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Phil 6.25.15

7:30 – 4:30 SR

  • Deploying new webgl chart tests
  • Looks like we have a new version of Angular. Update today?
  • Prepare slides for Monday’s presentation
    • Need (Spreadsheets -> Cloud)
      • Much faster – near real time
      • Database/Query approach
      • Integration of multiple data sources (FACTS, PM actuals, planned vs. actuals, etc)
      • Visual reports, based on current data
    • History
    • Roles
      • Phil – Architecture, UX, browser and server development
      • Phil – DB, browser and server development
      • Testing – unfilled
      • Documentation – unfilled
      • Graphic assets – unfilled
    • Current Capabilities (screenshots)
      • Back-end DB and server code
      • FA
      • RA
      • RQ
      • Vis
      • Scripting
      • Auto Ingest
    • The Flex Problem (Google trends Flex/Actionscript/Angular/typescript)
    • Upgrade path
      • Separate, smaller, report-driven apps
      • FR
      • Charting
      • Scripting
      • RQ
      • FA query builder
      • FA other?
      • RA port
      • User manager
    • Upgrade Schedule (1.5 man-years to get back to stable, tested code with periodic updates)
      • Charts coming online
      • Scripting
      • Query Builder
      • RA port.

Dong Shin 08.19.2014

  • deployed new FA/RA, database updates to the test server….
    • need to changed the 3, 4 year queries – done
  • working on adding invoices and contracts tabs
  • challenging SQL problem from Phil
    • update comments in fr_master_table with value from fr_text_table where the comments don’t contain value…
    • UPDATE fr_master_table f SET comments = CONCAT(
      IF(ISNULL( (SELECT value FROM (SELECT ftt.value, fmt.uid as uuid FROM fr_master_table fmt RIGHT JOIN fr_text_table AS ftt ON ftt.uid
       LIKE CONCAT(‘%’,fmt.uid, ‘_taskName’) AND fmt.comments NOT LIKE CONCAT(‘%’, ftt.value, ‘%’)) AS X WHERE f.uid = X.uuid)), ”,

      CONCAT(‘Task ID: ‘, (SELECT value FROM (SELECT ftt.value, fmt.uid as uuid FROM fr_master_table fmt RIGHT JOIN fr_text_table AS ftt ON ftt.uid LIKE CONCAT(‘%’,fmt.uid, ‘_taskName’) AND fmt.comments NOT LIKE CONCAT(‘%’, ftt.value, ‘%’)) AS X WHERE f.uid = X.uuid), ‘ – ‘)),

Dong Shin 08.14.2014

  • continue working on adding Baseline rows
    • query to fix Procurement (year 3 and 4) RDT&E (year 3) not showing in Obligations/Outlays, this  must be done prior to adding baseline rows.
      • INSERT INTO obligations_outlays_fix (type, project_id, funding_id, year, year_count)
        SELECT ‘Planned Obligated $:’, p.uid, c.uid, c.fiscal_year, 3 FROM projects p LEFT JOIN budget_centers c ON p.uid = c.project_id
        WHERE appropriation LIKE ‘RDT&E%’;
  • working on adding not 100% obligated to Overdue Obligations query – line item 13
  • wordpress post editor has been changed! arghhh! hating it!

Dong Shin 08.12.2014

  • working on adding Planned Baseline rows
    • added Planned Obligation Baseline: and Planned Outlay Baseline: to obligation_outlay_types table
      • INSERT INTO `project_portfolio_enh`.`obligation_outlay_types` (`uid`, `type`, `visible`, `status`) VALUES (NULL, ‘Planned Obligation Baseline:’, NULL, NULL), (NULL, ‘Planned Outlay Baseline:’, NULL, NULL);
    • add Planned Obligation/Outlay Baseline rows for existing data
      • INSERT INTO obligations_outlays
        (type, year, year_count, project_id, funding_id)
        (SELECT ‘Planned Obligation Baseline:’, year, year_count, project_id, funding_id FROM `obligations_outlays`
        GROUP BY funding_id, year_count) UNION ALL
        (SELECT ‘Planned Outlay Baseline:’, year, year_count, project_id, funding_id FROM `obligations_outlays`
        GROUP BY funding_id, year_count);
    • update visible in obligation_outlay_types so only Admins and NSA PM’s can see the planned baseline rows
      • UPDATE obligation_outlay_types SET visible = 0;
        UPDATE obligation_outlay_types SET visible = 1 WHERE type <> ‘Planned Obligation Baseline:’
        AND type <> ‘Planned Outlay Baseline:’;
    • added visible flag to getFinancialData
  • back up current database – project_portfolio_enh_081214, cleaned up databases….

Dong Shin 07.28.2014

  • deployed new FA with Req’s by Project queries
    • found that Query Builder adds where and group by clause – fixed
    • not saving queries – fixed
    • percent values should be calculated using Total Budgets, not Committed Amounts  – fixed
  • working on summarizing obligations, outlays, pm actuals for Req’s by Project queries

Dong Shin 07.25.2014

  • working on Query Builder
    • disable obligated, outlays, pm actuals when query is using GROUP BY
    • adding queries by Req by Project
      • FY 13 Financial Status – done
      • FY14 Financial Status – done
      • FY14 Outlay Plan – done
      • FY14 Current Month Planned vs. PM Actuals – done, need to discuss what columns to show and how the calculations are done
  • working on new FMP editor
    • reworked the layout of the questions and added projectedDate field – sets label based on meeting Obligation/Outlay goals
    • added validators (question 1, 2, 3, projected date)
    • separated FinancialMitigationPlanContent from FinancialMitigationPlanWindow

Dong Shin 07.22.2014

  • set the detailed data table to view – processed as fast enough….
  • created SQL/script to run the truancy report and a list of people for FY14
  • working on Query Builder
    • added tableName, generateData to the queryBuilderConfig.xml
    • generateData button is not optional
    • need to fix missing obligations/outlays for the old Procurement and RDT&E – FixFinancialData.sql

Dong Shin 07.17.2014

  • deployed new FA, new queries for detailed data
    • using views reduced the time to generate the detailed data to 3 seconds from 5 min!!!!
  • working on new Query Builder
    • added more fields
    • modified generate_detailed_data() procedure to use the new views and queries
    • use new table qb_queries for user queries, left the previous one – user_queries
    • adding more column configurations to queryBuilderConfig2.xml