Dong Shin 04.29.2013

  • debugging Tomcat webapps via Eclipse
  • continue working on FA
    • cleaning up and consolidating database
      • DELETE FROM budget_centers WHERE project_id NOT IN (SELECT uid FROM projects)
      • DELETE FROM budget_amounts WHERE budget_center_id NOT IN (SELECT uid FROM budget_centers)
      • update budget_centers table with budget_amounts data
        • UPDATE budget_centers c1
          INNER JOIN (
          SELECT a.budget_center_id as budget_center_id, begin_year + a.year – 1 AS fiscal_year_new, a.amount AS total_budget_new
          FROM projects p, budget_centers c, budget_amounts a
          WHERE a.amount <> 0
          AND p.uid = c.project_id
          AND c.uid = a.budget_center_id) T ON c1.uid = t.budget_center_id
          SET fiscal_year = t.fiscal_year_new, total_budget = total_budget_new
      • DROP TABLE budget_amounts
      • DELETE o.* FROM `obligations_outlays` o INNER JOIN budget_centers c

        ON o.funding_id = c.uid AND o.year <> c.fiscal_year;

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