Phil 12.26.11

8:00 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Happy Boxing Day!
  • Tried sending an email to Clif S. At all the various permutations of his name and none of them seem to be right. Hmmm.
  • is still responding really slowly. seems quick though, so the Tomcat server is running well, but lampp isn’t?
    • At 9:30, things are considerably faster.
    • At 9:31 things are slow again
    • Had to start up svn. What is going on with our server!!!?
  • Starting with the gwtgl documentation.
    • And while we’re at it, time for a new version of Eclipse (3.7.1 – Indigo). Trying a 64-bit version again… I also copied it to fgmdev/exchange/EclipseDistros if you don’t want to wait 17 minutes for the download
    • Tried the tutorial, which didn’t work (and from the comments, doesn’t work for many people). Checked out the code from That kindof works…
      • Only check out GwrGl and GwtGl-techDemos. GwtGL-examples doesn’t seem to have anything in it, and competes for the same namespace as techDemos (which checks out as “examples”)
  • New version of GWT In Action is available on fgmdev/exchange/Books