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Phil 11.13.15

7:00 – 3:30 SR

  • Brought in the flex code and gave to Al.
  • Al thought that I had not brought in all the Java code and was going to have me produce a spreadsheet stating where all the jar files could be found. In reality, I had brought in all the jar files, but the import in his IDE hadn’t done a proper job and he never looked inside the zip file to see what was there. Sigh.
  • Al also doesn’t have the System diagrams that I sent him through Bill on November third. Verifying that they got there. If they didn’t, I’ll burn a new disk and bring that in.
  • Told the folks on site that I was taking off the next 4 weeks to work on my thesis, with a high probability that I would be put on a new position before I got back, since there’s no full time work for me on SR any more apparently (Steve F’s words)
  • Wrote up a description for Lenny to do the truancy reports
  • Burned disks that have the entire Viztool project on them. Gave one to Joe and Bill gets the other one to pass on to Al.

Phil 11.12.15

7:00 – 3:00 SR

  • More training
  • Check ingest manager?
  • Pull SVN info and re-burn disk
  • Query Builder uses a view called __project_detailed_data. This view is a join of many tables to view the financial data in a complete way. Remember the huge query to generate the view? All the queries used in Query Builder are stored in qb_queries table and managed by Query Builder.

    If you do SELECT * FROM __project_details_data, you would get 598 columns… Each row in the view represents a complete data for REQ in the FA all the way thru Appropriation Year 4..

Phil 11.5.15

7:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Meeting with financial analysts.
  • Work on downloading and compiling projects from the current repository.
  • Need to update the old dev box that was set up to do Flash Development. Can’t get a new copy of FB 4.6.
    • Now on update 46 of 61… Ok Done
    • Tried installing Dong’s server code on Luna – didn’t recognize the folders as Java projects. He was using Mars (4.5.0) Trying that, and following Dong’s notes.

Phil 11.4.15

7:00 – 3:30 SR

  • And we have more confusion on what’s happening. Still going through the process of bringing everything inside.
  • Helped Al a bit on how money moves around in the system
  • Set up Al in the integration scripting system.
  • Long discussions about requirements