Monthly Archives: August 2010

Keil 8.13.2010

  • Doing some research/training on Adobe Catalyst.  It appears to bridge the gap between the graphical power of photoshop/fireworks and the web design features of Flex.  Also appears to automatically generate Flex code for skins, which is somewhat cumbersome to do manually.  Will report more when I have more info.

Dong Shin 08.12.2010

  • hit some performance issues with updating the summary data on Financial Data Edit
    • created FinancialDataChangeEvent to fire on data edit
    • Summary Data handles update of the cell and the chart instead of updating entire data on FinancialDataChangeEvent
  • Saving data on Financial Data Edit was not updating the correct data (still has old data in it) – forced the data update on Edit Complete before saving
  • packing up PPM for review
  • Some odd behavior found on Summary Data. It tries to add summary, when it shouldn’t – investigating.

Phil 11.12.2010

8:00 – 10:00, 3:00 – 4:00 VISIBILITY

  • Clift had forwarded some questions about ingesting data from Paul O. I described how to ingest an excel spreadsheet and pointed to the Ingest Manager tutorials. Paul would also like an Access ingestor. Not sure if it would be as straightforward as setting a jdbc access jar and running the same commands we would otherwise.
  • And FGM’s mail servers are down. Whee.

10:00 – 3:00FP

  • Adding in additional axis. Working out which should be x and which should be Y.
  • When I get the Y-axis working, I’ll need to reset the clamp on the fingers so that they stay centered around the “hand”, Which is going to need some additional graphics to show. We’ll start with that.
  • Graphics are done. Working on getting the collision for the hand to be the average of the finger X-axis collision forces.

Keil – 8.11.2010

  • Almost done with “Learn Flex in a week” tutorials.
  • Some of the “day 2” content (such as the retrieving and handling data sections) seems extremely useful, although I personally think they throw that content in a bit early and some of it may be a bit over the head of someone who doesn’t have experience with web services or remote objects.

Phil 8.11.2010

7:30 – 10:30VISIBILITY

  • Nothing new on site, but two meetings scheduled for Friday

10:30 – 2:00 OVERHEAD

  • 9:30 meeting at Savage Mill
  • Worked on the redesign of the office space to accommodate the sprinkler system

2:00 – 3:30FP

  • Got the fingers working pretty well. There is a lag of about 0.25 sec or so between collision and response, but it’s good enough to see that things will work.
  • Need to add an x-axis in with collision response next. Maybe make a maze of gray balls.

Dong Shin 08.11.2010

  • charts updated on Financial Data Edit via FINANCIAL_DATA_READY event
  • downloaded and installed the latest Flash Player (
  • added Invoice Window for PM Actuals Data
  • added financial_mitigation_plans table to database
  • added Financial Mitigation Plan Window for missed goals data
  • Summary Data calculation and charting added

Phil 8.10.2010

8:00 -10:00 VISIBILITY

  • Rescheduled meeting with Anne and others for Friday at 9:30
  • Discussed Sharepoint stuff with Kiel. We’re tentatively thinking about having him write a proof of concept app that has Flex talk to Sarepoint via jdbc

10:00 – 4:00 FP

  • Integrating fingers with graphics. Changed it so I’m passing references to the entire PointMass through the dictionary. Now drawing fingers and the target.
  • Fingers move appropriately in the graphics, and collide with the target. Going to add feedback tomorrow.

Dong Shin 08.10.2010

  • working on Summary Data calculation
  • added % values to obligations and outlays
  • itemEditor and itemRenderer added to Financial Data DataGrid
  • save Data works!
    • if  any changed, asks for saving on Project Viewer Panel close
    • each Financial Data DataGrid has its own save – may not be efficient
  • % calculated on itemEditPostEnd – update % values

Phil 8.9.2010

7:30 – 10:00 VISIBILITY

  • When checking over the query logs this morning, found that Paul O. Had spent most of Friday using VISIBILITY. He made 133 queries in 9 or so hours, spending most of his time on the LOTR and cars examples
  • Went over status of PPM with Dong. We’re going to aim for Wednesday to walk through the new changes.

10:00 – 3:30 FP

  • Working on reading the sensors. They seem to be working well. Working on calibration code – done
  • Making a bi-linear normalizing, since there seems to be a big difference between pushing up on a sensor and pushing down.
  • Update graphics to show new axis

Dong Shin 08.06.2010

  • spent all morning putting together the new Fianancial Data components for Progress Bar updates…
  • eliminate multiple queries for retrieving Budget Center information
    • SELECT SUM(case WHEN year=1 then amount else 0 end) as year1, SUM(case WHEN year=2 then amount else 0 end) as year2, SUM(case WHEN year=3 then amount else 0 end) as year3, b.* FROM budget_centers b, budget_amounts ba, appropriations a WHERE b.uid = ba.budget_center_id and project_id =1 AND a.type = b.appropriation group by b.uid
    • cannot use this because the dynamic nature of FYAmounts!!!
  • working on retrieval of Financial Data

Phil 8.6.2010

7:30 – 11:30 VISIBILITY

  • Meeting with Trish and Chris
    • Tabs in Financial Entry should read “Year 1″, Year 2”, “Year 3” etc., to avoid confusion between appropriation year and budget year
    • Still not starting FY in October
    • Whenever a reported obligation out outlay is less than 99.9% of the (calculated) goal (currently not visible), a dialog with Trish’s questions should come up. There is shared data between obligation and outlay reports for a given month.
    • Dialog should be smart enough to know if an obligation or outlay value is not applicable in a dialog, since one or the other or both may be under the estimate.
  • Responded to Paul O’s questions about how to interact with the report builder.
  • Went over the meeting results with Dong, and gave him Trish’s “5 questions”.
  • Went over the rough layout of the visibility system with Kiel.

11:30 – 3:30 FP

  • Working on fingers. Building the ServoMotorController class. Done.
  • Had to wait for the servoController class to initialize before getting the handle to the motors.
  • Had to initialize and engage all axis in the ServoController. I could do this inside the ServoMotorController.
  • Need to adjust speeds and ramps for the servos

Mike 8.5.10

  • The AutoComplete TextArea is pretty much done.  It could use a few small tweaks but those can wait.
  • After a fruitless search of “python autocomplete library”, “python code completion library”, etc. I’ve decided to go straight to some source code so I’m currently digging in to the PyDev plug-in for eclipse to see how they do code completion.  Perhaps each language implementation in eclipse uses a similar enough of an API that I can make some backend service for analyzing code and providing autocomplete suggestions.  I’ll just have to add one language at a time.

Phil 8.5.2010

7:30 – 12:00 VISIBILITY

  • Sent off CATWALK memo
  • There is some demo activity on VISIBILITY, so we’ll how that develops
  • walked through PPM with Dong
  • Burned a new disk for demo tomorrow

12:00 – 3:30FP

  • Added step-to-angle conversion to StepperController
  • Couldn’t get the servo motors to move. After looking closely, I realized Tom had flipped the plugs on the controller header, so the motors were wired backwards. Fixed. Next is to try talking to the fingers in code.
  • Added “home” command to let the fingers and other motors reset.

Dong Shin 08.05.2010

  • packed up PPM for demo (progress) tomorrow and reviewed with Phil
  • got charts to work with the dummy data in Financial Data
  • Financial Data expands based on Appropriation Length
  • added Contracts Info to FinancialDataPanel – looks and behaves the same as before, more test needed
  • Financial Data now grouped by Appropriations
  • looks like the Financial Data DG needs height set…. gets ugly when more than one Data in a single appropriation – done