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Dong Shin 06.15.2011

  • rebuilt workspace for Flash Builder 4.5 – kept giving warnings about previous version
  • built and deployed MavenAssist –
    • installed in Flash Builder 4.5! – couldn’t install before
    • contains flexmojos:flexbuilder bug fix – set Bypass flexmojos:flexbuilder flag in Configuration
    • add these to enable M2_REPO variable within <configuration/> in flexmojos’ <plugin/> tag
      • <enableM2e>true</enableM2e>
      • <useM2Repo>true</useM2Repo>
    • seems MavenAssist don’t work with the M2REPO settings…

Dong Shin 02.16.2011

  • FGMDEV backup still not working
    • tweaked the script to use /exchange/backups directory…
  • PPM
    • server code is out of sync, saved all the changes, rechecked in and out.
    • working on Project export
    • Security error when trying to save Excel file…
      • Error: Error #2176: Certain actions, such as those that display a pop-up window, may only be invoked upon user interaction, for example by a mouse click or button press.
      • for security reason, must be initiated from a user interaction… Arrrgh!
      • Added Alert to confirm save
    • Changed EdgeUtils.ExportUtils to have an option of saving files with and without header
  • Eclipse and Tomcat server configuration using Maven for Dynamic Web Project
    1. set up your Tomcat server instance within Eclipse IDE
    2. generate Eclipse project settings from the pom.xml you created, the packaging type must be war to use this feature.
      • mvn eclipse:eclipse -Dwtpversion=1.5
    3. web.xml may need some changes as Eclipse complains about the order of elements within <webapp/>. Follow this order….
      1. icon
      2. display-name
      3. description
      4. distributable
      5. context-param
      6. filter
      7. filter-mapping
      8. listener
      9. servlet
      10. servlet-mapping
      11. session-config
      12. mime-mapping
      13. welcome-file-list
      14. error-page
      15. taglib
      16. resource-env-ref
      17. resource-ref
      18. security-constraint
      19. login-config
      20. security-role
      21. env-entry
      22. ejb-ref
      23. ejb-local-ref
    4. add the project to the server by right clicking the Tomcat server in Servers view and selecting Add and Remove in the context menu.
      • got weird errors, “Validation Message” that points to nowhere… no effect on building projects, though.
    5. set a break point, stop and start the server in Debug… now you can debug your Java/Server code!

Dong Shin 02.04.2011

  • FGMDEV backup…
    • mysql dump files missing again…. runs fine on command line. capturing output of cron job.
    • adjusted the script a bit, check again tomorrow.
  • Assisted Christine with Maven and Flex projects
    • went thru AccountManagers, EdgeUtils2, and IngestMananger
    • old projects use flexmojos-maven-plugin 3.2.0, we are using 3.8 now. 3.2.0 is not available at, we just have local server copy at
    • old projects have duplicate entries for com.adobe.flex:license: causing MavenAssist to crash
    • Maven generating different Flex project settings for Mac and Windows?
    • -locale flag in Compiler settings needs to be empty to compile in Flash Builder/Eclipse? It works fine on Mac, but Windows complains.
  • PPM Changes
    • added Tooltips to show contractor name and location on Contract Number ComboBoxes, both AddDirectCiteWindow and FundingRequest
    • mapping Funding Request Data to Financial Status
      • Submit Date (bf_submit_date) to Submitted To BA/BF
      • Certified Date (certified_date) to Certified Date
      • Acceptance Date (acceptance_date) to Acceptance
      • obligation_deadline_date to Funding must be obligated by
      • start_period_performance to Period of Performance
      • Missing Received Contract, Monthly Tech Report, Acceptance Received, MIPR/FAD Requested and Received Dates? dummy for now.
  • list of questions to ask…
    1. General flow of showing Financial Status
    2. Missing fields from Funding Request, if these are stored in Funding Request, where would you be entering data from? Just the Financial Status or Funding Request or both? If in Funding Request, where would it go?
      1. MIPR/FAD Requested from Service
      2. MIPR/FAD Request Received
      3. Date Acceptance Received
      4. Received Contract
      5. Initiate/Commit
      6. Monthly Tech Report
    3. Which are the editable fields in the financial status data form?
      1. PM Actual Outlay is calculated = obligation – outlay
      2. Remaining to Distribute = gradually subtract amount from total
    4. How are the summary data calculated?
      1. Available Balance
      2. Where would the goals come from?
    5. Reimbursable and Direct Cite mutually exclusive, can we control this like letting users enter data to only one place, not both?

Dong Shin 01.31.2011

  • found a way to use the M2_REPO environment variable for Flex Projects so that the Build Path no longer requires the absolute path. Maven Assist should have this…. Updated MavenAssist, now V1.9.2.10
    • <configuration>
    • cannot get to SourceForge FTP server – connection refused?
  • PPM Changes
    • fixed Financial Data saving problem
    • creating database upgrade scripts for Financial Status
      • DBUpdateSQLs01312011.sql

Christine 01.17.2011

My adventures in the world of Windows continues.

