Monthly Archives: May 2010

Phil 5.28.2010

7:30 – 9:00 VISIBILITY

  • Made sure everything was working and checked on email. The place is *empty*

9:00 – 4:00 FP

  • More fixing Dprint changes
  • With Tom’s help, got the whole system working
  • Added Singleton DataDictionary. Need to do this to Dpring

Dong Shin 05.28.2010

  • working from home
  • changing CollapsiblePanels of FinancialDataSetCanvas to DynamicPanels and putting it in ManagedCanvas… done
    • start with minimized – hitting some performance snags on Maximize.. disabled for now
    • disallow – Maximize, Close
  • Disabled future date selection on Invoice Date Entries – only past dates and today are allowed
  • Invoice Form and Datagrid switched – Form on top, Datagrid on bottom
  • only PM Actuals row can enter invoice data on Financial Data
  • uploaded to

Phil 5.27.2010

7:30 – 10:00 VISIBILITY

  • Checked to see that everything was working and prettied up edgeDemo a bit
  • Quick meeting with JW. Next time will be Tuesday
  • Meeting with Anne. Some discussion about form builder. We’ll get together next week to put together some slide shows
  • Went over status with Dong

10:00 – 3:30FP

  • Got Dprint working, though I wasn’t able to get it to handle the mapping from ‘…’ to va_args for my version of printf.
  • Fixing all the stuff I broke adding Dprint into the constructor for Executive and State
  • Working on Dprint(). Got the basics working.
  • Next, add to base control classes

Dong Shin 05.27.2010

  • foreign key and delete constraint added on fundings table to obligations_outlays table so all the related financial data gets deleted when a funding is deleted
  • fixed a bug not showing Appropration Text on Create Project Panel
  • added appropriate title for SelectProjectWindow
  • add/remove Budget Center (Fundings) working
    • few bugs found and fixed….
    • removed add/remove buttons from Project Viewer
    • Only ModifyProject can add/remove funding
    • added few validators – check for duplicate Budget Centers, empty list
  • changed HAccordion to TabNavigator for FinancialDataSet
  • Alert formular changed to less than previous month, skip NULL values
  • fixed a bug highlighting wrong column for current month in Financial Data Viewer
  • Summary Data uses FinancialSummaryDataDGItemRenderer so that only Goals are highlighted
  • fixed Summary Data when $ value is 0, nothing is shown

Phil 5.26.2010

8:00 – 4:00 (3 hrs FP)

  • Deployed VISIBILITY with sideshows and improved user management
  • Deployed Dong’s new SWF
  • Sat down with JM and filled up a page with notes. Handed off to Dong
  • Got glut bitmap printing working (FP)
  • Now I need to set up a logging object . Started. (FP)

Dong 05.26.2010

  • replaced main canvas with EdgeUtil’s ManagedCanvas
    • panel.minimizePanel () not working??
    • ManagedCanvas.setLayoutManagerIndex (n) is required!!!
  • added runSQLArr to ProjPortfolioMgrServer
    • allows multiple SQLs in one connection, merge all the results if any
    • MySQLIf.swc changed accordingly (executeSQLArr method added), installed, deployed
  • Feedbacks from JM
    • Modify Project title added to select project
    • Project Delete button added and works
      • moved Obligations Outlays Goals to separate table
      • created foreign key constraints for fundings and obligations_outlays tables
    • Added additional fields to Create Project Panel
      • Project Mgr, Project Admin, Portfolio Mgr, Portfolio Admin
  • setting autocommt to false caused all kinds of SQL failures…..

Phil 5.25.2010

8:00 – 5:00

  • Added a PMP role under S2A
  • Added PMP folks to VISIBILITY
  • Left a note with JM on progress
  • Testing role update
  • Also looking at new web hosts, since kinda sucks:
    • ( baseline:
      • ping (min/avg/max/med) – 156/327/442/348
      • 6.7% packet loss
      • tracert hops: 13 hops
    • (
      • ping (min/avg/max/med) – 62/176/315/162
      • 11.8% packet loss
      • tracert hops: 9 hops
    • (mediatemple)
      • ping (min/avg/max/med) – 84/256/406/260
      • 13.3% packet loss
      • tracert hops: 16 hops
    • (dreamhost)
      • ping (min/avg/max/med) – 77/171/284/170
      • 15.4% packet loss
      • tracert hops: 21 hops
  • A lot of this delay seems to be coming from us. When I ping these sites from a dreamhost server, I get much better numbers. There is no packet loss at all, and the times are better (in the case of mediatemple, they’re phenomenal)
    • ping (min/avg/max/med) – 1.8/2.0/2.1/0.09
    • ping (min/avg/max/med) – 78/78/78/0.078
    • ping (min/avg/max/med) – 87/88/88/0.268
  • Struggled with the role code for a while, until I realized that the actionscript object can come across to java with the children Lists being null. All seems to be working.
  • Burned a disk of VIS2 and PPM.

