 12.29.2011

  • Spent the beginning of last week working on a Demo of Appboard and Visibility
  • Then spent the rest of the week learning GWT stuff
  • Mon / Tuesday off for Christmas
  • Spent yesterday getting JebGL working with some sample WebGL stuff.
  • Took those samples in this morning to the customer site to test them, they did not work so WebGL will have to be tabled for now
  • Back to GWT stuff

Dong Shin 12.29.2011

  • working at home
  • nicer interface on upgraded blog!
  • working on Project Manager GWT
    • finally got the financial data displayed just like PPM
      • fetching all the data at once, getProjectDetails. This returns all Budget Centers, Budget Amounts, and Obligations/Outlays
    • NULL fields displaying 0.0, need to work on parsing data correctly
    • works really fast in compiled mode, unlike slow PPM
    • working on data formatting/editing

Phil 12.29.11

8:00 – 4:00 VISIBILITY

  • Working through the C3DL tutorials
  • Looking for a good tutorial on doing JavaScript with eclipse and not having the best of luck.
    • Neat, somewhat related tool:
    • Eclipse is building a web-based IDE for JavaScript called Orion. We need to keep an eye on this.
  • Mike tried getting jebGl to work on site but only got a big scary core dump. After pondering, I’m thinking that a valid direction would be to have our charting running in Applets that handle J3D, and the user interface is all GWT. Applets and JavaScript can talk to each other, so the communication shouldn’t be a bif deal. It’s possible that we could put some declarative xml together that would allow GWT to feed a chart template to a general purpose applet, so we could have a high-lever interface defining the presentation and interaction. Next steps are:
    • A lightweight “Hello World” 3D Applet that we can attempt to deploy. We can use Applet rather than JApplet, since we won’t have any GUI overhead.
      • Probably going to use LWJGL, since it’s been good to me in the past.
    • A web page that has JavaScript talking to our applet

Tom DeVito 10.28.2011

Start: 10:10

  • Keep forgetting to write out my objectives at the beginning of the day.  Will try to remember tomorrow.
  • Made some more changes to the Data Dictionary to independently identify and send remote data.
  • Continued to work on the Audio Master.
  • Changed the sound controller class on the arduino side to AudioElement.  Working on changes to make it work with the Master.

end: 6:10

Thomas DeVito 12.27.2011

Approximately two hours were used to try to resolve our server issues.

Start: 10:20

  • Retooled the audio controller on the arduino side to work with the Audio Master on the pc side
  • Started working on the Audio Master.

End: 6:20

Kristi – 12.28.2011

Mike and I met with Tangie Hall today re: Visibility documentation for both the Project Assistant and Project Manager.

Tangie mentioned that she has been unable to use the Project Assistant as there was confusion about the splash page (i.e., the flashing buttons indicating that the page was down – avoided Tangie and her staff to use the page).  Suggestion was made to make the splash page appear more like a traditional logon/password page with a tutorial button.

Tangie is taking back a set of documentation for her to mark-up while she goes through the Project Assistant.

She also suggested that she would like a “print report” like option for both tools.

Overall the meeting was very productive – despite the inability for her team to use the tool to this date.  I am hopeful that we will work well together and accomplish much in the upcoming weeks.

Phil 12.28.2011

8:00 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Watching the OReilly video OpenGL and 3D in HTML5. If you have an ACM membership, you can watch it from your Safari bookshelf. You do have your FGM-provided ACM membership, don’t you?
  • Looks like picking is going to be an issue, but we can do it old-school:
    • If you use C3DL, picking is supported. Hmmm.
  • Learning WebGL cookbook
  • WebGL Cheat Sheet (API as of February 2010)
  • glMatrix (appears to be the fastest library?)
  • C3DL looks promising. It even explains why Mike’s firefox WebGL was turned off. Going to read this one tomorrow.
  • 11:00 meeting with Clif S. and his gang
    • Showed the various VISIBILITY apps. It looks like they should be useful
    • Discussed WebGL development option

