Monthly Archives: December 2011

Thomas DeVito

Start: 12:00

  • I either forgot to set my alarm or did 3 math problems in my sleep.  I guess I should up the difficulty on the math problems required to turn off my alarm.
  • Wrote out a summary of how the software is supposed to work to help declutter my approach to getting it working.
  • While writing this I have decided that starting tomorrow, I will write out my goals for the day on the blog, before I start working.  Too often do I jump between things and end up confusing myself.  A checklist of goals should help a lot.
  • Worked on the default simulation.  This is the same simulation I have been using but now it has to run on the PC side and send the collision data back to the arduino.
  • Decided to make collision an independent struct so that magnitude and type can be bundled together.  Made changes to accommodate for this in the simulation, sound controller, and main data dictionary stuff.

End: 6:00

Dong Shin 12.21.2011

  • developing PPM with GWT
    • spent past few days creating UI mimicking PPM
    • mixing GWT with SmartGWT is not very good… Some dynamic object creation throws exceptions that are hard to find where it came from.
    • getting list of projects from database
    • displaying list of projects in SmartGWT
      • special parsing required to use their ListGridRecord

Phil 12.21.11

9:30 – 2:30 VISIBILITY

  • Hmm. Can’t seem to edit an entry when using IE. Odd. May poke at this later…
  • Heading over to the fort for the first time since I broke my leg. Hopefully my glasses are still there
    • Talked to Tangie. We’re going to try to find some number (10-ish) of non TST users that we can get to enter data before the end of the year. If that works, then we’ll try to get all the non TST folks by Jan 17th.
  • Went poking around looking for drawing capabilities in GWT. Canvas is supported by GWT and appears to be supported in all browsers starting with IE9

Tom Devito 12.20.2011

Start: 10:00

  • Added a temporary simulation class to act as a placeholder til we have a real one.  This could also be used to process the inputs and outputs for the animation.
  • Trying to figure out the best way to manipulate the data.  Currently what I have is a call to recieveData, which imports the data from the buffer into the appropriate data dictionary entries.  Then I run the simulation so that the data gets updated as needed, it also grabs user inputs.  After that it sends the data to the arduino.  I am starting to think that maybe I should seperate the status struct into two parts so that the arduino sensor data doesn’t get overwritten when the pc sends data.
  • Made sensorData independent from the state struct so it didn’t get overwritten when the comes back from the pc with changes.
  • Took name out of the state.  If I need the name for the output, I can get it from the dd entry name.
  • Fixed collision processing in the SoundController class.  The collision processor accepts integers between 0-900.  These values can be negative because it takes the absolute value of the collision data.
  • Decided to make a simulation base class which all simulations will inherit from, instead of the placeholder I started.  Some common variables all simulations will share is max position, scaling factor, deadzone,  sensorData input, output collisions.

End: 6:00

Tom DeVito 12.19.2011

Start: 10:00

  • I was sick on Friday so I am continuing the work started on thursday.
  • Added methods for getting the state and command struct pointers
  • Added a data dictionary entry for each fingers state and command struct
  • Making changes to the pc side to accommodate the new structs.

end: 6:00

Phil 12.19.11

9:00 – 1:00 VISIBILITY

Phil 12.16.11

10:00 – 2:00, 3:00 – 4:00 Goofing around

  • It looks like I’ve used up my 20 hours for the week. Because I am a dull, dull person, I’m continuing to play with GWT.
  • Finished chapter 4
  • Almost had a meeting with Brian and Jim, but my PT guy was running late.

Tom De Vito 12.15.2011

Start 12:00

  • Still working on changing over to using the sound controllers as well as switching from test data for the interface to actual data.
  • Wrote out the flow to help torubleshoot
  • fixed commands on PC side to reflect changes on the arduino side.

end 6:00

Mike 12.15.2011

  • Meeting with Tange this morning, went well.  Potentially more work for Dong
  • Finished the maven + gwt documentation, a Word doc and several sample applications are available in our svn at trunk/GWT_folder/samples/
    • The word doc in in the sample-maven-app project
    • At a minimum you will want to download the projects and copy / paste from their poms to set up your own projects
    • The Word documentation gives a step-by-step on how to build the projects from scracth

Dong Shin 12.15.2011

  • has been playing around with GWT and SmartGWT for past few days seeing what it offers….
    • creating UI mimicking PPM
  • met with Tange
    • she likes the new Project Assistant Data Navigator
    • talked about moving help to external HTML
    • TST projects are really confusing her
      • talked about setting relations between TST projects
      • Master TST can have up to 8 children TST projects
      • TST Projects have duration of 3 years
      • show relations in Project Editor (?)

Tom DeVito 12.14.2010

Start:  10:00

  • Dong told me that one of the fingers was making a lot of noise when he came in and was getting hot.  When I powered it back up, it doesn’t seem to have any problems.  I’ll make sure teh power is off when I leave from now on
  • Made some changes to the PC side to work with the new SoundController state struct
  • Need to finish troubleshooting.  I am pretty close to having everything working.

End: 6:00

Mike 12.14.2011

  • I have server access at the customer site and have been doing daily backups of the database and meeting regularly with Tangela to make sure there are no issues
  • In the afternoons I have been learning GWT
  • I went through most of the ‘GWT in Action’ book, skipping chapters about raw javascript and internationalization
  • Then started looking in to extending the logging capabilities
  • It struck me that we would want the logging stuff in a separate library project so I started investigating how that might work, and why not mavenize the whole thing while we’re at it
  • I figured out how to build a maven and eclipse compatible GWT project and library
  • I am now in the process of writing up a tutorial and making several sample projects, should be done tomorrow

Phil 12.14.11

9:00 – 12:00, 2:30 – 3:30 VISIBILITY

  • Spent about 30 minutes doing laps of the house without crutches at around 7:00 this morning, then had to lay down for about an hour to let the leg recover. It wasn’t pretty, but much better than yesterday, when I could only stand that for a few minutes.
  • Now that I have GWT working, I’m going to go through the book (GWT in Action) unless someone has a better suggestion
  • Spent an unreasonably long time getting a request for a doctor’s note that will allow me to charge hours while on disability
  • Tom brought up the laptop. I have two screens! Woot.