Monthly Archives: August 2009

Monday Log (9.31.2009)

10:00 – 5:00

  • Demo for Pat
  • Deployed
  • Things to do:
    • Changes search from ‘==’ to ‘contains’ – done
    • Clear checks on new table selected – done
    • Add documentation button back
    • see how to do combinations of “and” and “or” in googleSQL
  • Timesheet!

Dong Shin Visibility Status – August '09

Week of 08/24

  • Completed Table/User/Role managment
  • Fix ingest bugs (Excel)
  • Ingestors return IngestResult
  • added warning about duplicate columns on IngestPanel

Week of 08/17

  • checked out project from SVN. Ingestor seems working, but lots of others seem broken. Need to talk to Phil. Renamed visibility2 to visibility2old and moved it to desktop for backup, checked out complete project.
  • reworked the AutoIngestor client to take day, time. Hide/show appropriate fields according to duration selection.

Week of 08/10

  • added time fields to Auto Ingest, both client and server, changes to AutoIngestorServlet to utilize time
  • modifying Flex clients for DbRemoteObject – pass UserInfoObjest
    • QueryBuilder.mxm
  • modifying to use UnserInfoObject
    • getRelationshipList
    • getMetaEntryList
    • getMetaEntryDetailsList
    • getQuery
    • getQueryWhere

Week of 08/03

Ingested Data Configuration Management

  • list of data ingested shown
  • publish status, classification, and roles can be changed
  • must override closeHandler so that the window can be brought back

Changes to Ingestor for Roles/Classification management- cont’d

  • Added file_name to table_data – changes to,,
  • Ingested Data Configuration
  • Changes to AutoIngest
    • AutoIngestConfirmWindow
    • AutoIngestFileWindow
    • changes to Servlet to add classification and roles
    • Deletion keeps the data table for now
  • Deletion of other’s data disabled from client
  • Ingestion of using other’s existing table name disabled from client
  • Highlight user’s data tables using different font coler
  • Ingest and Delete now works! (table_data, table_classifications, table_role_columns)
  • rework ingest and delete to use user information and table_data (lot of work!!!)
  • keep uid and id separate; uid is for ingested data tables, id is for user and data info tables

Moved all tables from users_and_roles to visibility_dev

    • table_dashboards
    • table_data ***** changes required
    • table_data_role
    • table_data_user
    • talbe_roles
    • table_role_user
    • table_users

Friday Log (8.28.2009)

7:30 – 4:00

  • Deployed
  • Working on QueryBuilder. Also need to stop sending the full response over from the server and only send the discrete response
  • Finished QueryBuilder- now QueryBuilderBase. AdvancedQueryBuilder extends base. So QueryBuilder and AdvQueryBuilder should be deleted. Going to do that after the demo on Monday.
  • Set up a demo at S2F for Monday at 11:30

Thursday Log (8.26.2009)

8:00 – 4:30

  • Deployed. Uploaded and ingested a spreadsheet for Anne. It had some problems (duplicate columns and multiple worksheets) that had to be resolved. Also had a conversation with Mike C about HRMS data
  • Talked to Dong about making more instructive error messages for ingest
  • Email with Mike K. He’s going to be working on the layout manager
  • Going to get the check marks to autopopulate  today. Maybe depricate QueryWidget
  • Meeting with Anne – 2:00 – 4:00

Wednesday Log (2.26.2009)

7:30 – 4:00

  • Deployed. There was a note from Anne about a slow query. After looking at the logs, it looked like it could have been a query that used columns that were no longer in the data. She’s going to try to rebuild the query and see if that affects performance.
  • Talked to Dong about checking to see that columns exist before running the query. If they don’t then run the query in a degraded mode
  • Talked to Dong about role management admin screen
  • Working on putting column name checkboxes in AdvancedQueryBuilder – done
  • Need to add a rollover to search – done
  • Added Google Query Language Reference documentation to AdvancedQueryWidget

Tuesday Log (8.25.2009)

7:30 – 3:30

  • Deployed data
  • Working on search in AdvancedQueryWidget. Also did QueryWidget. Took a while to figure out how to set selected in a chart. Turns out you set the selected index of the series.
  • Need to add column checkbox to ADG

