Monthly Archives: August 2010

Dong Shin 08.20.2010

  • continue working on Project Lock management
  • changed DataGrid in SelectProjectWindow to AdvancedDataGrid
    • support styling
    • added row and column styling (grey out LOCKED,  BLUE for editable)
    • modified DatabaseAdvDataGrid to support Column Style Function
      • styleColumnName = <name>, styleColumnValue=<value to compare>
    • com.edgeti.GenericQueryWidget.widget.CheckBoxHeaderRenderer
  • refined Project Select query so that own id = lock_id returns EDITABLE
  • Financial Data DataGrid sets editable flag based on Project Lock
  • Dark Yellow border (0xFFCC00) added to Financial Data DataGrid for LOCKED projects

Mike 8.19.2010

  • Continuing to work on a python code completion engine.  Phil helped me with some ideas and pointed out a few built in introspection methods in Python.
  • Built something basically using the existing visibility script engine to run “info” on the variable in question and a problem arose:
    • For example, say your cursor is at the end of this script:
    • def solrXmlFromListList(doc, root, headers, table):
      for row in table:
      rowNode = doc.createElement(‘doc’)
      for i in xrange(len(headers)):
      fieldNode = doc.createElement(‘field’)
      fieldNode.setAttribute(‘name’, headers[i])
      textNode = doc.createTextNode(str(row[i]))
    • I can’t run info on ‘fieldNode’ without appending info(fieldNode) to the end of the script and executing the entire script which is obviously not an option
    • So basically I need to find a way to run introspection on a script without running any of the script

Keil 8.19.2010

  • Learning to use BlazeDS
  • Successfully passed a string from BlazeDS to a Flex application using the tutorial located at
  • Unfortunately the tutorial uses flex 3, so many of the steps don’t apply in this version, such as the instructions for connecting to the data source.
  • Instead of following the instructions, accept the defaults when creating a new project and then go to “data” and select “connect to blazeds” the instructions make much more sense in this dialog box.
  • Also note that the instructions want you to use mx components, but with flex 4 you can use spark if you want.

Phil 8.19.2010

8:00 – 11:00 VISIBILITY

  • Added a role for Paul O’s group.
  • Fixed Paul O’s tables. It turns out that the Excel ingestor chokes on ‘-‘. Asked Dong to take a look at informing the user if the ingestor fails.
  • Finished my IA refresher
  • Talked to Anne about Paul’s project and about the upcoming meeting.

11:00 – 1:00 Savage Mill

  • Went over with Brian to explain wall positions and discuss ceiling options. We should have a quote by the end of the day.

1:00 – 4:00 FP

  • Working on provisional patent. Decided not to use the software and just write the thing.
  • Got about 5 pages into the application. It’s coming along well

Dong Shin 08.19.2010

  • moved maximizePanel() to last step of the data retrieval on Project Viewer, behaves lot better
  • continue working on Project Lock management
    • created com.fgm.ProjectPortfolio.project.Project for project management
    • add lock_time to table, update on Project Select
    • expired lock set to 24 hours
    • added Unlock Proj button to Project Select Window (only visible to Administrators)
  • Excel Ingestor chokes on ‘-‘, need to look at later (low pri)

Phil 8.18.2010

7:30 – 11:00, 1:00 – 3:30 VISIBILITY

  • Talked to Ann, it looks like things may be happening in September. Need to work on getting some of John’s data ingested
  • Started IA online course. Should finish tomorrow.
  • QC-ing Dong’s PPM code
  • More talks with Anne. Meeting at 9:00 Sept 3 for now.

11:00 – 1:00 FP

  • Working on refining collision detection and adding more obstacles
  • Contacted Stuart Shapiro ( about filing a provisional patent. Looks like this would be useful:
  • Had to get rid of an infinitely large vector that results from a collision too close to the origins of the two colliding point masses basically a 0/x problem, where x > 0

Dong Shin 08.17.2010

  • Invoice Viewer – done
    • editing capability is there, but not needed?
  • weird behavior found when editing financial data – emptying out existing data cannot be saved!
    • added various checks for empty string, space, etc.
  • Rearranged FMP viewer data grid

Phil 8.17.2010

8:00 – 10:00VISIBILITY

  • It’s dark when my alarm goes off. I don’t like this. At all.
  • Nothing new at the site. Need to start coordinating with Jim M. to log into the server and see what we need to set up.
  • Pinged Mike about discussing using reflection/introspection for code completion in Python. We chatted for a while about
  • Helped Keil with some mxml

10:00 -12:00

12:00 – 3:30

  • Tech fair

Phil 8.16.2010

7:30 – 10:30 VISIBILITY

  • Meeting with Trish
    • Values need to be compared to goals, not planned in Financial Reporting
    • Highlight if planning is below the goal, but don’t bring up the 5 questions
    • Add legends to the charts
    • If user saves an empty form, it should behave like cancel, and not save anything
    • Add commas to financials
    • All chart tooltips say “outlay goals”

Dong Shin 08.16.2010

  • FMP (Financial Mitigation Plan) Viewer done
    • added Month and FY info
  • Working on Invoice Viewer
  • added color (yellow) for Financial Data less than goals
  • ignore Planned data for FMP
  • added legends to charts
  • fixed crash problem on charts (caused by NULL on datagrid, set to 0)
  • corrected tooltips on charts
  • added comma (thousands separator) to Financial Data, more to come….

Mike 8.13.2010

  • Played around with PyDev for a very long time and I was right, there is a standard API in Eclipse for providing language support.  Unfortunately, the PyDev plugin spreads it over 20 java projects.  I’ve found methods for generating completion proposals for local variables, local functions, imported packages (through python introspection!) but not a one stop shop for everything.  The environment variables also make it difficult to pull out snippets of code and run them.  I haven’t given up yet though.
  • I took a short break from reading through poorly commented code to connect the AutoCompleteTextArea to a back end java service that will call the appropriate language assistant.  So far so good with a dummy language assistant that provides crayola colors.

Dong Shin 08.13.2010

  • added View FMP (Financial Mitigation Plan) on ContractsCanvas for viewing FMPs
  • created FMP Selection Window
  • working on FMP Viewer
  • changed the chart labels to Year 1, Year 2, etc
  • added type field to financial_mitigation_plans table to distinguish Obligation or Outlay

Phil 8.13.2010

7:30 – 12:30 VISIBILITY

  • No Trish for meeting reschedule for Monday. I believe that we will try again Monday.
  • Long meeting with Anne and John D. about using VISIBILITY for their stuff.
  • Did find a few bugs with PPM
    • I attempted to save off a filled out version of the “5 questions” form with some cut and paste data in the fields. The form never saved successfully, and the timer icon never came back
    • The vertical tab that switches between charts and data in the financial entry chart has the full year in it. It should be “Year 1”, “Year 2”, etc.
  • Talked to John W. about documentation some.

FP 12:30 – 3:30

  • Got the EL axis working and integrated
  • Got everything working with the physics and the graphics, although I need to clean up collision detection. THings are ready to demo.
  • Worked on the next version a bit. A full hand interface, without additional motion, but able to sense XYZ on its base.