Phil 4.26.13

8:00- 3:00 SR

  • And I would’ve started at 7:30, but traffic was terrible. Two lanes of 95 shut down. Possibly both sides? 
  • Backups
  • Updated Java. Still waiting on MySQL
  • Adding comments to ScriptFacades.
  • A “standard list of metasyntactic variables used in syntax examples” often used in the United States is: foo, bar, baz, qux, quux, corge, grault, garply, waldo, fred, plugh, xyzzy, thud. The word foo occurs in over 330 RFCs and bar occurs in over 290. WibblewobblewubbleFred and flob are often used in the UK  (wikipedia)
  • Done commenting and adding to method list. Testing in Eclipse after lunch.

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