Tom DeVito 12.22.2011

Start: 10:20


  • Finish the main on the arduino side with all changes accounted for
  • Finish AudioTactileExec on pc side.

Tasks Completed:

  • Fixed all the variable definitions and datadictionary entries to have entries for each fingers collision, state, and pressure.  Before everything was bundled in state
  • Added the new variables to the loadbuffer method which prepares the buffer for sending
  • Did the same stuff on the PC side
  • Fixed the main loop on each side so that they recieve data, process data/run simulations, prepare the send buffer, send the buffer, and then clear both receive and send buffers.  I had it running in a different order before which I think was causing the data to be overwritten before it was processed.

End: 6:20

I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out an office internet problem.  This time is not charged to the project.

The slowness of the blog Dong observed, seems to have gotten worse.