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Phil 6.6.19

7:00 – 3:00 ASRC PM Summit

  • 75th anniversary of D-day 640px-Naval_Bombardments_on_D-Day
  • Research talk today at the conference. Much networking yesterday.
    • The talk went well. More opportunities for networking. Mayne some ML for 3D printing?
  • Copied the CHIPLAY paper to a new GROUP 2020 folder and change to the acm small article format
  • Simplicial models of social contagion
    • Complex networks have been successfully used to describe the spread of diseases in populations of interacting individuals. Conversely, pairwise interactions are often not enough to characterize social contagion processes such as opinion formation or the adoption of novelties, where complex mechanisms of influence and reinforcement are at work. Here we introduce a higher-order model of social contagion in which a social system is represented by a simplicial complex and contagion can occur through interactions in groups of different sizes. Numerical simulations of the model on both empirical and synthetic simplicial complexes highlight the emergence of novel phenomena such as a discontinuous transition induced by higher-order interactions. We show analytically that the transition is discontinuous and that a bistable region appears where healthy and endemic states co-exist. Our results help explain why critical masses are required to initiate social changes and contribute to the understanding of higher-order interactions in complex systems.
  • This is wild: Randomly wired neural networks and state-of-the-art accuracy? Yes it works.
  • This is sad: Training a single AI model can emit as much carbon as five cars in their lifetimes
  • Came home and slept 2 1/2 hours. Very cooked.

Phil 5.24.19

7:00 – 3:30 ASRC GEOS


7:00 – 5:00 ASRC GEOS

  • Saw 4×3000 with David and Roger last night. The VR lab seems to be a thing. Need to go down and have a chat, possibly about lists, stories, maps and games
  • Found the OECD Principles on Artificial Intelligence. I haven’t had a chance to actually *read* any of it, but I did create a “Treaty Lit” folder in the Sanhedrin folder and put pdf versions of them. I ran my tool over them and got the following probe:
    • state cyber cybercrime agree united china mechanism
  • Putting that into Google Scholar returns some good hits as well, though I haven’t gotten a chance to do anything beyond that.
  • JASSS paper
    • Changing “consensus” to “alignment”, and breaking many paragraphs. I think the setup of the space in the introduction is better now.
  • Got caught up on NESDIS. Worked some on the slide deck, which I finally got back. Scheduled a walkthrough with T tomorrow
  • GEOS AI/ML meeting at NSOF. Still trying to figure out roles and responsibilities. I think the Sanhedrin concept will help Bruce formalize our contributions.

Phil 5.16.18

7:00 – 9:00 ASRC GEOS/AIMES

  • Worked on the slides a bit
  • Adding changes to the JASSS paper
  • Waiting for meeting
  • Meeting went well, I think? Funding appears to be solid, and I’m now a “Futurist”
  • Meeting with Shimei’s group. Fatima might be interested in ML summer work
  • Meeting with Aaron. Fleshed out the Sanhedrin-17a concept

Phil 5.14.19

7:00 – 8:00 ASRC NASA GEOS-R

  • More Dissertation
  • Break out the network slides to “island” (initial state), “star” (radio) “cyclic star” (talk radio), “dense” social media
  • MatrixScalar
  • 7:30 Waikato meeting.
    • Walked through today’s version, which is looking very nice
    • Went over tasking spreadsheets

Phil 4.25.19

7:00 – 9:00 ASRC TL

  • Looks like I’ll be giving a talk at the PM Summit in June on misinformation. Need to put together a 30 minute talk
    • Need to come up with a short description. Something along the lines of misinformation happens at all scales, from international news to groupthink leading to the shuttle Columbia launch decision. This talk will show the common patterns that can identify misinformation behaviors and ways to disrupt these “belief stampedes”.
  • Ping Joel and see if I can coordinate him and Wayne…
    • Sent email and made a doodle
  • Continuing with AI whitepaper
  • Walk through webGL classes with Zach – done
  • ML meeting – walked through the differences between heart attack (ischemic insults) and heart failure
  • Meeting with Aaron M. More discussions of how the paper should go. He’s like a section on how things like latent space hacking can wind up in other areas

Phil 4.11.19

7:00 – 9:00 ASRC TL

  • Continuing with the BAA
  • Fixed the acknowledgements section and updated ArXiv
  • Meeting/presentation with Wayne at noon
  • ML seminar, presenting robot stampede
  • Wound up having an impromptu meeting with Aaron M.

