Monthly Archives: November 2014

Phil 11.28.14

7:30 – 4:30 SR

  • Angular
  • Let’s try building a directive that we use ng-repeat on. Not too bad! Here’s how I did it:

Directive javascript:

pa.directive('oldPost', ['$window', function($window) {
 return {
 templateUrl: 'directives/oldPost.html',
 restrict: 'AE',
 scope: {pobj: '='}

Directive HTML (directives.oldPost.html):

<div class="inputWrapper">
 <div class="textLabel">Posted: {{pobj.postDate}}</div>
 <textArea class="textAreaOutput" ng-model="pobj.postText" ng-disabled="true"></textArea>

Master HTML:

<div ng-repeat="pobj in mainCtrl.postItems">
 <old-post pobj = "pobj"></old-post>

Phil 11.26.14

7:30 – 4:00 SR

  • DB backups
  • Angular
    • Important note – if you want to include html from another source using ng-bind-html (php errors, for example), you have to use ngSanitize. More from stackOverflow here:
    • Still playing around with how to organize code for a project with shared libraries. Currently, I’ve set it up so that there are the following folders:
      • modules – contain the initial declaration, factories and services. They also define a global (sigh) variable for each of the modules that can be used to attach controllers and directives to, because Angular isn’t as good as YUI at namespacing.
      • controllers – controllers that are unique to a particular app are contained in a common file (i.e. “postControllers.js”)
      • directives – directivesthat are unique to a particular app are contained in a common file (i.e. “postDirectives.js”). Additionally, html snippets for the directives are contained in this file. I’m guessing that this will change so that the html gets its own directory.
  • Set up workspace and downloaded environment to work from home on Friday.

Phil 11.25.14

7:30 – 5:30 SR

  • DB backups
  • Worked with Bill V. to correct some web transition paperwork
  • Angular – have a much better sense of the whole $http core service. Bult a factory that converts json to php-compatible queries and takes as arguments function pointers that can in turn have bound components in them. Much better than a subscriber pattern.
  • Discovered flowhub, which seems to be making a javaScript case tool. Need to look more deeply.

Dong Shin 11.24.2014

  • on-site
    • cleaned up COGNOS data so that correct appropriations are mapped
    • deployed new FinancialAssistant.jar with appropriation fix
    • sanity checked new data upload
    • Lenny will upload complete (?) data set
  • AngularJS
    • working on SQL Editor – send up queries and display results!

Phil 11.21.14

Phil 8:00 – 4:00

  • I can see the servers again!
  • DB backups
  • No deploy, Bill V is out for the day.
  • More Angular. Spent most of the day working on sending and receiving data. YUI had all kinds of nice functions to convert JSON objects to all kinds of things. JavaScript and Angular lack these, so after poing around for a while I found this post that seems to work nicely and lets you use POJsOs for data upload. Using a function in the in the module definition is something I have not seen before. Need to understand that better.

Phil 11.20.14

8:00 – 5:30 SR

  • DB backups – nope server access denied. And other weird server problems today.
  • Lots of good angular work today. Got several simple directives working, refactored the structure a bit, learned how to trap paste events and I think I know how to deal with key presses.

Dong Shin 11.19.2014

  • modifying __view_project_detailed_data to use the REGEXP for po_reference column – done
  • working on Direct Cite/Reimbursable queries..
  • created scripts to start project_portfolio_enh database (bare minimum to start up)
    • src/resources/database/project_portfolio_enh_inserts.sql
    • src/resources/database/new_project.sql
    • src/resources/database/
    • src/resources/database/project_portfolio_enh_clean.sql
  • missing Appropriations in server side Reqonciler Processing, this may have caused incorrect mapping of the COGNOS summary data for Outlays?
    • put back in

Dong Shin 11.18.2014

  • working on master table to include required fields for Direct Cite/Reimbursable processing
    • query to summarize Direct Cite/Reimbursable
    • SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(requisition_id),
      MAX(obligation_date) AS obligation_date,
      MAX(expensed_date) AS expensed_date,
      SUM(obligated_amount) AS total_obligated_amount,
      SUM(expensed_amount) AS total_expensed_amount,
      SUM(IF(po_reference LIKE ‘HH98230%’,obligated_amount,0)) AS reimbursable_obligated_amount,
      SUM(IF(NOT po_reference LIKE ‘HH98230%’,obligated_amount,0)) AS direct_cite_obligated_amount,
      SUM(IF(po_reference LIKE ‘HH98230%’,expensed_amount,0)) AS reimbursable_expensed_amount,
      SUM(IF(NOT po_reference LIKE ‘HH98230%’,expensed_amount,0)) AS direct_cite_expensed_amount
      FROM budget_center_contracts
      WHERE NOT ISNULL(budget_center_id)
      GROUP BY budget_center_id;
    • REGEXP
    • SELECT po_reference, IF( po_reference REGEXP ‘^H98230-[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]’, ‘REIMBURSABLE’, ‘DIRECT CITE’) FROM `budget_center_contracts`
  • fixed RA not enabling PM Actuals in current month
  • deployed new FA/RA with updated __view_project_detailed_data
    • need to tweak how to determine Direct Cite/Reimbursable
  • discussed how to show Direct Cites/Reimbursables
    • should show in Scripting and/or Visibility
    • group by Budget Centers (Capabilities – ACC, GCC) and individual contracts/req along with totals