  • Ended up getting a windows laptop. Spend day configuring (and re-configuring) it. After getting FGM environment set up, I was able to successfully run MavenAssist without the funky errors I was receiving on the other laptop.
  • Before testing AirFileImageAppMaven, I took a look at the configuration and user settings tab in Maven Assist. I notice that my slashes are combined. Ex: Under Configuration, Maven Home is C:Applicationsmvn3.0.2bin/mvn.bat. And under my path, all Java’s jre6 directories are using forward slashes (unix-like), and all of the other directories use backslashes.
    Along those same lines, under User Settings, the path to my Settings.xml file is using a combination of both backward and forward slashes (poking around, I found that in there is no check to see if OS is Win or Mac & automatically it appends conf/settings.xml, which explains this forward slash). I also clicked ‘Validate’ to see if it would work and received “Java Session 1.6 is invalid!” I’m sure it’s the wonkiness of these slashes.
    So for the Win users out there, why would this slash change be happening? Is there someplace specific I need to check/modify?
  • That being said, and not being sure about the forward/backward slash bit, I still gave the AirFileImageAppMaven a go. Fail. Figured it has to do with the slash issue, but I wanted to check it either way. When I went to set the POM file I got a “Error on Line 1 of document: Premature end of file. Nested exception” and Eclipse was showing a NullPointerException.

Christine 01.12.2011

  • Setting up windows laptop to mirror current development environment (includes updating some pretty out of date copies of software, like Eclipse from 2008)
  • After completing setup, checked out both MavenAssist and AirFileImageApp. Unfortunately, I’m getting more errors than I can count on MavenAssist and I believe it has to do with the way the environment is setup. Currently set Phil an email for feedback

Dong Shin 12.29.10

  • PPM
    • copied PPM stuff for deployment at /exchange/PPM_122910
  • MavenAssist
    • modified CreateProject and UserSettings to use archetypeRepository
    • -DarchetypeRepository=
    • current version is
  • meeting with Trish and folks
    • lots of notes to come….
  • PPM Bugs
    • Summary not updating for year 2, 3, so on in Financial Data
    • Ability to create project with 1 year span
    • Save Confirmation pops up on Financial Data – not working properly
    • Add comments status indicator, possibly number of comments and/or last updated date
    • Add commas to invoice dollar amont
    • Update login not possible because it’s used as database key. Let users change it and use no case-sensitive joins for existing data?
    • Allow negative values for invoice amounts
    • Project Name in Create Project disappearing?
    • larger View Invoices Panel in Financial Data so that comments are visible
    • logs/alerts for changing previous months data
      • from <> to <> by user id?
    • add delete/modify capabilities to all tables that use single drop down list to add a string to projects, funding requests, etc.
  • PPM Enhancements to support Financial Statu Sheet
    • one to one relationship with project
    • most of the data comes from Project and Funding Requests
    • if Certified Data != null, Initiate/Commit needs to be filled
    • new fields in Project – added to the Budget Datagrid
      • Program Element
      • FACTS BE
    • new fields in Funding Request
      • Reference Number in Reimbursable Amount – uniqueness test/
      • Contractor Name and Location in Reimbursable Amount/Direct Cites
      • Outlay in Reimbursable and Direct Cites
    • PM Actual Outlay = obligation – outlay
    • Roles to support users to fall into FYs and Projects
    • Remaining to Distribute = total budget – distributions

Christine 12.23.2010

  • Making some progress on the MavenAssist / environment issue. Earlier, rather than running the archetype command through MavenAssist, I set up the project then ran the command via terminal. Project created successfully and I was then able to use MA to view the POM and use some of its other features.
  • Question: is there a problem with ? Couldn’t set the POM of the project. Received “Unable to set repository. Path = [], name = [pulbic/] error = Connection refused”. Tried to access URL in browser and same thing.

Christine 12.20.2010

  • Debugging flexbuilder mojos error I continue to receive when using MavenAssist.
  • Checked out FGMUtils and received Flex 4 SDK error. Working on figuring out why Flex plugin isn’t working properly in my environment

Dong Shin 12.01.2010

  • Smart Editor
    • fixed styling problem
    • created type attribute to specify if word is string or regex type
    • string and regex work!
  • Maven Assist
    • found the plugin crashing on Activator
    • Manifest had reference to com.edgeti.mvnassist.Activator
    • took several attempts to get Eclipse to recognize the new plugin???????
  • DC Flex User’s Group Meeting
    • Letting the Data Tell the Story  by Andrew Trice
    • Layered Chart to emphasize the data
      • Cartesian ChartBase with AreaChart and LineChart
      • complex chart by dynamic bindable data providers
    • Use of FXG and Adobe Illustrator to create icons for data points
      • useful on Maps by specifying direction, color, rotation, speed, etc.
    • Bit Map based charting for large amount of data
      • performance issues?

Dong Shin 10.25.2010

Dong Shin 10.23.2010

  • found old MvnAssist Feature and Site projects for deploying MvnAssist plugin
    • renamed it to MavenAssist
    • changed the feature information and plugin information to build
    • still have old site url and license information
  • has plesk(?) running, need to remove it before re-configure!