Monthly Archives: June 2009

Monday Log (6.8.2009)

7:00 – 4:30

  • Went to a very quet fort and delpoyed new roster data. They are still working on geting permissions set up right on the server box. Did verify that teh server has java 1.6
  • Let’s see if we can get all the pieces of visibility2 working today! Yep. Wheeee!
  • You can now click on a chart portion and get a new chart.
  • Need to add a way of loading dashboards

Friday Log (6.5.2009)

8:00 – 5:00

  • Could not get going this morning
  • Got the majority of the communication with the server for the initial query.
  • Need to figure out what the ParentItem needs to be, which I need to talk to Dong about that
  • Got a Server 2003 box up and running. Need to add MySQL, Tomcat, etc…

Tursday Log (6.4.2009)

7:30 – 6:30

  • Going to see how trees can be used to show data nd meta data
  • Got trees working
  • Got Meta data working. Need to round-trip back to raw – done
  • Need to add filtering for raw queries and clicking on charts on meta queries. Also need to read all this stuff in as a config file. And I need to add a menubar for loading queries and the debugging support. Something to try for tomorrow….
  • And Dong needs to get HSQL working!
  • Going to the Fort to see what’s up.

Wednesday Log (6.3.2009)

7:00 – 4:00

  • Fort from 7:00 – 9:30
    • Met with Kathy and described what we were doing
    • Wrote up a roadmap for John
    • Sent a note to Kristen Whitly about visualization for the NTOC
    • Got my computer working again
    • Deployed new data
  • Working on QueryBuilder
    • adding ability to click on a chart element and detect what item it represents. Need to be able to use that to get the data for the next level of drilldown.
    • Which led to a lot of work on getting meta data about a return. Built a couple of classes to support that. Now I need to figure out a way to provide the metadata to a chart.

Tuesday Log (6.2.2009)

7:00 -6:00

  • Stopped by the fort to deploy, and found that my box had been messed up by the S2 software load (no java 1.6 which means no eclipse, which means no subversion which means no deploy arrrgh!)
  • Worked with Mike on getting a remote drive configured on the server in the enclave. Still having problems with permissions.
  • Worked on the QueryBuilder and made good progress. I have a scheme to choose query entities and values with wildcards and other regex features. Adding logic that ponts the bilder to the appropriate data source.
  • Had several discussions with Doug about how/if to integrate with enPortal. I made the case that all our systems need a normalized databse system.

Monday Log (6.1.2009)

7:30 – 4:00

  • Stopped by the fort on the way in
    • Deployed new roster data
    • Worked with Mike to get data onto the enclave machine for automatic updating
    • Gave John a status report – also, Kathy is back today, will say hello tomorrow
  • Working on GenericQueryWidget. Hook up to Dong’s code today?
  • Got nameing of chart components working correctly
  • Working on getting query string(?) creation for widget input. Need to do something for output as well
    • Don’t forget that the query setup needs to be read in as XML!
  • Getting close to having a working query widget. Gonna need some wildcards though. Maybe the default?