Phil 12.27.11

8:00-4:00 VISIBILITY

  • It’s going to rain today and my new hardware aches. This “feeling the weather in the bines” thing might be real after all.
  • Working on a simple animated gwt app. I’m trying for this.
  • Having all kinds of problems with our server. Using vi on a 20 line file takes between 4 and 12 seconds to open. Tom is opening a ticket with
    • It appears that this is a problem with Steadfast. They are doing some hardware migration that is messing with us
  • I have the gwt app running in hosted mode, but I can’t get it running as a war file. I get an error saying that the app may need to be recompiled. Hmmm.
  • Did make contact with Clif – his folks are coming over Wednesday at 11:00. Didn’t get ahold of Tangie.