Monday Log (8.24.2009)

7:30 – 4:00

  • Deployed VIS1 & 2
  • Talked to Mike C about putting “Current”, “stale” and “Obsolete” tags in a “Data Freshness” column in his data sources
  • Sent a note of To Mike K about making a Pat display
  • Talked to Dong about roles
  • Caught up with Brian and Clift.
  • AdvancedQueryWidget
    • Put new where clauses immediately after “where” – done
    • Add implicit “select”? – still thinking about this
    • Added the ability to set the query in the builder from an AdvancedQueryWidget
    • Getting loading and saving working
    • Need to have “setQueryBuilder” also set the table name. This requires adding table to QueryStringEvent – done

Friday Log (8.21.2009)

7:30 – 4:00

  • No meeting today – put off until next week sometime
  • Showed Anne the new stuff – her suggestions:
    • Have an indication in the chart as to what columns is being displayed
    • Populate the QueryBuilder from the loaded chart so that additional queries, based on the current query can be performed
  • Back to AdvancedQueryWidget.
    • Got the date grid part working
    • Need to match up data types from the google types->primType->ColumnInfoObject
    • Integrating charts – things are displaying properly.
    • Need to get AdvancedQueryWidget to save and load properly
    • Need to change AdvancedQueryWidget so that the “and” clauses are inserted immediately after the where. See line 119 for details.

Thursday Log (8.20.2009)

8:00 – 4:00

  • Prepping for 10:00 meeting
    • There will be some kind of follow up meeting where I bring in a laptop to evaluate responses
    • Add search box for Inez. Done, but not wired to the datagrid/dataprovider highlighting yet
    • Didn’t get to AdvancedQueryWidget at all today. Try again tomorrow
  • Stuff for Mike
    • Need a layout that has the query builder open with the appropriate boxes checked
    • Cascade layout should put panes back in their saved xy positions in addition to size
    • Column ordering is not saved (does not load in saved order)
    • Vertical scroll layout should adjust so that QueryBuilder does not obscure

Wednesday Log (8.19.2009)

7:30 – 5:30

  • Deployed at the fort. Told Kathy W. and John W. that we’d have a better interface in about two weeks. Meeting tomorrow at 10:00
  • Helped Dong fix his project
  • Added user info to all remote object queries
  • Back to advanced query widget
  • Got most of the pieces put together. Need to extend QueryWidgetBase to AdvancedQueryWidget, and deal with columns and saving/loading

Monday Log (8.17.2009)

8:00 – 4:00

  • Clear fluids today! Wheee!
  • Deployed at the fort. Combined now ingests in a few seconds. Talked to Mike C about various issues. Tuns out that there was a bug in Mike’s code that generated spurious entries in the xml table.  The upshot is that we’ll wait to see how Anne likes the new data
  • Talked to John W. He’s like a not from Brian about our burn rate and how it gets us through to October
  • Working on Advanced Queries. Just realized that there is no equivalent for mySQL “discrete”. Goint to have to figure out a workaround. Not only that, but advanced queries can’t be the same as “normal” if this is the case. Hmmmm. Fixed by putting rows in a HashMap with their string values as the key

Friday Log (8.14.2009)

  • Working on QueryInfoObject – finished the java side, mostly done on the flex side
  • Started advanced tab in querybuilder – got to the point that A query is sent and the results come back and are visible in the debugger. For Monday, start transitioning over queryWidgets to use the google format and replace the whereClause code
  • Talked to Anne for a while about the source for the combined.xml file. She’s going to talk to Mike C.

Thursday Log (8.13.2009)

  • Deployed data at the fort
  • Started getting classification working. Managed to break the server (the jblocks jar is needed) so we punted for a while
  • Lunch for Mike
  • Working on getting the google API integrated
  • Select Al button in Query builder is broken

Wednesday Log (8.12.2009)

  • Deployed data at the fort
  • There was a problem with the spreadsheet that we had uploaded. Fixed
  • Got the google Visualzation data API working
  • Walked Ines through how Vis2 works