Monthly Archives: March 2013

Phil 3.29.13

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Backups
  • Got the PIT Crew wish list from Lenny. Putting all of it in the PPM/PA Req’s page (as a GIANT grid. Sheesh!)
  • Back to debugging Flexichart.
    • Yay – found where the xml isn’t getting updated using the SeriesConfig.subConfig_seriesConfigChangedHandler() method I added. The seriesSubConfig.seriesConfig xml is updating but the config xml isn’t reflecting that change. Now I need to find out why…
    • Have not found out why, but here’s the fix. I’ll put it in SeriesConfig.subConfig_seriesConfigChangedHandler() on Monday:
	var targetId:String = (subConfig).@id;
	var changeTarget:XMLList = config.series.series.(@id == targetId);
	if(changeTarget.length() > 0){
		changeTarget[0] = subConfig;

Phil 3.28.13

8:00 – 4:00

  • Viztool meeting? Waiting for Dong’s paperwork
  • Notes from meeting:
    •  Calculate the BASE (“xxBxxx”) and OCO (“xxJxxx”) using the 3rd letter of the program element. Should be no need to have a button.
    • Program Element -> FACTSPE
    • Center Name -> Budget Center Name
    • Center Number -> Budget Center Number
    • Sub Budget Center Name
    • Sub Budget Center Number
    • Total Budget -> MIPR Amount
    • Make the total “Project Budget” grid so that 10 rows will fit in a 1280 x 1024 display
    • Add validator so that Req Number can have only numbers. No characters, or special characters
    • Remove “Contract” from Clamed and Unclaimed
    • Unclaimed:
      • Change “filter” to “Column Preferences” have all possible columns from Cognos selectable, and reorderable. Of particular importance is Req. Number, which should be a default.
      • “filter” should be search
    • Claimed:
      • Change “filter” to “Column Preferences” have all possible columns from Cognos selectable, and reorderable. Of particular importance is
      • “filter” should be search
    • Project Info:
      • Change “filter” to “Column Preferences” have all possible columns from the project data selectable, and reorderable.
      • “filter” should be search
      • Total Budget -> Req Amount
      • FYXX -> FYXX Req Amount
  • Printed out and signed InfoTek’s NDA for Dong and myself. Handed them to Athena.
  • More bug hunting. I had to restore from the repository last night after managing to break the event connection where a series is selected. Managed to keep the “configSeriesChanged” change to SeriesSubConfig and SeriesConfigEvent. I also changed the “Apply” and “Done” events sot that they call methods rather than launching the events directly. This should allow some space to reassemble the xml if I can’t manage to do it anywhere else.
  • Should we be switching over to MariaDB? It’s the open-source successor to MySQL, run by the original developer (and team). Here’s why.

Dong Shin 03.27.2013

  • prep for Col. Duke’s presentation
  • deployed ProjectManager, looks good
  • working on VSS
    • changed variables_values from TEXT to BLOB
      • ALTER TABLE `table_queries` CHANGE `variables_values` `variables_values` BLOB NULL DEFAULT NULL
    • changed variables_values to macros
      • ALTER TABLE `table_queries` CHANGE `variables_values` `macros` BLOB NULL DEFAULT NULL
    • changed all references to variable/variables to macro/macros
    • modified ScriptFacades to use BLOB – convert String to BLOB to store, BLOB to String to retrieve
    • Using Matcher.quoteReplacement(variableValue) to avoid illegal group errors caused by reserved RegEx characters

Dong Shin 03.26.2013

  • prepping for Col. Duke’s presentation
  • burned a CD for Project Manager dated 03.19
  • trouble-shooting FlexiChart
  • continue working on VSS
    • problem with saving variables xml with sql string – fixed by adding a parameter, xml
    • problem with quotes and single quotes in xml….

Dong Shin 03.25.2013

  • projects in my Flex workspace have disappeared again, ugh!
  • working on variables for VSS’s SQL
    • created a column to store variables in visiblity_scripting.table_queries
      • ALTER TABLE `table_queries` ADD `variables_values` TEXT NULL
    • modified ScriptFacades.dbStoredQuery to look for stored variables and replace with the values stored
    • added ScriptFacades.saveVariables(String, HashMap) to save the variable/value pairs
    • added ScriptFacades.saveVariablesXML(String, String) to save the xml string
    • added new methods to VSS server
    • added variables window in VSS client to view, edit, and save the variables xml string

Phil 3.25.13

8:30 – 4:30

  • The first big snow of the year in in the Spring. So there.
  • A request for my access extension has been submitted. Yay! Nothing on the certs yet though.
  • Sent Thom Lenny’s FY 12 and FY 13 spreadsheets so he can do a pull.
  • Still need to scan and deploy the bug fix from Friday – done.
  • Working on 6 month versions of the FY12 and FY 13 presentations
    • Done with FY12 charts
    • Done with FY13 charts
    • Done with slideshows. Lenny wasn’t in today, so the new data will have to wait until tomorrow.
  • Came into the office to find that my computers were really only partway through their OS updates. And I’m still waiting on my AV software, which is updating as I write this. Sigh.
  • More tracing of the data corruption bug.
  • I am not sure that this isn’t the result of some linking problems. In attempting to step through SeriesConfig, the debugger is getting completely lost.

Phil 3.22.13

8:00 – 4:30 ESSO

  • Asked Chris to renew my access
  • Created 6 month versions of the queries
  • Realized that the trend charts are based on time-specific selections, and that they won’t work with the 6-month rolling window. We are going to have to write a script that updates the dashboard xml to have the correct columns selected
  • Lenny’s chart broke, when pointing back at the 24 month data. To diagnose, we loaded local log and ran again. Something happens after the headers are read in in GenericQueryWidget
  • The values for the config are being changed back at some point. They are ok in ColumnSeriesConfig.commitProperties, but by the time the code hits TrendWidget._flexiChartConfig_configApplyHandler(event:FlexiChartEvent):void, the values are wrong.
  • Burned a new disk for the dateFormatter bug.

