Monthly Archives: November 2013

Phil 11.29.13

8:00 – 10:30 SR

  • Backups
  • Paperwork – finally worked out the receipts from the YUIconf trip.
  • Timesheets!

10:00 – 4:00 FP

  • Checked to see if learning time made was significant. Nope.
  • Make any changes to Ravi’s paper
  • Change all references to “normalized” reaction times to “percentage”. Hopefully that will be more clear.
  • Cut down paper to 6 (CHI WIP format) and 2 page (Haptics or 3DUI?)  versions.
  • If the office is open, run ANOVA on the time-to-learn (session 2 – session 1)

Phil 11.27.13

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • One day the sky will be blue again…
  • Backups
  • Deployed new FA
  • Got completely flummoxed about why the year-summing query is misbehaving. Numerous attempts to fix, with no joy. Dong’s going to mull this one over the holiday
  • Working on iterating over sub-budget centers to write out correct data. Once that’s working, I start on screwing it up.
    • Committed date(s)
    • Committed amount(s)
    • Obligation date(s)
    • Obligation amount(s)
    • Expensed date(s)
    • Expensed amount(s)
    • Iterate over all SBCs and add lines from SBCs that have their project set.
    • A random number of rows >= 1 gets returned.  Data is synthesized from the ObligationOutlays class.
  • Done and running. Need to make a little more general. Right now there are only two rows per type – an entry from halfway from today to the beginning of teh project and an entry from last week.

Dong Shin 11.26.2013

  • deployed new FA/RA
    • outlay not adding up from the previous year
    • add Total Funded to Project Mgmt Panel
  • working on FA
    • query to update second year of Outlays
    • UPDATE obligations_outlays o1,
      (SELECT month_12 FROM obligations_outlays oo2 WHERE type = ‘Outlay $ (Reported in FACTS)’ AND year_count = 1
      AND o1.funding_id = o2.funding_id AND o1.project_id = o2.project_id
      ) AS o2
      SET o1.month_1 = o2.month_12 + o1.month_1,
      o1.month_2 = o2.month_12 + o1.month_2,
      o1.month_3 = o2.month_12 + o1.month_3,
      o1.month_4 = o2.month_12 + o1.month_4,
      o1.month_5 = o2.month_12 + o1.month_5,
      o1.month_6 = o2.month_12 + o1.month_6,
      o1.month_7 = o2.month_12 + o1.month_7,
      o1.month_8 = o2.month_12 + o1.month_8,
      o1.month_9 = o2.month_12 + o1.month_9,
      o1.month_10 = o2.month_12 + o1.month_10,
      o1.month_11 = o2.month_12 + o1.month_11,
      o1.month_12 = o2.month_12 + o1.month_12
      WHERE type = ‘Outlay $ (Reported in FACTS)’
      AND (year + year_count) <= (IF(MONTH(CURDATE()) > 9, YEAR(CURDATE()) + 2, YEAR(CURDATE()) + 1))
      AND year_count = 2

Phil 11.26.13

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Deployed new FA, RA, RQ swfs, RQ jar and some additional sql for queries and Reqonciler
  • Looks like I lost one of my access privileges. Hopefully this will be fixed before I loose access to the servers…
  • Meeting with Chris
  • PM Actuals are vanishing from the database. For John Parker, at least….
  • Needed to have the following jars to make this java->excel example run:
    • poi-3.9.jar
    • poi-ooxml-3.9.jar
    • poi-ooxml-schemas-3.9.jar
    • xbean.jar
  • Working on writing to cells next – Done. The CognosRowObject class will contain and write out values for a Cognos.xslx file.
  • Currently writing out random data. Need to get the data from the projects next.

Dong Shin 11.25.2013

  • deployed new RA
  • verified that Fiscal Year is the cause of the incorrect outlay/obligations import…..
  • fixed login id not showing in RA
  • reworked views and update obligation/outlay queries for the Fiscal Year!
  • added ReqView in QueryBuilder – double clicking shows the requisition details, removed the project view
  • removed Upload COGNOS data button – use Reqonciler!
  • modified the FA server code to keep upload history – FinancialAssistant.jar

Phil 11.25.13

8:00 – 3:00 SR

Dong Shin 11.22.2013

  • continue working on FA/RA
    • added ReqDetailsWindow – show Requisition Details and financial data
    • successfully ingested test data from Phil’s code
    • added Portfolio Admins to view data in Requisition Assistant
    • working on COGNOS ingest queries

Phil 11.22.13

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Move back into the office
  • Add date handling based on project start and whether current ObligationOutlay.value(type) is at total budget. Done.
  • Project SQL output testing – done
  • Start cognos spreadsheet outputs
  • The portfolio managers on the project information tab should see all the requisitions (in RA) that are behind that project (High Priority)
  • Need to list what users are active, and what roles they have (Can just be a query)
  • Purge users that are not assigned to a project or requisition.
  • Because of the Cognos line matching algorithm, should we be only pulling the minimum columns?
  • There can be multiple projects per sub-budget center.

Dong Shin 11.21.2013

  • new Furniture!
  • working on Reqonciler
    • trouble-shooting incorrect ingest… changed budget_center to sub_budget_center in post-processing query
    • added update obligations and outlays queries to the post processing

Phil 11.21.13

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • One month to go until the days start getting longer
  • Backups
  • New furniture
  • Need to change column names in vis export so that there are no spaces (special characters) in the column names. Underscores should be used to match ingestor.

Dong Shin 11.20.2013

  • deployed FA – Export to Viz works!
    • fixed table name not using the textInput
  • duplicate projects listed in Project Mgmt Panel – fixed
    • caused by incorrect parent id set from the server….. 0 instead of NULL
    • must use ResultSet.wasNull() to see if the last getXXX returned is NULL
  • created test XSLX spreadsheet to duplicate incorrect Outlay data on-site….

Phil 11.20.13

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Deployed new FA
  • Verified that we could connect to Visibility, but the default table name is in there.
  • Discussed path forward with Chris and Lenny. Next discussion will be next Tuesday
  • Duplicate project listing in “Project Management” in FA
  • Fake data
    • Need to add start date
    • Need to stop PM Actuals, Outlays from being written in the future
    • Change OO from being nxn arrays to arrays of n OO classes each with 12 months?
    • Only one sub budget center per project. BC can be shared, but SBCs are not
    • Future values are null, not zero
    • Started writing out Project sql. Need to know what a few things are before finishing.

Phil 11.19.13

10:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Physicals have more components every year. I’m expecting one day that they’re take so much blood that one of the results of the testes will be “anemia”.
  • Working on Cognos generator. Breaking up the code into better manageable pieces.
  • Finished the main structure. Adding error injection

Phil 11.18.13

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • This has been the craziest two weeks ever:
    • Dad has heart attack while I’m leaving for a conference
    • Conference, plus the most delayed flight I’ve ever been on, arriving at 1:30 am…
    • Comprehensive exam and portfolio
    • Final paper for 760 – 6 pages in 3 days
    • And, wait for it – I get hit by a car while out riding on Saturday.
    • Looking forward to a nice, slow week.
  • Backups
  • Fake Cognos