Monthly Archives: November 2009

Phil 11.27.2009

7:30 -12:00

  • Everything is working at a very empty fort
  • Working on theme picker
  • Tom THinks that he may have everything working under MvnAssist. If so he’ll start writing it up.

Mike 11.27.09

  • TrendWidgets now auto update on a configurable interval
  • PieCharts display percentages of a single time slice (which can be selected from the data grid view)
  • BarCharts still display the entire range like the line chart to make spotting threshold violators easier, I may add another bar chart that shows the same time slice as the pie chart

Phil 11.25.2009

7:30 – 3:30

  • Swung by the fort on the way in – everything is working fine
  • Working on color picker – the pick part is pretty much done, but needs some fine tuning. Need to be able to read in xml to configure, and update the UserInfoObject next.
  • Fixed a bug in mvnAssist. The method that calculates the <classifier> tag bails if it sees SNAPSHOT in the name, since that seems to not conform to the mvn naming conditions
  • Traffic court – no cop == not guilty!

Phil 11.24.2009

7:30 – 4:30

  • Starting on the profile addition to UserInfoObject. It’s going to be XML so it will be easily extensible
  • Exchanged email with Mike K about trending widgets
  • Integrating programmatic styles. The styles are working, now I need to build a color-setting widget and then tie back into XML and upload to table_user

Mike 11.23.09

  • Came up with a better way to send trend information to column renderers
  • Added threshold lines for every series to the charts and decided it was too much info at one time
  • Figured out how to draw directly on the charts and added threshold lines which appear when mousing over the data

Phil 11.23.2009

7:30 – 3:30

  • Finished up with the fixes to mvnAssist by adding support of the <classifier> tag to the local rep scan as well as remote repos
  • Working on making Ingest manager lay out better on smaller screens
  • Went to the S2F Thanksgiving lunch and deployed the new version
  • Tom is making good progress on getting mvnAssist to work with the new project. He’s through the Flex code and starting on the java.

Phil 11.20.2009

7:30 – 6:30

  • Deployed new banner version, so hopefully the domain people can add a “go visibility” redirect
  • Need to make the VISIBILITY2 banner shorter
  • Make the IngestManager panel a little shorter
  • Have the IngestManager use the same stylesheet as Vis2
  • Add color preferences
  • Fixed a bug in mvnAssist – needed to split off <classifier> data (i.e. “en_US”) from the name of the file in the repo

Phil 11.18.2009

8:00 – 4:00

  • Changed Basic and Advanced forms to use VDividedBox and fixed follow on formatting issues
  • Dong is adding a “Run Now” button to auto ingestor
  • Making some more slides for Boeing presentation
  • Helping Aaron with integrating CheckboxRenderer into Appboard
  • Deployed newest version


  • Make it so “clear text” clears the console for the selected tab
  • Add “Step 1 of 3, 2 of, 3… to Create Project”
  • Keep from importing yourself in the pom navigator? Or at least post an alert with a warning
  • Do not inset multiple identical dependencies with pom navigator
  • Look for the [ERROR] string in the output. There are two cases. The first is where there is an error that does not cause a build failure. These should be stored in a list and sent to the “Problems” plugin. The other is an “[ERROR] BUILD FAILURE”. This should store the lines that follow the error and present them in a dialog.

Phil 11.16.2009

7:30 – 4:00

  • Spent most of the morning at the fort helping John W look at data. He’s becoming quite the power user of VISIBILITY2, using the advanced tab and typing sql. He wants more room for row selectino in the advanced tab
  • Talked to Charlie about putting together a proposal to mimic the enclave at edge – he’s working on it now
  • Putting together Boeing presentation
  • Showed Clift how to use EdgeUtils tree navigation tools

Mike 11.15.09

  • Started working on thresholds for trend widgets
  • Created a smart column renderer which changes color based on current value and thresholds, right now it’s a kind of ugly red, green, yellow thing but once I get everything working I’ll go back and make it take the default color and red shift it or something
  • Added some code to look for reserved column names and pull out thresholds

Phil 11.13.2009

7:30 – 1:30

  • Walked John through producing a report using the tool
  • Integrated my file-based spooler for mvn help:describe
  • Worked with Dong to find out why flexmojo is creating circular references