DataManager Requirements


  1. Handles storage of collections of IDataObjects  that are used as data provider for charts and other Flex items
  2. Stores all the DataObjects (in collections that are easy to make into tables? Meta information?)
  3. Manages the connection with the server (Creation of tables, upload of data, download of dynamic (VISIBILITY-style) data, connections with arbitrary servers, possibly multiple, specified in a per app settings.xml)
    1. For example, there could be one Server/Database for uploading data, and another Server/Database for downloading. There could be different databases and servers per App.
    2. Namespaces will be needed because apps may have similar data objects that mean other things


  1. Provide meta information about the database and tables working with – some kind of Flex awareness
  2. Parse data (in xml?) and store it in tables, create tables if necessary (could be optional)
  3. Create CASCADE relationships between tables where appropriate
  4. Query database and send results back to client (in xml?)


  1. Base interface and class work with dynamic data (i.e. VISIBILITY-like).
    1. Declarations may need to be “decorated” to allow for special table behavior
    2. Would dynamic data ever be used to create a table? I don’t think so. It’s just for the reading of tables
    3. Extensions of this class have properties that have primitive types. These types and their names can be used to create a table on the server.
      1. For example, a property of type Number, witl create a column in a table of type DOUBLE
      2. If there is a complex child, there are two possibilities –  it is a DataObject or it is some other class
        1. If it’s a DataObject, then it creates its own table the . The table that the child DataObject creates has a CASCADE relationship with the parent. In other words, if the parent is deleted, then the child is deleted automatically
        2. If it is any other type, (e.g. XML), then it should be stored as a BLOB?


  1. Handles creation/deletion/modification of a corresponding table in the DB

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