Kinetic Feedback Checklists


  • Test speakers individualy with the working(?) sketch
  • Test midi reset pin with LED (possible mislabeling of ground)


  • Check serialize Method
  • Flush loops enough times completes data transfer.  Need to integrate all the communications stuff into this method.  (Implemented but Dependent on ComUtil Progress)
  • Add get data to data dictionary level.
  • Add error checking to importData.  ??? possibly done needs testing
  • Add a define for name length.


    Get Large Data Transfer Working Reliably

  • Make sure message is sent before data.
  • Fix Constructor on Arduino side
  • Determine if FinishedProcessing should send a message (No it should not, I need to make it so only one part of the program sends messages for better reliability)
  • clearRBuffer() on PC side missing rbufindex reset
  • Change CTS case in handshake switch to receive message then data.  Remove receiveMessage() from the ReceiveDataMethod.
  • Fix Pointer intialization in both version of the receiveData method
  • Figure out if the state commented out is necessary in changeState() both sides
  • Adjust methods to evaluate the number of bytes read/written to determine true/false return ???  For some reason the counters in the windows api don’t seem to return properly
  • Optimize logic for less passes and better reliabilty


  • Change return of Send and Receive methods on both sides to return number of bytes read/written  This doesn’t work very well.  For some reason the variable that is supposed to return the data sent does not seem to work at all.
  • Figure out why the Arduino is not receiving properly


  • Experiment with pitchbend and aftertouch and update documentation
  • Implement a method to play midi sequences
  • Check for memory leaks


  • Change the class to use a software serial port which mimics the hardwired Wire.h I2C ports.  Currently we can only control 8 fingers per arduino.  We will likely change to the Raspberry Pi before making a model with more then 5 fingers.
  • Check for memory leaks


  • Need to add variables with names and sizes mirroring the PC side
  • adjust logic for new variables
  • add some commands for various feature(ex. Material)

New Board Design:

  • Add a switch for turning the board on/off
  • Add sensor circuits *Redone to be smaller*
  • Add pre-amp circuits
  • Add mounting area for arduino
  • Add i2c bus
  • Make sure everything can share ground
  • Check currents to see if one power supply can cover all 5 fingers.
  • Send negative input signal to ground instead of to the negative lead on the board.
  • Add as many wheatstone bridges as possible
  • Test PC Power Supply if it works figure out how to connect it
  • Figure out which connectors will work best for the arduino to the board and hand to the board.
  • Add mounting holes

Troubleshooting Board feedback issue:

  • Send the input signals negative lead to group instead of to the negative on the pre-amp //THIS SOLVED THE ISSUE
  • Possible need for another voltage regulator on 12 volt side.
  • Need to rebuild board on a breadboard to experiment with possible solutions.
  • Check current on 5 volt branch to make sure its not going over 1 amp.//Still want to check this one because the voltage regulator gets really hot
  • Isolate out pre-amp to see if the problem is with that circuitry.


  • Build out spare sensor circuitry for a second test setup
  • Order 2 midi controllers
  • Order 1 or more exciters

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