Monthly Archives: April 2011

Dong Shin 04.29.2011

  • PPM Changes
    • Fixed Excel export error cause by wrong project ID in Generate Emails for selected projects
    • changed Description in Funding Request to TextArea from TextInput – vertical scroll bar still appears for lines more than 4
    • Fixed errors creating Funding Request – Project ID not set
    • Fixed a bug showing Export Multiple button on a single project

Tom.DeVito 4.28.2011

Tones and Speakers:

  • Chords, although bad sounding, are much louder and vibrate more then single tones.
  • 1 Watt may not actually be enough power for what we are trying to do.  Both the mini-speaker and the hacked cone-less speaker have the same volume.  The hacked speaker provides more vibration but too much pressure on the voice coil stalls it.
  • A speaker with high sensitivity like the ones in my sony headphones might be good.  They can produce over 100db with 30mw of input.  The low power makes me think these will still stall, not vibrate enough, and if you remove the cone they will be quiet.
  • I did not see these when I was looking for transducers before but these may be perfect:
  • Not sure how we would power them or what amplifiers we would need but these may be good for providing a thump on initial contact:


  • BYTE as defined by windows.h is an unsigned char.  It is also defined in the standard arduino library.
  • Sending commands for each step of volume is slow.  Its better to send the change in steps and let the arduino handle it.
  • Notes from conversation with Phil:




  • Cleaning up arduino sketch an rewriting the parts from the examples.

Dong Shin 04.28.2011

  • working at home
  • PPM Changes
    • additional fields for Funding Request to support Financial Status
      • comments, initiate_commit, PM_actual_outlay, MIPR_requested_date, MIPR_request_received_date, acceptance_received, received_contract, monthly_tech_report – ALTER TABLE `funding_requests` ADD `comments` LONGTEXT NULL DEFAULT NULL,ADD `initiate_commit` DOUBLE NULL DEFAULT NULL,ADD `PM_actual_outlay` DOUBLE NULL DEFAULT NULL,ADD `MIPR_requested_date` DATE NULL DEFAULT NULL,ADD `MIPR_request_received_date` DATE NULL DEFAULT NULL,ADD `acceptance_received` DATE NULL DEFAULT NULL,ADD `received_contract` DATE NULL DEFAULT NULL,ADD `monthly_tech_report` DATE NULL DEFAULT NULL
    • modified FianancialStatusData to work with the new table structure

Phil 4.28.11


  • Burn a disk and attempt to deploy new PPM this afternoon.
    • Found two bugs:
      • In the Funding Request Form, if the Description is long enough, it causes scroll bars to appear
      • When trying to save out a spreadsheet, I got an “Error Exporting Data: Error #2007” Alert box
    • Other than that, the upload process went well using the web interface, so I don’t have to go through the shared drive.
    • Tried again to contact Alan N. No luck by email or phone.
    • Bill asked me to inform Denise P., but she’s on leave starting today and ending late next week
  • Upload presentation – done
  • Add type and MANOVA support to within group and multifactor widgets – done
  • “Add All” added to sources
  • Showing an alert() if one of the commands fails.
  • See if I can make a better interaction plot, at least with the multifactor widget
  • Add plotting to the console
  • Added interaction.plot to RManova. Need to do the same for RMultifactorRepeated
  • Added PPM bugs to all the places we list them 🙂

Mike 4.27.2011

  • Burned stand alone demo of reporting tool to CD for Brian
  • An editor for modifying Text sections of reports is now complete
  • An editor for modifying image sections of reports is now complete
  • Added log / debug info access to the log in screen to help diagnose problems
  • Working on an insert / remove, drag and drop system for creating report structures.  Users will be able to drag report section types together in to a Tree list to construct a hierarchical report structure and then go through and fill in each section with content.

Phil 4.26.2011

7:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • When I went in for my meeting with Trish and Christie, I found that Trish had called in sick. We will have to reschedule. Did talk to Christie a bit.
  • Somehow managed to blow away my firefox cache and spent a while trying to put that together again.
  • Tried logging in again with PuTTY – no luck. Tried to contact Alan Neff, but he was not in yet. Will have to pick this up again later today.
  • Tested Dong’s PPM code and promptly broke it. It’s a knack 🙂
  • Went back to the customer, but was unable to connect with Allan N.

Dong Shin 04.25.2011

  • PPM Changes
    • trouble-shooting search on Contracts Window
      • throws exception at very same place every time
      • Error: Error #2006: The supplied index is out of bounds.
      • description about N66001-03-D-7002
      • added try catch, still throws exceptions, but behaves better……
    • removed Amount in Contracts sections in Excel export – keep Contract Amount
    • added SOW Window to view and edit long SOW’s for Funding Request

Phil 4.25.11

7:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Multi-factor, within subject widget today – done
  • Adding roles to whitepaper – done
  • Tried to log into the new server. No luck. Brian did too, and couldn’t get in. It may have been that our accounts had not been activated?

Dong Shin 04.22.2011

  • Went over the bugs list in the blog, updated status of fixed ones
  • More memory on FGMDEV!
  • PPM Changes
    • Period of Performance Dates and Obligation Date Deadline not required
    • DateFields can be cleared by Control-Click on the same date
    • added columns to search on Contracts window
    • added toolTips to Contracts Window
    • set the ContractsDataGrid’s max rowCount to 20
    • added AmountTextInput for Contract Amount

Phil 4.22.11

7:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Happy Earth Day!
  • Here’s the list of additional items from Christie
    • On the Financial Data Request (the Monthly Status Report), under the Contract information — “Amount” can be removed – it is the same thing as “Contract Amount”. One will suffice.
    • Where is the “pilot data” you used for the example of the Update Financial Data Request (The Monthly Status Report)? We just want to be sure that the request form is pulling the correct data.
  • Added new items to the PPM list and the Bug Tracker. Also, fixed the statuses of the bugs that I submitted on Wednesday from ‘closed’ to ‘new’
  • I have a server account and password!
  • Talked to Trish. She, Christie and I will meet Tuesday at 8:00

Mike 4.21.2011

Obviously after people are able to view reports they are going to want to edit them so I started working on an editor strategy.  Too keep in line with architecture, report sections are going to be individually editable.  So when constructing a report, the user starts by creating the outline and inserting sections (as you should when creating any document), then fill it in one section at a time.  Mousing over a section turns on an ‘edit’ button.  Clicking the edit button will bring up the appropriate UI for the component.  The first one will be a very simple HTML editor for editing text.  Others will be needed for changing image source / size as well as constructing tables and inserting data.

Dong Shin 04.21.2011

  • PPM Changes
    • added FY, Description, Appropriation, Funding Type to Funding Request Select window
    • removed contract checking on Direct Cites so that contracts are not required and can be added/changed later
    • fixed a bug Outlay Amount not showing up correctly in Direct Cites
    • Project Information (Project Number, Title, Budget) added to Funding Request

Phil 4.21.11

8:00 – 5:00 VISIBILITY

  • Dong’s back! Going over Christie’s list
  • Got a few more items yesterday that I’ll have to add later. Also, I tried doing the same thing that caused the remote object error and everything worked fine. Curious.
  • Can no longer reach the enclave drives from the Edge server. Asked the new admin if that could re-enabled. It’s not a show stopper, since I can move zipped backup files to a web directory and pull them down to my local machine that way.
  • Built the digital picture fame holder for Brian.
  • List of data visualization tools:
  • Finished up multiple measures one-way ANOVA and added contrasts
  • Went over how to add editing to Mike’s app. Decided that the best combination of simplicity and usability would be to have popup editors for sections.