Dong Shin 03.21.2013

  • experimented with MySQL’s stored procedure to create 6 month of data for the presentation
    • too complicated and long
  • created a complex python script to generate a SQL that generates FY13 data. After discussing with Phil, it would be better to have SQL Editor/Runner with replaceable variables within the SQL
    • saved off the Python script to

Phil 3.21.13

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Flurries this morning. This is soo wrong.
  • Started a ticket for renewing certs for the integration and production servers.
  • Tested out the 6 month data , which everyone liked.
  • The “save” event for a slide doesn’t seem to be happening after the first save. Need to fix that
  • Set the horizontal axis item renderer to show (selectable month/day?) data in timeline views
  • Spent some time going over the mechanism for passing variables to a SQL query inside VSS
    • Add a column for the variables in the query table. This replaces the variables flag, and will store the variables as key/value pairs in XML. Note that this will always be <String>:<String>. Each query is allowed only one variable object.
    • The python script is able to use new facade methods to write the variables into the slot.
      • varClear() // clears the HashMap
      • varSet(key:String, val:String); // sets a key value pair
      • set(queryName:String); // finds the appropriate query in the query table.
    • The variable object must be set() before the sql is called.
    • When editing the SQL in the SQL editor, the “raw” query with the substitution tags is shown if the “variables” checkbox is FALSE. The state of the “submit” button tracks the variables checkbox. If the checkbox is TRUE, then the macro substition is run that the query can be submitted.
    • When running a scheduled query, there needs to be logic to perform macro substitution if the variable field is NOT NULL
    • Also, the list of facade methods needs to be made current.

2:00 – 2:30 Talked with Jeremy Fremin about R&D opportunities in Novetta

Dong Shin 03.20.2013

  • need to modify presentation scripts/queries to show 6 months of data instead of full 24 months
    • looked at the queries and scripts, need to get working scripts/queries from site.
  • screen resolution of the monitor in the ISR PMO conference is 1280×1024
  • continue working on ProjectManager
    • working on filtering contracts data
    • created procedure to import contracts_cognos to budget_center_contracts –  import_cognos_contracts
      • CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `import_cognos_contracts`()
        NO SQL
        TRUNCATE budget_center_contracts;
        INSERT INTO budget_center_contracts(budget_center,appropriation_year,requisition_id,po_reference,acr,
        SELECT budget_center, appropriation_year, requisition_id, po_reference, acr, committed_date, committed_amount, obligation_date, obligated_amount, expensed_date, expensed_amount, po_start_date, po_end_date, contract_type, po_type_code, contract_no, vendor_id
        FROM contracts_cognos
        GROUP BY requisition_id, po_reference;

Phil 3.20.13

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • First day of Spring! Brrr!
  • Meeting with Chris B. Lenny, Carla and Thom. Next meeting is on Thursday 28th. We should try to have some version of the new PM deployed for evaluation
  • Need to change the scripts for FY12 and FY13 to show only 6 months of history. Possible change to have only bar charts. Still a desire to have something in the horizontal axis that’s legible. Possibly just text.
  • Got the server up and running in eclipse. Most of the remaining problems involved getting jar files to pass through to the final application. In the end, jars used by JavaUtils had to be copied to the test program and exported.
  • Got the Flex code to connect with the debug java server and stepped through things. Found that the classloader was working fine, although it was important to actually copy over the properties files and stick them in the WEB-INF/classes directory in the Juno(Java) project. The classes from all the other sources were merged correctly. Yay.
  • Tomorrow, we create the Flex version component.

Phil 3.19.13

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Spent a good part of the morning trying to figure out Keystore again. I need to export a jks file?
  • Working on getting the Tomcat server to run inside of Eclipse.
  • Had to add flex jars and javaUtil classes to the Deployment Assembly dialog in Properties for RemoteObjectTestbed. Had to do it through the QuickFix mechanism in the Problems pane. Adding it directly didn’t seem to work. Also, tried to add the JavaUtils project rather than just the classes, but that didn’t seem to bring along the classes and added warnings about the jar files used to construct JavaUtils. Since they’re needed for logging and such, I’m going to add them?
  • Description Resource Path Location Type
    Classpath entry M2_REPO/junit/junit/3.8.1/junit-3.8.1.jar is marked for publish/export but is not exported on the project classpath. Classpath visibility within Eclipse and at runtime will differ. javaUtils P/javaUtils Classpath Dependency Validator Message
  • Things are working, but I still can’t get the eclipse server to work with the installed Tomcat location. It’s possible that this could be done using the VM arguments in the Arguments tab of Run Configurations, but I really don’t want to try that yet.

    Tomcat Run Configuration

    Tomcat Run Configuration

Phil 3.18.13

Phil 8:00 – 4:30 ESSO

  • On the whole, being back at work is much better than watching over your parents at the hospital.
  • Backups
  • Getting a new server cert for the integration machine. Many changes, dead links, etc, but the help is better, and makes more sense. Sent off, though I’m not sure if I go all the people right.
  • Working on getting the server to run in the debugger. So far I’ve had to download updates to all the web tools, and the JST adapters and JST adapter extensions.
  • Updated the HOW TO SET UP ECLIPSE FOR SERVER SIDE JAVA AND CLIENT SIDE FLEX pages to fix a lot of changes since Helios, but can’t seem to connect to the pages – just a bunch of 404s. Calling it a day.