Monthly Archives: June 2012

Mike 6.29.2012

  • SSP this morning at site, several things that will be required to move to production:
    • Run GPResult.exe on the server – this is already installed on the server
    • Run MBSR – controlled software from the depot
    • Make sure IAVAs are up to date
  • Put in a request to download MBSR
  • Daily backups
  • Ran GPResult, real easy, I will show Phil how next week
  • Finished up the FY11 summary report
  • Emailed some more info to Phil, a summary of recent events/people and the ‘wish list’
  • Back at the mill cleaning up my computer and desk

Dong Shin 06.29.2012

  • SSP meeting @ Fort
  • Bugs
    • all _projects* tables need to have cascade set – added to the bugs page
  • trouble shooting Yearly Totals DataGrid rendering problem….
    • Doh! can’t have uid in value objects!!!!! it’s reserved!!!!

Mike 6.28.2012

  • Weekly Vis tool status meeting
  • server backups at site
  • Deployed a new version of PPM and PA with improved data entry and searching functionality
  • Fixed a problem with VisibilityScripting by deploying a new version
  • Ingested the result of my FY11 SQL script and starting making the FY11 summary report
  • SSP meeting rescheduled for tomorrow at 0730.

Phil 6.28.12

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Got my PKI certs behaving correctly – maybe.
  • Meeting with Jessica, Mike and Dave W. Some discussions about priorities. Because of budget issues, the highest priority goal is to have everything running on the production server. This means that a test plan that (who?) will sign off on needs to be written and evaluated. This also means that some code that would be desired probably won’t get written.
  • My slightly re-coded version of VisibilityScriptingServer worked out of the box, no debugging required.
  • IngestManager couldn’t access the SSL xml exposed by the publisher servlet. We changed the Tomcat web.xml to open up http on port 80 so that the IngestManager wouldn’t have to use SSL. Since port 80 is only visible behind the firewall, this is probably kosher, if not optimal. May need to spend some time seriously grocking 2-way SSL. Either that or write a test plan.
  • PPM Bugs for today (full list is here)
    • Financial Mitigation Plans cannot be opened for previous entries when skipped
    • Invoices cannot be opened
    • filter not working in Database Mgmt panel
    • sometimes Funding Request Save button not enabled

Dong Shin 06.28.2012

  • Weekly status meeting at Fort
  • Deployed the latest PPM
    • last login not working – test with auto login disabled
  • Bugs
    • Financial Mitigation Plans cannot be opened for previous entries when skipped
    • Invoices cannot be opened
    • filter not working in Database Mgmt panel
    • sometimes Funding Request Save button not enabled
  • continue working on Total Budgets – done!
    • changed YearlyTotalDataGrid to AdvancedDataGrid for styleFunction
    • rearranged columns
      • budget gets stored in database
      • allocated calculated from total
      • available = budget – allocated
  • updated requirements/bugs page

Phil 6.27.12

8:30 – 4:30 ESSO

  • Bad traffic on 95 this morning.
  • The PublisherServlet isn’t working on site. Setting it up for non-server debugging
    • Done. The PublisherServlet now has a main that lists all published tables and then the contents of a default table or one defined on the command line.
    • Found one potential bug. The ending date comment was not explicitly converted using toString(). It’s possible that might have had an effect?
    • Testing the servlet in Tomcat. Looks like it’s working. Need to burn a disk.
  • Downloaded, de-mavenized and updated ProjPortfolioMgrClient and ProjectAssistant.
  • Updated PPM database

Mike 6.27.2012

  • Server backups at site
  • Looked more in to the vis scripting bug.  The error is not appearing in the database so it is somewhere in the servlet that hosts the xml.
  • Delivered the weekly status to Jessica.
  • Out this afternoon for a doctor’s appt.

Dong Shin 06.27.2012

  • continue working on Project Totals display
    • insert/update queries..
    • save / update / retrieve working
  • added filtering for Sub Project selection window
    • filter on Project ID and Project Name
    • adjusted sub project selection queries to find the start and end year that falls within the parent
      • SELECT uid, project_number as projectID, title as projectName, begin_year as startFY,
        end_year as endFY, total_budget as totalBudget, 0 as isSelected
        FROM projects
        WHERE uid NOT IN (SELECT project_id FROM _project_sub_projects)
        AND uid NOT IN (SELECT sub_project_id FROM _project_sub_projects)
        AND begin_year >= (SELECT begin_year FROM projects WHERE uid = 102)
        AND end_year <= (SELECT end_year FROM projects WHERE uid = 102)
        AND uid <> 102
  • helped Phil building PPM
    • need to change Flex Project settings…

Mike 6.26.2012

  • Investigating issue tracking software which could be useful for the visibility project or future projects: reasonable free options are trac and bugzilla
    • Bugzilla is apparently a pain to install but works well for very large projects with lots of user feedback
    • Trac is easier to install and maintain and has great svn integration
    • Jira is the best option but costs $1,400-$4,800 per server
  • Gave a demo to Robert A. over the whole vis suite
  • Meeting this afternoon about the SSP was cancelled
  • There seems to be a bug with the vis scripting publish feature, weird characters are being appended to the beginning of the xml.  Appears to only be occurring at site.

Dong Shin 06.26.2012

  • working on Project Totals display
    • need new table – yearly_totals
      • # create new table yearly_totals
        CREATE TABLE `yearly_totals` (
        `project_id` INT NOT NULL ,
        `fiscal_year` INT NOT NULL ,
        `allocated_amount` DOUBLE NOT NULL ,
        INDEX ( `project_id` )
        ) ENGINE = InnoDB;ALTER TABLE `yearly_totals` ADD FOREIGN KEY ( `project_id` ) REFERENCES `project_portfolio`.`projects` (
    • created DataGrid to display the yearly totals

Phil 6.26.12

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Neat jQuery countdown timer here. Also cool is how the examples are embedded in the description.
  • The problem with the excel files and image snapshots was that there was a

    rather than


    SingletonDataDictionary stored ‘download’ just fine and when widgetBase asked for ‘downloads’ SDD didn’t know what to return and returned an empty object. Added a warning logger message whenever getItem returns an unset item.

  • Got VisibilityScripting up and running. Oddly, there were no server settings, which had to be added. Checked in now.
  • ….and then I spent the rest of the day dealing with software updates. Sigh.

Mike 6.25.2012

  • Server backups at site
  • Helping Phil get up and running and slowly transferring files, info, etc.
  • Helped introduce Pedro to the tool, met another data entry person
  • Scheduled a demo for tomorrow
  • Working on query for a full year summary report, it’s long but it work in phpMyAdmin, going to try and put it in visibility scripting tomorrow
  • Working on cleaning up my FGM computer, putting important things in svn, saving code I think is useful, etc.

Phil 6.25.12

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Well, I can log into the integration machine, but not the test. Submitted a ticket
  • Web-based IDE!
  • PPM issues:
    • Turn off (column) sorting on Project Data entry
    • Gray out non-editable fields in PPM.
  • Icons work in the Network Widget. I can’t save out excel files or screenshots. Next thing on the list…

Tom DeVito 6.24.2012

Start: 12:00

  • Added a spot for the LEDs which I forgot about
  • Continued running traces.
  • Added connectors for LEDs and Sensors
  • Started writing documentation not quite complete at the moment.

End: 8:00