Tom DeVito 7.27.2011

Start: 11:30

  • Made sure everything was powered and shared grounds properly
  • Phil said he wants it to have an “up force” that will bring it to rest at 100.  Pressure greater then the up force will cause the number to decrease to zero.  When it gets to zero it is considered touching and the sound will start at a volume proportional to the force.
  • Decided that for this simulation I can do all the complicated stuff on the arduino side.  I will use the pc console program to display results because it will look better then the Arduinos.  I will probably also add start, stop, and reset key-strokes.
  • Fixed some of the problems with the SOMO library which were causing some methods not to work
  • Added a method to the sound libraries to return a data struct with the status of the devices.  The console will receive and display the data.
  • Still having trouble with the 1W amplifier.  Considered switching back to the parallel resistors since the closest single resistor is slightly less resistant.  I have post it notes that have the values but I forgot how I calculated them.  The post on  2.9.2011 might help.  I will look into it tomorrow.

End: 7:30

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