Phil 12.28.2011

8:00 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Watching the OReilly video OpenGL and 3D in HTML5. If you have an ACM membership, you can watch it from your Safari bookshelf. You do have your FGM-provided ACM membership, don’t you?
  • Looks like picking is going to be an issue, but we can do it old-school:
    • If you use C3DL, picking is supported. Hmmm.
  • Learning WebGL cookbook
  • WebGL Cheat Sheet (API as of February 2010)
  • glMatrix (appears to be the fastest library?)
  • C3DL looks promising. It even explains why Mike’s firefox WebGL was turned off. Going to read this one tomorrow.
  • 11:00 meeting with Clif S. and his gang
    • Showed the various VISIBILITY apps. It looks like they should be useful
    • Discussed WebGL development option