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Feldman Project Strain Guage Calibration

  • At first I noticed there was a strange thing where the voltage wasn’t constant.  I think this was simply because I was moving the tester because once I found a better positioning for the probes it seemed to stop.
  • Finger 2 needed its strain gauges reversed due to the fact that you want low sensitivity and need to up the offset.  The way it was set up it was balancing to the bottom end and it couldn’t be fixed because the offset was all the way up while gravity was forcing the voltage down.  Anything fighting gravity need to have negative offset up positive offset down unless you want it to be ultra sensitive by turning the gain up.  Even in that case I think this orientation is still better.
  • It is possible when interacting with the elevation to accidentally move the wrist.  I don’t think this was because of loss of holding torque but because the linkage isn’t connected to the motor tightly enough.
  • Overall sensors seem to have very good response range. Fingers are pretty sensitive even with gain all the way down but still in good range of force.  Elevation is the hardest to move but
  • Displacement for each sensor goes as follows
  1. Finger 1: up = negative, down = positive
  2. Finger 2: up = negative, down = positive
  3. Wrist: forward = negative, back = positive
  4. Azimuth: right =negative, left = positive
  5. Elevation: up = negative, down = positive
  • I don’t think we need to shield the wires at the moment but once the motors are moving instead of just holding we might find it necessary.  It is going to be hard to tell though because motion will probably cause fluctuations in general.

Dong Shin 08.04.2010

  • started rewriting Financial Data Viewer/Editor
    • finally got HAccordion to work!
    • default.css and AccordionDefaults.css conflicts with each other.
    • basic layout of the Viewer UI done
    • adding more details to the Viewer
    • temporary data added
    • create components
      • Project Viewer
        • Project Financial Info
        • Financial Data Panel
          • FinancialData
            • Fianancial Data DataGrid
            • Financial Data Chart

Phil 8.4.2010

7:30 – 9:30 – VISIBILITY

  • Made and account for Paul O. and sent him an email describing VISIBILITY
  • Sent Clift a writeup describing my understanding of the Paul O. project.

9:30 – 2:30FP

  • Going to start with holding torque on the wrist and then work on talking to the fingers
  • Got all the motors working, and moving to a home position
  • Built a servo motor controller class, but still trying to figure out how to deal with up to 8 axis.

2:30 – 4:00 OH/Savage Mill

  • Meeting with Larry and Steve to go over the new space

4:00 – 5:00 VISIBILITY

  • Put together CD for Brian WRT CATWALK billing

Mike 8.3.2010

  • Still working on the autocomplete text area with a number of headaches arising
  • Created a function for grabbing the compare string out of the text which can then be passed to the filterFunction, unfortunately there is apparently a decent delay between when a user types in a character and when it is actually added to the textField so I was constantly one character behind for awhile until I learned about the “callLater(function)”.  Ah event based programming…
  • Keys a user would usually use for navigating the and selecting from the drop-down list also move the text cursor around and add carriage returns so I put in functions to undo the adverse effects after they’ve completed.  Unfortunately I believe these will only work with word-wrap off which is fine for a code/script editor.
  • After that was done everything seems to be working fine except for the positioning of the pop-up is still in the top right corner and not near the cursor

Dong Shin 08.03.2010

  • Create Project saves/updates with new dynamic FY information
  • Modify Project allows additional FY column on existing project using Project End FY
  • added DELETE CONSTRAINT on budget_amounts table – deleting budget_centers deletes related budget_amounts
  • obligations_outlays data gets set up on Create Project

Phil 8.3.2010

7:30 – 3:30

  • Hope to finish up MvnAssist today. Got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed.
    • Had to change the source directory in the .actionScriptProperties file to get package names agreeing between FB and maven, but libraries work now.
    • Tested Non-server apps. Still working
    • Got Air apps incorporated. They compile, but don’t run. Don’t know enough about Air to really pursue this, so I’m going to leave this be.
    • Produced new plugin. We’re at version 1.9.0. Checked in. You’ll need to have the following components set in your maven settings.xml file




  • Seeing if I can get subversion working with this install. Done.

Dong Shin 08.02.2010

  • created budget_amounts table to support variable length years – related to budget_centers table
  • restructured budget_center (removed fy) and obligations_outlays (removed 2nd year data)
  • changed BudgetCenterData to dynamic class to support dynamic number of FY amounts

Phil 8.2.2010

7:30 – 4:30

  • Working on the security error for launching swfs. Well that’s interesting. After checking for differences (and finding none) I did a clean and rebuild to find that everything is working. Hmmmm.
  • Adding MXML Application. Done, and it works. Can’t seem to get the html-template to create automatically
  • To specify the browser for your App, Window>Preferences>General>Web Browser.
  • Fixed the path information when assembling build-path information from the pom
  • Put together a technical drawing for a bulkhead
  • Did a little furniture browsing