Mike 7.22.2011

Working on prototyping a multi-module Flex / Java webapp project that is mavenized, easy to check out and build, and works in eclipse.  Starting out with a ‘Hello World’ type Flex webapp.  The projects are structured something like this:

  • Parent Project
    • Flex Projects
      • Flex Utils
      • WebDesk Core
      • WebDesk Client
      • Other Clients…
    • Java Projects
      • Java Utils
      • User Service
      • Data Service
      • etc…
    • WebApp Wrapper

So far it works pretty well.  Every project is empty but it all builds and everything ends up in the WAR and deploys to Tomcat in 1 command.  Working on adding the Log4J logger and displaying the log screen in the flex app which will be the real test.

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