Monthly Archives: July 2010

Mike 7.30.2010

  • Still working on autocomplete text area
  • Have a popup list with options popping up correctly when I press ctrl+space, may add smarter logic for this later but this seems fine for now
  • Popup currently always appears in the top right corner of the text area.  Finding the x-y position based on the caret index in the text field may prove complicated so I’m saving it for once the proof of concept is working

Phil 7.30.2010

7:30 – 5:00

  • Demo’d new version of PPM
    • Entry forman need to extend years to match the number of years in the appropriation goals
    • Summarize by appropriation, and add the appropriation to the summary title
    • FY line needs to be between Sept and Oct. (or we need to switch to tabs)
    • The number of years there is funding for should dictate the number of entry forms there are. If the budget has a few years where the funds are zero, those don’t need to be shown. There is at least one project that has a budget for 8 years
    • Need to be able to add FY years to an existing project
    • If the PM doesn’t hit a goal, a dialog needs to pop up asking why. There are apparently 5 questions that will be provided to us next week
  • Walked through changes with Dong. He thinks this will take two weeks., and is going to take the opportunity to rewrite the financial entry form.
  • Filled out radio expense report. I am getting *nothing* done today…
  • We got on Steadfast! Looks nice and fast.
  • More MvnAssist
    • Putting a POM inside an existing project does not work. I can’t get it to build with maven
    • It looks like the installation of FB4 has broken flexmojos. They look for template files that they can’t find.
    • Going back to trying to import working project files, since nothing else looks like it will work.
    • It looks like the problem may be tied to the compiler settings. When I try to see them, I get a null pointer error. Also the build path window flags an error as well
    • Not making the path to the pom files correctly. Need to include the version and other bits when assembling the string in PomDom.flexMojosStandin().
    • I may be getting grief from the server settings. Falling back to creating a non-server project. That compiles and runs. I have to make the html container, but FB puts that in for you. There is a security problem:
      • SecurityError: Error #2148: SWF file file:///C:/Users/phil.feldman/Desktop/test/myProject2/bin-debug/Main.swf cannot access local resource file:///C:/Users/phil.feldman/Desktop/test/myProject2/bin-debug/framework_4.0.0.14159.swf. Only local-with-filesystem and trusted local SWF files may access local resources.

Dong Shin 07.30.2010

  • Fixed a bug allowing duplicate Appropriation types – not case sensitive!
  • created new Flex project – MySQLBrowser
    • moved all MySQLBrowser source from PPM to the new project
  • added end FY to Create Project
  • Budget Center/Funding increases/decreases based on the end FY
  • added duration to Appropriation table to keep years length…

Phil 7.29.2010

7:30 – 5:30

  • Helped Clift out with MvnAssist
  • Walked through PPM with Dong. Burned a CD for deployment tomorrow
  • Back to MvnAssist. Built a zip inflator. turns out that you have to build the directories and set the permissions on them with File() before you put the files in with FileOutputStream.
  • Worked on the design of the new office with Brian

Dong Shin 07.29.2010

  • moved the Real/Float number filtering stuff to new component, DoubleTextInput
  • set minimum year for Appropriation to 2
  • fixed bugs
    • showing ‘.’ on Appropriations
    • refresh display on Appropriations save
    • changed Clear to Close
    • Appropriation Management Panel gets deleted on close

Phil 7.28.2010

7:30 – 4:00

  • Coordinating with Clift about getting Flex projects working with Maven
  • Can’t get a flexmojo archetype for Flex to behave with Flashbuilder4. The compiler throws a null pointer error and neither Dong or I can really see why. I’m going to try a different strategy and see if I can just pull down a full basic project as a zip file, change some things and use that.
  • Ran all the properties files through dom4j. They all still work
  • Wrote a file downloader
  • Tomorrow, write an unzip method.

Dong Shin 07.28.2010

  • changed queries on FinancialDataDataGrid to use new obaligations_outlays_goals table
  • Create Project and Funding Request uses only “LOCKED” appropriations
    • added getLockedData () to
  • Reset Password added to User Management
  • added TextInput filter for double/float numbers on Appropriations…. may need to add it to other itemEditros
  • packed up PPM for demo/testing, looks good on mine.

Mike 7.27.2010

Working on AutoComplete TextArea:

  • There doesn’t appear to be any open source (or even publicly visible closed source) text areas with an auto complete popup
  • There are at least 4 auto complete text input components that function a great deal like ComboBoxes
  • The best of which seems to be:
  • I’ve started using this example to create a custom TextArea that will have similar behavior
  • I estimate this component will be around 1500 lines and take at least a week (433 lines so far)

After that’s done there are 2 parts left I can think of:

  • Figure out when to open the autocomplete popup (may depend on language).  For example, the Flex one opens after a period, colon, typing “override public function”, hitting ctrl-space, and probably other special occasions.
  • Figure out what to use as the dataprovider (auto complete insert options) which will definitely be language and possibly context specific

Dong Shin 07.27.2010

  • modified ContractsCanvas to have dynamic GridRow/GridItems
    • empty columns at the end
    • added Style for GridItem – borderStyle:”solid” doesn’t work?
  • ApproprationManagement changes
    • initialize data with 0’s
    • removed icons
    • status field added to Appropriation table (Lock status);
    • Lock button added
    • Delete added
    • all buttons added Save Confirmation on data change
  • incorporating Appropriations changes to Financial Data DataGrid

Phil 7.27.2010

8:00 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • John Gresh is leaving S2F
  • Walking through all the project creation/updates for MvnAssist
  • Did a quick test of flexmojos:flashbuilder. It couldn’t find com.adobe.flexunit:flexunit:0.85 and choked. Odd, because it’s right there in
  • Added some e4x capabilities to PomDom, since don4j’s is throwing exceptions. You can now search for an element with a fully qualified path name, and also get the fully qualified path name from the Element
  • Went to Savage Mill to check out the space. Need to put something together in Sketchup

Phil 7.26.2010

7:30 – 4:30

  • Got a head’s up from Clift about VISIBILITY being used in his project
  • Working the flexmojos bugs out of MavenAssist.
    • I think I got an auto-refresh forced when flexmojos is run. It’s in MvnAssist.saveFlexProjectFiles(). You get the WorkspaceRoot from the ResourcesPlugin, get the path and then the Ifile that points to the .actionscriptProperties file and calls refreshLocal on that.  This page was really helpful:
    • Moved the refresh method to
    • Discovered a Flexmojos:flashbuilder goal that appears to extend the flexbuilder goal. Need to look into that some more
    • Got all of the project files into the right place, now I need to verify that all the substitutions are working.
    • Flailed against a problem where maven was taking a long time looking for help plugins, but now the problem has mysteriously gone away
  • Need to do self-review – done