Monthly Archives: June 2014

Phil 6.30.2014

8:00 – 3:00

  • Attempted to deploy new FA, but got a blank white screen. The player is 11.5.502.110. Weird.
  • Formbuilder.
  • Took a quick look at Polymer, which looks cool and is along the lines of what I’m wanting to build, but it appears alpha and broken-y.
  • While looking through my code example I’m prototyping, I noticed that the code was using a Y.Lang.sub() call where it appeared that an object containing values:
    • {ANSI: “55000”, STATE: “WISCONSIN”, TOTAL_POP: 5654774, LAND_AREA: 54310.1, POP_PER_SQ_MILE: 98.8}
    • was being inserted using the following format as a way of building table rows.
    • TEMPLATE_TR = ‘<tr id=”row_{ANSI}”><td>{STATE}</td><td>{TOTAL_POP}</td><td>{LAND_AREA}</td></tr>’;
    • So yay. Lots of other good stuf, including type checking. So pay more attention to this one! (
    • Also, this means that dynamic forms and tables can be built, with strings and types fed in in the configuration argument
  • Here’s how the panel will animate:
  • Starting to combine the panel and the table/recordset. It’s going pretty smoothly. I’m still using the data array, but I’ll move to more form-based data tomorrow or wednesday. Nicely, the height of the panel resizes based on what’s in it.  And I should be able to use the same module for the login form.

Phil 6.27.14

8:00 – 4:300 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Status Reports!
  • Starting Funding Request Form. I’m currently thinking that a YUI recordset might be a good way to do this. Got the recordset demo working fine, but the implementation is basic HTML table manipulation. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing – it just means that there needs to be a module written to handle that. I’m not sure that it’s a big win over DataTable, which is part of the forms example.

Dong Shin 06.26.2014

  • tried to deploy the new Query Builder, the queries are too slow… 6 minutes! will try this tomorrow
    • ‘Copying to tmp table’, ‘2.432915’
      ‘Sorting result’, ‘0.899327’
      ‘Sending data’, ‘0.783034’
    • SHOW VARIABLES LIKE ‘max_heap_table_size’;
      • ‘max_heap_table_size’, ‘16777216’
    • SHOW VARIABLES LIKE ‘tmp_table_size’;
      • ‘tmp_table_size’, ‘16777216’
  • added last COGNOS upload status to FA
  • added status (Red, Yellow, Green) to Obligated, Outlay, PM Actuals % value columns in Query Builder (old)

Phil 6.26.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Poked at the slow server problem. Profiles indicate that the reading/writing of temp files is slow…
  • Cool thing for the day:
  • First draft of the cluster analysis tool is done. Need to add user-supplied similarity function, some graphics options (more shiny – less shiny slider?), and change the output to have a csv compatible output

Phil 6.25.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Discussion with Lenny about new form. Details are not worked out yet.
  • Adding more user interaction to the SimDist test, since I’ll need that for the form.
  • Working on reading in a text file pasted into the browser. Done!
  • Current version:

Phil 6.24.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB backups
  • Tried the test program and the server seems fine. I think the next step is to deploy a new MySQL on the integration server and evaluate. If that works, then we’ll put it on the production server.
  • Discussions with Lenny about the new app. Here’s (a) way to generate word documents:
  • SimilarityDistanceWidget.
  • Got all the calculations done and working. There is a strange positional artifact that seems to whant to put the items in a plane. Javascript math?
  • Today’s progress:

8:00 – 3:00 SR

  • Rolled back the FA changes from Friday.
  • More server problems – things like lost endpoints. Restarted the VM, which seemed to fix it.
  • Bill didn’t get my email with the test code in it. Trying to send him the link instead.
  • Fixed the callout incorrect name bug.
  • Starting on Similarity Distance widget, since it’s a straightforward extension of the network widget. Speaking of which, I need to make NetworkCanvas and NetworkComponent JSON friendly.
  • Today’s progress:

Phil 6.20.14

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Deployed new FA
  • Tried Maria, but too complex to upgrade
  • Full backups and deploy to integration server
  • The test server appears to run at 30% the speed of the integration server. I wrote up a small executable that will run a system call in a specified loop and time the result (the default is “cd .” 500 times. It takes 8.64 seconds on my dev workstation 21 seconds on the laptop. Should be interesting to see what the servers do.
  • Set selected id to the UUID for the THREE object3D.
  • Adding animation for changes in height, inner radius and outer radius. The callout for the name is getting changed to the original name whenever height or radius is changed.
  • And here’s how you use textures to exchange gpu calculation:

Dong Shin 06.20.2014

  • deployed new FA with the reworked Query Builder – all is well.
  • experimented with MariaDB and some database performance testing on-site.
  • working on Query Builder
    • added Obligation, Outlay, PM Actuals columns back…. still need % values
    • required columns added to queryBuilderConfig.xml

Dong Shin 06.19.2014

  • did some performance testing of the temporary table, __view_project_detailed_data
    • data generation took 90 sec
    • query is faster
    • need Update button in Query Builder when data generation is needed
    • installed MariaDB and compared the performance
      • data generation too 20 sec
      • some error running stored procedure… may need to run – mysql_upgrade.exe -uroot -p –force 
        • #1728 - Cannot load from mysql.proc. The table is probably corrupted 
  • working on Query Builder
    • added Update Data in Query Builder to update project detailed data
    • added _table_last_update_status to keep track of tables status
    • added triggers to update the _table_last_update_status – obligations_outlays, budget_centers, committed_amount, and contracts_cognos for now
    • modified users queries to match new structure of __view_project_detailed_data

Phil 6.18.14

Phil 8:00 – 5:30 SR

  • Hey! A full day that I can work!
  • Backups
  • Integrating wedge size adjustment – animation, tooltips, add and delete, and rippling across all the wedges.
  • Got size adjustment working, but timing is off? Fixed.
  • Adding wedges is done.
  • Rippling is done.
  • Working on deleting wedges. Done, but there are some artifacts. Select doesn’t work the first time on post-deleted wedges. Auto naming is too naive – we can get multiple “Pie Chart 3”, for example. There needs to be an overall count or id field.
  • Anyway, here’s progress for testing on other machines: