Monthly Archives: January 2010

Phil 1.29.2010

8:00 – 5:30

  • Showed John W how to use the ‘like’ SQL command
  • Found out some about LDAT. It does look like something useable
  • Took 90 min off to deal with kitchen construction issues
  • Starting on the TextPanel – Got it so that I can save and load a panel, but if I try to save a panel that has been reloaded, the <span> information does not change…

Dong 01.29.2010

  • deployed MvnAsst 1.7.6
  • added images and icons to look pretty(?)
  • figured out how to get user permissions from single SQL joining three tables; db, user, and user_info
  • created four users
    • form_admin – admin account
    • form_owner – form builder account
    • form_developer – form developer(?) account
    • form_user – form user account
  • user levels set when a user logs in

Phil 1.28.2010

8:00 – 4:00

  • Gave a link to the edgeDemo account to Jeff
  • Got VAccordion working
  • S14 meeting at 1:15
  • Need to do a text box that ties into visibility desktops.
  • Got VAccordion working. Had a bit of a problem with the left-right alignment, but got that dealt with by setting textAlign in the VBoxes
  • Used mvnAssist to deploy flexlib 2.4 to our repo

Dong 01.28.2010

  • reworked processTextInput in FormViewerCanvas to use ObjectWrapper and WrapperManager instead of getChildByName…..
  • Save: data now can be inserted to the formbuilder database using forms through FormViewer
  • deployed MvnAsst 1.7.5
  • LoginScreen now functional, but haven’t attached any permissions yet.
  • Cancel: clear the canvas
  • Reset: clear all the TextInput fields

Phil 1.27.2010

8:00 – 5:00

Dong 01.27.2010

  • working on attaching scripts/codes to form components
  • created FormEvent and FormEventHandler
  • created FormButton and FormTextInput
  • SQL can now be constructed with FormViewer!

Dong 01.26.2010

  • removed old FormBuilder project from SAND_BOX and recreated with new code
  • got bar, pie, line, column charts working like Visibility in Query Builder
    • uses AdvancedDataGrid with CheckBoxHeaderRenderer from GenericQueryWidget.swc
    • modified version of createNumericData from QueryWidget
  • DatabaseAdvDataGrid implemented to support QueryBuilder

Phil 1.26.2010

7:30 – 5:00

  • Tried to replicate John’s problem with no luck. For me at least, everything is working fine.
  • Installing Mike’s changes.
  • Now that I know that TextFlow can’t, well, actually *flow* text, I’m trying to figure out what might be a reasonable solution. Maybe a text widget for annotating items in VISIBILITY.
  • Numerous meetings
    • Theresa Young
      • FACTS is the Financial Accounting and Corporate Tracking System. It’s part of FMS – Financial Management Solutions. Need to find out what platform it’s based on. It’s a way of tracking money as it moves from target through obligated to outlay
      • All interaction is through a web interface. No one seems to know about a machine-machine interface.
      • If we can get a ‘BF-5’ person, they can explain more info as it pertains to S14
      • BF-5 is the ‘general ledger’. There are some good people that we can talk to
      • Janet Davis -chief
      • Arlin White Sr. Exec
      • Alex Smith – Sr. Exec to Comptroler
    • Impromptu demo of VISIBILITY to Jeff Cooper and his boss(?). They want to use VISIBILITY to do something with their dataset. Could be as high as 100,000 rows

Mike 1.25.10

  • Lots of testing, mostly saving/loading different things, fixed a few bugs and checked in the new charting options
  • Condensed several buttons in to a ComboBox to converse space

Phil 1.25.2010

7:30 – 8:30, 11:30 – 3:30

  • Had to go choose floor tile this morning.
  • Working on text flow. There is definitively *not* the capability to flow around a graphic or other component ( WTF!? Grr. Need to work on an alternative.
  • Exchanged email with Yoland about Visibility capabilities, particularly WRT GIS and connected graphs.
  • There seems to be some problem with IE downloading excel spreadsheets under certain conditions. Will check out tomorrow.
  • Fixed a problem with the querybuilder where strings were not being converted into xml correctly

Mike 1.24.10

  • In order for users to simply plot straight data instead of unique counts or pivot data I’ve added the following:
  • To plot a column of data vs rows, a user simply clicks the checkbox of the column they want, this is all done within the AdvQueryWidget
  • To plot row(s) vs columns, a new button has been added near ‘Plot vs Time’ called ‘Plot vs Columns’ which opens a TrendWidget where the data is pivoted about the horizontal so columns are rows and rows are columns. In this special case no date parsing is done.

Still have some testing to do before checking it in.

Phil 1.22.2010

8:00 – 4:00

  • Spent some time with Dong walking through using Interfaces for what he’s trying to do. Not sure if it worked because-
  • Meeting with Anne and Yonald Chery of SID, 10:30 – 1:00. Which I had totally forgotten about. Had to scramble a bit to get Appboard running on my box and get it over to the site.
  • Anne called. The demo went well. Apparently there are some next steps.
  • More work with Dong, chasing down the reason why wrapped display objects had no parent.

Dong 01.22.2010

  • tried multiple inheritance for draggable components; didn’t work!
  • finally got FormsEditor to display DraggableButtons correctly
  • FormEditor now parses Draggable Label and TextInput