Phil 7.27.11

7:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • More Hudson
    • MySQLIf
    • ManagementUtils
    • GenericQueryWidget: /root/.hudson/jobs/GenericQueryWidget2/workspace/src/main/flex/com/edgeti/TrendWidget/widget/TrendWidget.mxml:[26,-1] exception during transcoding: Font for alias ‘accordionHeader’ with bold weight was not found by family name ‘Arial’
      • The fix is to place the font (in this case, pulled from the wondows/fonts folder) in a file in the project, and to refer to it like this: [Embed(source=”../assets/arialbd.ttf”, fontWeight=”bold”, fontName=’accordionHeader’, mimeType=’application/x-font’)]
  • Working on getting WebDesk to run. Done, had to recompile vis2 to get the data navigator to show up without the chart watermarks
  • Talked to Bill D. and Trish. We’re going to have a walkthrough on Monday? Possibly followed by a working lunch here to go over bugs.

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