Monthly Archives: January 2014

Phil 1.30.14

8:00 – 2:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Deployed new FA, RA and RQ. Tried some things to see what’s taking so long on the requisition status pull but no joy. Did find out about the mySQL command set profiling though, which is pretty cool.
  • Javascript
    • Add target dictionary to each element and draw lines to them
    • Going to try to build a “physicsParticle” Y.Base class
    • Start adding physics. Include sliders for attraction, repulsion, and damping.
    • Dragging of shapes.

Dong Shin 01.29.2014

  • fixed FA causing SQL errors entering committed amounts to un-saved Req
  • fixed Next button not working in Pre-Processing in Reqconciler
  • fixed Funded Amount in RA – total of Committed Amounts
  • working on adding FMP viewer to Req Editor…
  • included my.ini to try tomorrow

Phil 1.28.14

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Deployed FA, RA, and RQ, with a new FA.jar and some new sql.
  • Finally got isVisible working, but I’m not happy myNode.getAttribute(‘hidden’) should work, but doesn’t. myNode._node.hidden does. Totally undocumented yuck.
  • Moving the developed code to CSSRemoteDataModule.
  • Working on putting a Base module in a Panel.
  • That was quicker. The root node that the panel connects to seems only to provide its size. Color seems to get lost, and you need a 50 pixel offset from the top for the title bar.
  • PanelWithWidget

Dong Shin 01.27.2014

  • working on COGNOS data ingest
    • modified server code to accept new set of columns
    • updated the whitelist in
    • need to modify columns field in _reqonciler_processing table
      • budget_center,sub_budget_center, executing_budget_center,appropriation_year,requisition_id,po_reference,acr,obligation_date,obligated_amount,expensed_date,expensed_amount
    • need to modify two queries in POST Processing query – details in working queries.sql

Phil 1.27.14

8:00 – 10:00, 12:30-5:30 SR

  • Made some progress on getting the servers a new lease. Will need to schedule a meeting between Chris and Larry T. when Chris gets back. Also, it looks like we’ll need to find a new system security guy.
  • Backups
  • JavaScript
    • Now that we’ve got CSS-styled modules working with charts, start putting the data access back in. Or find the next broken thing. But at least, that’s the goal.
    • And there it is. Learned abo0ut self = this today. Sheesh. Going to comment now.
    • Base+CSS+POST

Dong Shin 01.24.2014

  • checked the Funded Budget, found that the calculated values not stored correctly. The field needs gone.
  • ran the query for the reports, quick enough.
  • ran through the queries that Lenny runs to get the data from Cognos. I tried to look for the relation tables, but no luck. Somehow it mashes the tables up behind… Then we ran the query with minimal number of columns that we think we definitely need, all the duplicates disappeared! There are more than 7 tables to get all the data and I think the duplicates are generated because of the relations….
  • Minimal Columns!
    • Budget Center, Sub-Budget Center, Executing Budget Center, Appropriation Year, Requisition ID, PO Reference, ACR, Obligation Date, Obligated Amount, Expensed Date, Expensed Amount, Voucher ID
  • working on the new COGNOS data structure changes
    • new contracts_cognos tabel structure
      • CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `contracts_cognos` (
        `uid` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
        `budget_center` varchar(10) NOT NULL,
        `sub_budget_center` varchar(128) DEFAULT NULL,
        `executing_budget_center` varchar(128) DEFAULT NULL,
        `appropriation_year` int(11) NOT NULL,
        `requisition_id` varchar(10) NOT NULL,
        `po_reference` varchar(40) DEFAULT NULL,
        `acr` varchar(3) DEFAULT NULL,
        `obligation_date` date DEFAULT NULL,
        `obligated_amount` decimal(10,2) DEFAULT NULL,
        `expensed_date` date DEFAULT NULL,
        `expensed_amount` decimal(10,2) DEFAULT NULL,
        `voucher_id` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
        `timestamp` timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,
        `hide_flag` tinyint(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0’,
        PRIMARY KEY (`uid`)
        ) ENGINE=InnoDB;