Phil 3.28.19

7:00 – 1:30 ASRC PhD 1:30 – 6:00 NASA AIMES

  • Downloaded an amoeba eating a bacteria. Need to edit
  • Fixed some bugs in the analytic code and downloaded some images and text. There is banding in the space name embeddings, which is pretty interesting
  • Worked on the paper. I think I have an entry point now. It seems to be flowing nicely
  • Dungeons & Dragons Single Volume Edition By Gary Gygax & Dave Arneson
  • GOES-R AI Kickoff meeting
  • More work on slides. Incorporated Wayne’s comments (I think?). Also got the video edited

Phil 3.26.19

7:00 – ASRC PhD

  • BBC Business Daily on “essay mills”. Apparently 7% of students use these?
  • Got 8 results on the survey so far!
  • Add query on place/space/channel(?) terms to find post. It could be an iteration until the one post that returns the most terms is found.
  • Evolving place names. Remarkable how few passes it takes for convergence (of at least the first 3 terms):
    • Group 1: (12 new terms)
      • ‘goblin’, ‘fire’, ‘orc’
      • ‘orb’, ‘statues’, ‘see’
      • ‘grogg’, ‘troll’, ‘box’
      • ‘dragon’, ‘grogg’, ‘something’
    • Group 1, tymora1: (2 new terms)
      • ‘goblin’, ‘orc’, ‘see’ – 1
      • ‘orb’, ‘gate’, ‘statues’ – 1
      • ‘troll’, ‘box’, ‘grogg’ – 0
      • ‘dragon’, ‘coins’, ‘something’ – 0
    • Group 1, tymora1, tymora2 (2 new terms)
      • ‘goblin’, ‘orc’, ‘stairs’ – 1
      • ‘rope’, ‘gate’, ‘orb’ – 2
      • ‘box’, ‘troll’, ‘grogg’ – 0
      • ‘coins’, ‘dragon’, ‘something’ – 0
    • Group 1, tymora1, tymora2, tymora3 (1 new term)
      • ‘goblin’, ‘orc’, ‘stairs’ – 0
      • ‘rope’, ‘gate’, ‘orb’ – 0
      • ‘troll’, ‘box’, ‘grogg’ – 0
      • ‘dragon’, ‘coins’, ‘barrier’ – 1
    • Group 1, tymora1, tymora2, tymora3, tymora4 (0 new terms)
      • ‘goblin’, ‘orc’, ‘stairs’ – 0
      • ‘rope’, ‘gate’, ‘orb’ – 0
      • ‘troll’, ‘grogg’, ‘box’ – 0
      • coins’, ‘dragon’, ‘barrier’  – 0
  • Checking to see if changing the order looks different
    • tymora4 (12 new terms)
      • ‘orc’, ‘goblin’, ‘vines’
      • ‘orb’, ‘trap’, ‘statues’
      • ‘grogg’, ‘troll’, ‘box’
      • ‘dragon’, ‘coins’, ‘platform’
    • tymora3, tymora4 (1 new term)
      • ‘vines’, ‘orc’, ‘goblin’ – 0
      • ‘rope’, ‘statues’, ‘orb’ – 1
      • ‘grogg’, ‘troll’, ‘box’ – 0
      • ‘dragon’, ‘coins’, ‘platform’ – 0
    • tymora2, tymora3, tymora4 (4 new terms)
      • ‘goblin’, ‘stairs’, ‘orc’ – 1
      • ‘rope’, ‘gate’, ‘across’ – 2
      • ‘grogg’, ‘troll’, ‘box’ – 0
      • ‘coins’, ‘dragon’, ‘barrier’ – 1
    • tymora1, tymora2, tymora3, tymora4 (1 new term)
      • ‘goblin’, ‘orc’, ‘stairs’ – 0
      • ‘rope’, ‘gate’, ‘orb’ – 1
      • ‘troll’, ‘box’, ‘grogg’ – 0
      • ‘coins’, ‘dragon’, ‘barrier’ – 0
    • Group 1, tymora1, tymora2, tymora3, tymora4 (0 new terms)
      • ‘goblin’, ‘orc’, ‘stairs’ – 0
      • ‘rope’, ‘gate’, ‘orb’ – 0
      • ‘troll’, ‘grogg’, ‘box’ – 0
      • coins’, ‘dragon’, ‘barrier’ – 0
  • Made a really nice map. This is entirely based on data and patterns found by the software, just arranged using a human-assisted layout:


  • JuryRoom meeting. Chris is getting the schema right, and is looking at IBM’s cloud service for hosting. We spent some time walking through the map. Panos is eager to read the paper

Phil 3.25.19

7:00 – ASRC PhD

  • Realized that the blue sky papers are only referenced by a link in the preface of the proceedings, so I think very few people will have read it. Going to make the slide deck review the paper first, then add in the rest of the content
  • Need to make a survey for past players asking them if a map would have helped, and what kind of map?
  • Added more mapping types. We now have
    • simplesimple
    • place-edgesplace-edges
    • space-edgesspace_edges
    • all-edgesall_edges
  • Create maps with linked spaces for each room for a “zoomed in” room
  • Need to play around with labeling nodes, but that may be after writing the paper. I think I’ll need a different mapping tool


Phil 3.11.19

7:00 – 10:00 ASRC PhD. Fun, long day.

Phil 3.6.19

5:00 – ASRC TL

  • Got a lot done on the BAA on the flight yesterday
  • Wrote up a description of LMN and CM for Eric V.
  • Reading more of the Handbook of Latent Semantic Analysis. It’s giving me some good ideas for calculating similarities of posts using Word2Vec and comparing the average vector for each post
  • Antonio got an extension to the 12th. Need to see what he’s up to. Wow, there’s a lot there now. Made some comments about what I’d like to see. I’ll pull down the document to read later
  • Continued to tweak the slides
  • TF Dev conference main sessions today. Breakouts tomorrow.