Phil 12.27.11

8:00-4:00 VISIBILITY

  • It’s going to rain today and my new hardware aches. This “feeling the weather in the bines” thing might be real after all.
  • Working on a simple animated gwt app. I’m trying for this.
  • Having all kinds of problems with our server. Using vi on a 20 line file takes between 4 and 12 seconds to open. Tom is opening a ticket with
    • It appears that this is a problem with Steadfast. They are doing some hardware migration that is messing with us
  • I have the gwt app running in hosted mode, but I can’t get it running as a war file. I get an error saying that the app may need to be recompiled. Hmmm.
  • Did make contact with Clif – his folks are coming over Wednesday at 11:00. Didn’t get ahold of Tangie.

Phil 12.26.11

8:00 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Happy Boxing Day!
  • Tried sending an email to Clif S. At all the various permutations of his name and none of them seem to be right. Hmmm.
  • is still responding really slowly. seems quick though, so the Tomcat server is running well, but lampp isn’t?
    • At 9:30, things are considerably faster.
    • At 9:31 things are slow again
    • Had to start up svn. What is going on with our server!!!?
  • Starting with the gwtgl documentation.
    • And while we’re at it, time for a new version of Eclipse (3.7.1 – Indigo). Trying a 64-bit version again… I also copied it to fgmdev/exchange/EclipseDistros if you don’t want to wait 17 minutes for the download
    • Tried the tutorial, which didn’t work (and from the comments, doesn’t work for many people). Checked out the code from That kindof works…
      • Only check out GwrGl and GwtGl-techDemos. GwtGL-examples doesn’t seem to have anything in it, and competes for the same namespace as techDemos (which checks out as “examples”)
  • New version of GWT In Action is available on fgmdev/exchange/Books

Tom Devito 12.23.2011

Start: 9:30

  • Talked to Phil about how to design the system
  • All processing should be done on the PC side.  The Arduino just receives commands.
  • Changed the Data Dictionary to recognize remote data elements and send them automatically
  • Grabbed the command and response class I made earlier and put them into the new project.  Add command verification and uid.

End: 6:00

Phil 12.23.11

9:00 – 4:00

  • Prepping for interview. It went well. They want to visualize lots of data.
  • In thinking about the above, I’ve started to worry about the graphing capability within GWT, which is not really even as good as Flex. I’m starting to think that we could use GWT for what it’s good at – text fields, comboboxes and such, while developing standalone charts in WebGL (3D). The reason for this is that once we’re in the 3D realm, drawing cool things actually becomes easier. Shiny is done with reflection mapping as opposed to layuers of vector art. Hardware accelerated 3d is capable of showing tens of thousands of points in a frame – orders of magnitude more than 2D systems
  • I asked Mike to try putting a gwtgl app inside jebgl to see if its possible

Tom DeVito 12.22.2011

Start: 10:20


  • Finish the main on the arduino side with all changes accounted for
  • Finish AudioTactileExec on pc side.

Tasks Completed:

  • Fixed all the variable definitions and datadictionary entries to have entries for each fingers collision, state, and pressure.  Before everything was bundled in state
  • Added the new variables to the loadbuffer method which prepares the buffer for sending
  • Did the same stuff on the PC side
  • Fixed the main loop on each side so that they recieve data, process data/run simulations, prepare the send buffer, send the buffer, and then clear both receive and send buffers.  I had it running in a different order before which I think was causing the data to be overwritten before it was processed.

End: 6:20

I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out an office internet problem.  This time is not charged to the project.

The slowness of the blog Dong observed, seems to have gotten worse.

Phil 12.22.11


  • The days are getting longer!
  • Downloaded SmartGWT. I talked to Dong about the risks of mixing them, as well as the advantages/disadvantages of each. He thinks that GWT is easier to work with.