Monthly Archives: May 2014

Phil 5.30.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB backups
  • Got outlook fixed
  • Server paperwork, with great success!
  • JavaScript
    • So JS doesn’t have static variables. I thought I’d be clever and use functions:
      • function _X(){return 0;);
    • Which works, but the performance hit was *terrible*. So don’t do this if you need speed.
    • More building of network chart.

Dong Shin 05.30.2014

  • working on other stuff (6 hours)
    • trouble shooting incorrect outlay calculation in cognos summary data
      • cannot duplicate outlay problem for Req 198874, need to clear budget_center_contracts entry and run post processing on-site.
    • created project_portfolio_enh_clean for testing
    • trouble shooting obligations stored in a month behind for 206756…. cannot duplicate.. need to look at __view_monthly_obligations_by_contract and __view_monthly_obligations_by_req_id on-site
  • added hierarchical filtering to DGSearchTextInput (2 hours)

Dong Shin 05.29.2014

  • on-site support (2 hours)
    • deployed FA/Reqonciler – fixed percentages and pre-processing
    • found some obligations are put in a month behind?
    • double counting outlays with ACR field
    • show previous month PM Actuals in Query Builder
  • working on other (5 hours)
    • added PM Actuals % to Query Builder
    • PM Actuals show previous month (month label added)

Phil 5.29.14

8:00 – 6:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Deploy
  • JavaScript
    • Add dClock clamp so physics doesn’t go crazy (0.5?).
    • Change emmisive properties and add point light source for selected items. Done
    • Worked on tootips a bunch
    • Added brushing
    • Need to add global lights back in as an option

Dong Shin 05.28.2014

  • working on *other* stuff
    • added ignore previously reviewed… filtering out previously viewed data
    • fixed incorrect percent values for obligated/oulays in Query Builder
    • added queries to remove duplicate obligations and outlays in pre-processing according to the rules.
    • adding PM Actuals Percentages….

Dong Shin 05.27.2014

  • deployed FA/RA with new filterable combo boxes (2 hours)
    • works well, but needs tweaking on Hierarchical data in Project Mgmt
  • working on Reqonciler Pre-Processing (6 hours)
    • removing duplicate rows query sample
      • DELETE n1 FROM test n1, test n2 WHERE n1.uid > n2.uid AND =
        AND n1.name2 = n2.name2

Phil 5.27.14

8:00 – 5:00

  • DB Backups
  • Deploying new RQ and FA
  • Working on the hours spreadsheet
  • JavaScript
    • Adding connecting lines that track target objects.
    • Added in forces. Everything appears to be working and the math is fast. Need to add anchor math. Nicely, if all the objects are in the same (z, in this case) plane, they form a saddle point that keeps everything in the plane.
    • Need to add anchor math tomorrow.

Phil 5.23.14

8:00 – 4:30 SR

  • Dong’s off today
  • DB Backups
  • JavaScript
    • Try adding object3d config argument to WebGLComponent that allows for custom objects and prevents the creation of the default cube. Done. Much cleaner, actually. Deleting a bunch of configurations. Done
    • Cleaned out the entire initModel() function from WebGLNetworkComponent.
    • Trying reflection maps in Ortho2 – works!
    • In the ortho2 view I am having some performance bottlenecking due to garbage collection I think. Looking at the chrome tools as a way of determining a good way to fix that. StackOverflow suggests this article:
    • Started to add physics capability to WebGLNetworkComponent from PhysicsShape.

Phil 5.22.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Traffic was terrible today. Wonder what happened.
  • DB Backups
  • Updated viztool hours.
  • JavaScript
    • Moving dprint entirely to the WebGLCanvas
    • Extending WebGLCanvas to WebGLNetworkCanvas. Interesting. It turns out that you have to have the path to the module declared in the YUI({/*declare path to parent info here*/}).use(/*but parent doesn’t have to be here*/, function(Y){});  section of the root page. Done.
    • Extending WebGLComponent to WebGLNetworkComponent – done!
    • Changed the typestring to be a read-only attribute.
    • After changing the shapes in the extended WebGLNetworkComponent to spheres, I discovered that the reflections had been getting rendered wrong. I went back to the source material and found this example, and reworked the canvas and component base classes. THis means that we don’t get intra-object reflections, but that should speed up performance anyway. Since the skybox is actually rendered now in another THREE.Scene, I can now render reflections independently of the skybox.
    • Needed to get rid of the “skinnable” part of the WebGLNetworkCanvas and the associated css files to make it so that the 3D scene could be rendered over the HTML image background.

Phil 5.21.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • get a new libeay32.dll for the servers. Actually, I fixed it from a newer version of xampp that failed to install correctly. Since we’re not using Apache anyway, this is kind of pro-forma.
  • Deployed new FA
  • Worked up the viztool task hours. So far with 3 of the 16 tasks complete, we spend 20% on-site, 35% directed to tasks not on the list, and 45% on listed tasks. No hours from don on several days though (and no log on 5-15), so this is tentative.
  • WebGL
    • Integrating lines into WebGLComponent – done. Can’t make dashed lines though…
    • Looking at the YUI ShapeManager module from before, and I just realized that things would probably be better if it could extend the current WebGLCanvas. So I’m adding the private local variables to the prototype. Done

Dong Shin 05.19.2014

  • went over FA and Reqonciler with Lenny ( 2 hours)
    • The first month in the second year not calculating correctly
    • verified fixes
      • duplicating Outlays problem
      • rolling months for Planned Outlays, Planned Obligations, PM Actuals for non-admins
      • show all rows in Financial Data
  • working on Filterable Columns for DataGrid (6 hours)