Phil 12.23.11

9:00 – 4:00

  • Prepping for interview. It went well. They want to visualize lots of data.
  • In thinking about the above, I’ve started to worry about the graphing capability within GWT, which is not really even as good as Flex. I’m starting to think that we could use GWT for what it’s good at – text fields, comboboxes and such, while developing standalone charts in WebGL (3D). The reason for this is that once we’re in the 3D realm, drawing cool things actually becomes easier. Shiny is done with reflection mapping as opposed to layuers of vector art. Hardware accelerated 3d is capable of showing tens of thousands of points in a frame – orders of magnitude more than 2D systems
  • I asked Mike to try putting a gwtgl app inside jebgl to see if its possible