Dong Shin 01.23.2014

  • bugs from site
    • Funded Amount is different between FA and RA – verified… will try new SWF’s tomorrow
    • need to be able to edit the COGNOS data to resolve duplicate errors – Lenny recommended using Voucher ID(?)
  • working on query for reports – query to retrieve the data….
    • SELECT ‘Obligation Goal’ AS oo_type, p.*, bc.*,
      (bc.funded_budget * obligation_month_1 / 100) as month_1,
      (bc.funded_budget * obligation_month_2 / 100) as month_2,
      (bc.funded_budget * obligation_month_3 / 100) as month_3,
      (bc.funded_budget * obligation_month_4 / 100) as month_4,
      (bc.funded_budget * obligation_month_5 / 100) as month_5,
      (bc.funded_budget * obligation_month_6 / 100) as month_6,
      (bc.funded_budget * obligation_month_7 / 100) as month_7,
      (bc.funded_budget * obligation_month_8 / 100) as month_8,
      (bc.funded_budget * obligation_month_9 / 100) as month_9,
      (bc.funded_budget * obligation_month_10 / 100) as month_10,
      (bc.funded_budget * obligation_month_11 / 100) as month_11,
      (bc.funded_budget * obligation_month_12 / 100) as month_12
      FROM projects p
      LEFT JOIN budget_centers AS bc ON p.uid = bc.project_id
      LEFT JOIN obligations_outlays_goals AS oo ON p.appropriation = oo.appropriation
      WHERE oo.year = 1 AND bc.fiscal_year = IF(MONTH(CURDATE()) < 10, YEAR(CURDATE()), YEAR(CURDATE()) + 1)
      SELECT ‘Outlay Goal’ AS oo_type, p.*, bc.*,
      (bc.funded_budget * outlay_month_1 / 100) as month_1,
      (bc.funded_budget * outlay_month_2 / 100) as month_2,
      (bc.funded_budget * outlay_month_3 / 100) as month_3,
      (bc.funded_budget * outlay_month_4 / 100) as month_4,
      (bc.funded_budget * outlay_month_5 / 100) as month_5,
      (bc.funded_budget * outlay_month_6 / 100) as month_6,
      (bc.funded_budget * outlay_month_7 / 100) as month_7,
      (bc.funded_budget * outlay_month_8 / 100) as month_8,
      (bc.funded_budget * outlay_month_9 / 100) as month_9,
      (bc.funded_budget * outlay_month_10 / 100) as month_10,
      (bc.funded_budget * outlay_month_11 / 100) as month_11,
      (bc.funded_budget * outlay_month_12 / 100) as month_12
      FROM projects p
      LEFT JOIN budget_centers AS bc ON p.uid = bc.project_id
      LEFT JOIN obligations_outlays_goals AS oo ON p.appropriation = oo.appropriation
      WHERE oo.year = 1 AND bc.fiscal_year = IF(MONTH(CURDATE()) < 10, YEAR(CURDATE()), YEAR(CURDATE()) + 1)
      SELECT ‘Committed’ AS oo_type, p.*, bc.*,
      SUM(IF(month(committed_date)=10, committed_amount, 0)) as month_1,
      SUM(IF(month(committed_date)=11, committed_amount, 0)) as month_2,
      SUM(IF(month(committed_date)=12, committed_amount, 0)) as month_3,
      SUM(IF(month(committed_date)=1, committed_amount, 0)) as month_4,
      SUM(IF(month(committed_date)=2, committed_amount, 0)) as month_5,
      SUM(IF(month(committed_date)=3, committed_amount, 0)) as month_6,
      SUM(IF(month(committed_date)=4, committed_amount, 0)) as month_7,
      SUM(IF(month(committed_date)=5, committed_amount, 0)) as month_8,
      SUM(IF(month(committed_date)=6, committed_amount, 0)) as month_9,
      SUM(IF(month(committed_date)=7, committed_amount, 0)) as month_10,
      SUM(IF(month(committed_date)=8, committed_amount, 0)) as month_11,
      SUM(IF(month(committed_date)=9, committed_amount, 0)) as month_12
      FROM projects p
      LEFT JOIN budget_centers AS bc ON p.uid = bc.project_id
      LEFT JOIN committed_amounts AS ca ON ca.budget_center_id = bc.uid
      GROUP BY budget_center_id

      IF (oo.type = ‘Reported Outlay $:’, ‘Outlays’, IF(oo.type = ‘Reported FACTS Obligated $:’, ‘Obligated’, ‘PM Actuals’)) AS oo_type,
      p.*, bc.*,
      month_1, month_2, month_3, month_4, month_5, month_6, month_7, month_8, month_9, month_10, month_11, month_12
      FROM projects p
      LEFT JOIN budget_centers AS bc ON p.uid = bc.project_id
      LEFT JOIN obligations_outlays AS oo ON p.uid = oo.project_id AND bc.uid = oo.funding_id
      WHERE oo.year_count = 1
      AND bc.fiscal_year = IF(MONTH(CURDATE()) < 10, YEAR(CURDATE()), YEAR(CURDATE()) + 1)
      AND (oo.type = ‘Reported Outlay $:’ OR oo.type = ‘Reported FACTS Obligated $:’ OR oo.type = ‘PM Actuals (Invoiced Outlay) $:’)

Phil 1.23.14

8:00 – SR

  • Backups
  • Javascript
    • Still working out how CSS and YUI work together
    • Ok, figured it out. The css name must match the .js name which must be contained in a folder with the same name as well. See the picture below. Note that in the HTML code that the two “electron” modules are referenced with appropriate names and paths based on this pattern. Note that this is for the default (sam) skin, and might be adjustable with custom skin names/location
    • YUI_CSS_Default_Hierarchy
    • Tried to add charts to the new <div> elements but got a “TypeError: I is undefined combo” error when creating the chart. Posted to the forums.

Dong Shin 01.22.2014

  • working on queries for reports
    • saving working stuff to working queries.sql in FA project
    • got Obligation Goal, Outlay Goal, Committed, Obligated, PM Actuals, Outlays queries working
    • combining queries to one gigantic query!

Phil 1.21.14

7:30 – 11:30 SR

  • Snow coming, so it’ll probably be short hours today.
  • Backups
  • Javascript – well, I moved the entire development environment to the laptop, but got hung up with Tomcat on my work computer not being seen by my home machine. And I need two screens. Grr. Picking it up tomorrow.

Dong Shin 01.17.2014

  • realized that I have not put in anything for past two days….
  • fixed Reqonciler resetting hide_flag when there is no row selected
  • changed FA to accept negative (-) amounts per Lenny’s request – Committed Amounts
  • working on queries for reports
  • created ResizableTitleWindow in ResizableControls to prevent the windows to disappear outside the application content area – not used in any apps yet.
  • added doMove event handler in ResizableTitleWindow that extends from MX components, this behaves better than Spark component above….
    • created MTitleWindow and ResizableTitleWindow extends from it. MTitleWindow can be used as a TitleWindow

Phil 1.17.14

8:00 – 4:00 SR

Phil 1.16.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Deploy
  • Javascript
    • Created a module based on the YUIConf examples and was able to create a module that I could new(). Next will be to use Base.create to get at the lifecycle management. Then add the chart and table pieces back in.