Phil 4.19.13

7:30 – 3:30 SR

  • Went home yesterday to find my phone and internet knocked out. Oddly, after a Verizon reset the cable came back. Why that works and the other two don’t I have no idea. Service is scheduled between 1:00 – 5:00 so it’s either work from home or leave.
  • Backups
  • More work on changing the visibility_dev2 db on the fly.
  • Need to contact Jeremy (Shawn?) about a charge number.
  • Downloading everything so that I can work from home without an internet connection
    • Project files (zipped and workspace)
    • new xampp
    • sql db (VSS and VD2)
    • notes
    • Juno
  • Got home and put the old FIOS battery back in and bounced the system. I now have TV and internet. And literally, as I was typing this, the connection dropped out. Correlation without causation. And it’s back now….
    • Ticket: mddq03c37es
    • 12:32 – restored
    • 1:27 – down (could not find host)
    • 1:29 – restored.
    • 2:34 – down
    • 2:36 – up
    • 4:09 – down for two minutes
  • Building environment. Unzipping is really slow. And the workspace I copied over isn’t working, so I have to get my stuff from subversion, which means installing that…
  • But everything is running. And it’s 3:10. I got started around noon. Pity we can’t bill Verizon for this.

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