Mike 5.25.2010

The blog is so fast!

May not have a reliable internet connection for the next few days but I’ll be working on the following:

  • Testing all layout managers with the slideshow and loading widgets in various states
  • Trying to connect the scale bar to the slideshow
  • Improving transitions

Dong Shin 05.25.2010

  • funding combobox finally working – using events to set the label because ItemEditor gets destroyed before update
  • added Project ID (project_number in the database)
  • enabled Proj Portfolio Manager CB in Create Project Panel
  • Project ID and Title shown on Financial Data Input Panel (Project Viewer)
  • hide debug panels (Local and Server)
  • Project Fundings can now be removed and added on Project Editor
  • uploaded to
  • remove Funding Request from menu
  • Funding Request can be generated from Project Editor

Dong Shin 05.24.2010

  • going through the list of changes from JM’s feedback
  • allow ‘.’ in login field
  • changed the second password label, Confirm Password
  • removed full name
  • removed email
  • removed xml
  • removed contact info
  • ADD User refreshes Manage User panel
  • Modify Project edits data
  • Enter Financial Data shows Project Viewer
  • moved the New Funding to top of the ComboBox- not behaving well….

To Do

  • Add project ID
  • Finish Edit Project

Phil 5.24.2010

7:30 – 3:30

  • Deployed new documentation in a test URL for JW to look at
  • Walked through the new S14 app with JM. Lots of notes – I called Dong and passed them along.
  • Meeting with Anne and a large group from S2A(?). Made the pitch that they pay for the development of a deployable version of VISIBILITY, which they liked
  • Need to put in the role editing that I worked out before the move. Done. Need to test

Mike 5.24.2010

Slide show improvements:

  • Group Dashboards may now also be included in slide shows
  • Widgets which are part of the saved dashboard may not be closed while in slide show view, minimize, maximize and all other buttons are available
  • New TrendWidgets and QueryWidgets may be created by drilling down in to the data of already existing widgets, these may be closed
  • Several basic transitions were added but I’m not happy with how they look, more work is needed

Phil 5.21.2010

7:00 – 4:30

  • Deployed ProjPortfolioMgr. It works! Hosanna!
  • Spent 40 min waiting for Jim M to show up
  • Meeting with Larry about commercialization. I think we’ll try to package up the charting part of Visibility and use it as the wedge for services. Also, Ed(?) is looking at using Media Temple, so we might be able to piggy back on that effort
  • Bike seminar
  • And it took 2 hours to get back here…

Dong Shin 05.21.2010

  • is awfully slow. Tried to restart Tomcat several times. It throws exceptions….
    • remove old logs and restarted…. nothing obvious
    • seems ok now @ 8:53AM.
  • Server and Local Logs visible, moved around to make Login Panel visible
  • cleaning up codes

Phil 5.20.2010

7:30 – 5:30

  • Deployed the new Scripting, which pointed out that I was trying to update the wrong table. Once fixed, the scripts worked fine, so I put them on a schedule to run every day at 7:00 and 7:05
  • Couldn’t connect to the S2F endpoint. Somehow, the url is getting changed from https:// (which it is in the settings.xml file) to http://. I printed out relevant stuff and showed to Dong.
  • Talked to Jim M
  • Meeting/demo with Anne is now set for Monday at 10:30
  • useful!
    • find . -name *.mxml -mtime -15 -type f -exec wc -l {} ; | awk ‘{total += $1} END{print total}’
    • This is “find all the mxml files under the current directory that are less than 15 days old. Run a line count on the files and sum them.
  • We seem to have fixed the problems with ProjPortfolioMgr. Burning a disk