Monthly Archives: April 2013

Phil 4.18.13

7:30 – 3:30 SR

  • Deployed test version of FA and new versions of PPM, PA and VSS.
  • The “Total” bug in PPM is half fixed.
  • Long discussion about FA. Our job is to determine how to work the FYear column (hopefully) into the existing database.

Dong Shin 04.17.2013

  • continue working on FA
    • added column filtering to Budget Center (Funding) datagrid
    • set rowCount to eliminate the empty rows
    • rearranged buttons and Totals (Allocated/Budgeted)
  • added VersionTracker to all projects
  • burned a CD for tomorrow.

Phil 4.17.13

8:00 – SR

  • Backups
  • There is a Viztool review set for tomorrow from 7:30 – 9:00. Need to check with Dong about having a deploy. The Version Checker in FlexUtils45 had to be updated to pass namespaces down to the SingletonDataDictionary. Though I’m not sure that I’ve checked that in yet.
  • Is it not possible to open an unfunded project? John Anderson’s GCC project will not open in PA or in the PPM project management screen. However, when the Project->Enter Monthly Status is clicked and the same project is selected in the folowing dialog and opened, it’s possible to access. Lenny just checked, and the project is unfunded. I know that we had some additional info and locks in a previous version. But there is nothing now (March 8 2013 at 6:07 AM).
  • Fixed some bugs in VersionTracker.
  • Started working on what the visibility_dev2 data functions should be:
  • VssNewMethods

Phil 4.16.13

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Lenny found a possible math problem with PPM, where sub project allocations are not summing correctly
  • Showed Lenny how to delete incorrect project info using the DB utils
  • Working on getting VSSTestbed up and running.
    • Adding a Web project to a server is easy, though you do have to start (possibly refresh) the server to get the files deployed to the server instance
    • The only place that it seems that you can add projects to be deployed is in the Deployment Assembly dialog in the Properties. Add any jar files or projects here. Note that if you ass a project, that the system builds a jar file for you here and deploys that to the WEB-INF/lib directory. There do not have to be any classes.
    • VSSTestbedConfig


8:00 – 10:00, 2:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Backups,
  • Financial
  • Starting to look at the date rollover script issue.
  • Getting VisibilityScripting to run on the Eclipse server – Looks like I have to create a new Dynamic Web project and can’t retrofit that into VSS. I think this is starting to look like a tomorrow thing…

Dong Shin 04.12.2013

  • deployed the new PPM, PA, and FA
    • problem with VersionTracker not creating database
    • max_allowed_packet option need to back up the visibility_scripting database
    • Lenny’s contracts data ingested successfully – ~488 rows
  • continue working on FA
    • added comments to Budget Center table
      • ALTER TABLE `budget_centers` ADD `comments` TEXT NULL
    • removed Funding Type, Org, Location from Budget Center

Phil 4.12.13

8:00 – 3:30 SR

  • Tried out FA and version tracker. VT is not creating tables, but we don’t know why. Need to add some tracking.
  • Found out that the backup of visibility_scripting.sql was corrupted because the packet size was too small. Wound up using the –max_allowed_packet=512M argument as shown here.

Phil 4.11.13

8:00 – 3:00 SR

  • Backups
  • There seems to be a problem with PA: “February in VizTool is showing ‘overdue’ If everyone input their data for Feb shouldn’t it be March that’s overdue?” – Heidi. Lenny also had the same problem. I’ll bring a printout of the entire email.
  • Make AS3 version tracker
  • Start on script(?) to convert months for slide show. I’m guessing python. But since we’re adding server side code this time anyway, we might want to add a way for the scripting system to insert a ‘visibility_dev2″ table to bypass the ingestor. This means managing roles, users and ingest(?) tables.

Dong Shin 04.10.2013

  • finished FA server coding of checking for duplicates of COGNOS contracts data….
    • a SQL PrepareStatement trick to check for null values by binding NULL
      • (? IS NULL AND budget_center IS NULL) OR (budget_center = ?)
  • tested ingesting 7500 rows at a time… no isssues running on localhost…
  • added contracts_cognos_history table to database to keep track of upload history
  • added last uploaded info label to Project Editor
  • integrated the new VersionTracker to PA!!!

Phil 4.10.13

8:00 – 4:00 – SR

  • Sleepy – went to see Marc Broussard last night. Got to sleep after midnight and up at 5:45. Ow.
  • Backups.
  • Start moving VersionChecker to a component. Done. Added it to FGMFlexUtils45
  • Next, let’s add this to EdgeUtils.
  • Dong has incorporated VersionChecker into PA, and we have a disk full of installs for tomorrow.

Phil 4.9.13

7:30 – 4:30 SR

  • Imported new FA
  • VizTool Review (More notes in Req’s & Bugs & Stuff)
  • And now I can’t put my bike in the basement hallway. Gonna try the gym, which I thought would cause complaints. People don’t seem to like bicycles here.
  • Got the logic working on the test and updates. Now I just need to package and make versions for 3.x and 4.5+