Monthly Archives: August 2010

Dong Shin 08.31.2010

  • continue on Flex in a week training
    • video keeps starting over and over again from beginning and would not let me skip to the point I was at! ughhh!
    • downloaded from iTunes and watching it on a external player – lot better
    • day 2 completed
    • day 3
  • trouble shoot Flash Builder problem with Phil
    • EdgeUtils would not build on Phil’s laptop
    • built fine on mine (both Flash Builder and Eclipse plugin)

Phil 8.31.2010

8:00 – 4:00

  • Chasing problems with MavenAssist so that I can get to problem with EdgeUtils not knowing about ManagedCan. Never really fixed this, but it works with maven compiling the SWCs and Flashbuilder compiling the SWF. Dong’s version on the Mac seems fine with both. WTF?
  • Downloaded and built all of Vis2
  • Talked to Mike about the FB4 issues. He has gone back to FB3 for his development. I think that’s OK, as long as we decide when we’re going to use FB4 for a new project.  Introspection appears to be coming along as well, which is cool.
  • Helped Tom get MvnAssist working for him. There were lots of new changes from the version he was using, so now that it’s working for him, he’s going to add info to the documentation

Keil 8.30.10

  • Users to forecast site can now dynamically submit comments
  • Articles and images are now fully database-driven
  • Now looking into ways to create printer-friendly (doc, pdf) versions dynamically from database using PHP.  Hoping to find a css-friendly solution so margin highlights will show up as expected.

Phil 8.30.2010

7:30 – 3:30

  • Checked up on things at the client. No problems, no meetings scheduled as of this morning. Will probably swing by on the way home too.
  • Paint! Nope. Too busy.
  • Working on Flex3/Flex4 issues. Need to get the <classifier> tag working in MvnAssist. Right now I’m producing
    • “Philm2repositorycomadobeflexsdkdatavisualization_rb3.2.0datavisualization_rb-3.2.0.swc”
  • instead of
    • “Philm2repositorycomadobeflexsdkdatavisualization_rb3.2.0datavisualization_rb-3.2.0-en_US.swc”
  • Went over servlets with Tom
  • More moving

Phil 8.27.2010

8:00 – 4:00

  • Deployed new PPM and started the process of setting up a meeting with Trish and Chris
  • Tried to get Murph to do something about logging into the server. He’s convinced that Brian can somehow do this
  • Sent a note to John DeMio asking him about his VISIBILITY experience
  • Lots of office stuff
  • Did send off the provisional patent though

Phil 8.25.2010

8:00 – 11:00 VISIBILITY

  • Fixed some aspects of Joe Noble’s account. Ingested some more data
  • Had a talk with John W.
    • John Gresh is leaving in a few weeks
    • Mike Cowan is probably leaving near Jan 1.
    • The current site will probably switch over to SharePoint, with an export of some kind going to SiteWorks. John wants to hand of the SharePoint work to us. I told him that we could probably automate a lot of it, including the SiteWorks export.
  • Walked through PPM with Dong

11:00 – 3:00 FP

  • Provisional patent. At page 8, in the Preferred Embodiment section

3:00 – 6:00 Savage Mill

  • Chairs, desk, fans, build out contacts, etc.

Keil 8.25.2010

  • Working on forecast website demo
  • Currently user feedback is pulled dynamically from database via PHP and MySQL
  • Next step will be to allow users to submit feedback dynamically

Dong Shin 08.25.2010

  • deployed new EdgeUtils to FGMDEV Repo
  • tried to check in EdgeUtils changes, got “Authorization failed” error
    • changed passwd, authz, svnserv.conf to use credentials (/repo/Visibility directory)
    • checked in changed files for EdgeUtils
  • packed up PPM for review
  • commas added to Create/Modify Project – Total Budget and FY amounts
  • found that Project Locking doesn’t work properly when two users are connected.
    • added result check on locking
    • modified lock query to return login_id
  • changed the Project Viewer Panel’s border to yellow for locked projects

Dong Shin 08.24.2010

  • checked out and re-built projects from new site (
    • EdgeUtils
    • ProjPortfolioMgrClient
    • ProjPortfolioMgrServer – needed to copy pom.xml from old and redeploy to tomcat server
    • everything looks fine!
  • added lockTimeout to EdgeUtils’ ConfigManager
  • change PPM to use ConfigManager.lockTimeout

Phil 8.24.2010

7:30 – 2:30 VISIBILITY

  • Set up new account for Joe Noble and imported some data into his role
  • Much Savage Mill stuff
  • General catching up. Everything has moved! The new server appears much faster!
  • Switched maven conf settings
  • Switched svn

2:30 – 3:30 FP

  • Provisional patent